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Billionaire's Baby

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Great
  • Chapters: 159
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 1.5K
  • 7.5
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Being married to a husband was exactly what Jane Austen had always wanted. As a promising actress, Jane falls prey to the machinations of a rapidly ascending actress who desires a larger role and her manager. To avoid sleeping with the director, the actress conspires against Jane by drugging her. Jane was able to leave the room on time but ended up in the company of a charming billionaire. With the man who became her husband by offering to care for her ailing brother, she is able to fend off more plots and schemes that come her way. The billionaire, Damien Wolfe, married her to put an end to his family’s constant pressure for him to settle down. He thinks he made the right choice by choosing Jane Austen as his wife, but he knows he won’t be able to keep the no-s*x agreement. Every day that passes, he desires to make love to his wife, so he tries to make her fall in love with him before she divorces him after two years.


In a poorly lit hotel room, Jane Austen wriggled restlessly on the oversized bed, her body aching and her head pounding from the excessive alcohol she had consumed earlier.

As she took a deep breath, she noticed two figures standing near the bed, one of whom was actress Ciara Tyla and her manager, Salem Blue.

Realizing it was getting late, Jane attempted to get up, but was stopped by Ciara’s impatient voice.

“She looks ready to go,” Ciara remarked.

Confused, Jane wondered what Ciara meant by her comment.

Earlier that night, Jane had received a call from Salem to pick them up at the hotel, but upon arrival, Ciara had taken her to meet the producer and director and had given her alcohol until she became dizzy and disoriented.

Salem looked at Jane with sympathy and sighed, “It’s a shame that such a beautiful girl is going to be used by Director Rebel.”

Ciara, however, was dismissive and snide. “Don’t sympathize with her. She’s just a stuntwoman, it’s her job.”

Ciara then went on to explain how she had been offered a role by Director Rebel in exchange for sleeping with him, and how she was planning to do the same with Jane.

Jane was shocked and appalled by Ciara’s plan, and wondered why she would be treated this way after all her hard work over the past six months.

Even though she was still feeling the effects of the alcohol, Jane knew she had to stand up for herself and refuse to be used in this way.

Just as she was about to rise and reveal their identities, Salem suddenly spoke up.

“Ciara, I’ve always been curious, you have no relation or connection with her, so why did you pay for her brother’s medical treatment?”

Jane’s heart sank slightly. Could there be something more to this?

“Help her? You’re mistaken,” Ciara chuckled. “I only spent 4 dollars to hire a rising star to give up her stardom and work as a stand-in actor for me for half a year without even paying her a cent. It was she who helped me.”

Salem was taken aback. “You mean...”

“When I first heard the rumor that Director Kurt was interested in her pure looks and wanted to cast her as the lead, I took notice of her.”

Salem knew which movie Ciara was referring to. It was said that the lead actress had not yet been confirmed, but it was only a matter of time before it was in Ciara’s grasp.

“So, you designed her to be your substitute to conceal her identity?”

Ciara checked the time on her phone and hurriedly said, “Oh, it’s almost time. I have to go. It wouldn’t be good if I ran into Director Rebel.”

Ciara nodded and turned to leave.

She thought about Salem’s question, looked at Jane on the bed, and said nonchalantly, “Of course, it’s not as simple as that. It’s all because she offended someone she shouldn’t have.”


A flurry of hurried footsteps receded, and the door slammed shut, muffling all sound.

Jane gazed at the dismal ceiling, consumed by an endless rage and regret.

When she first joined the entertainment industry, she was a novice, only able to land minor roles with a modest income.

Desperate to cover her brother’s medical expenses, she received unexpected aid from Ciara Tyla.

She sought to repay the debt, but Ciara adamantly refused, insisting that she was merely accruing good karma.

Ciara’s assistant informed her that Ciara was in need of a stuntwoman.

Disliking the notion of indebtedness, Jane offered herself up as a replacement.

Later, she discovered that her agent had secured her a lucrative commercial and two high-budget scripts, one of which featured her as the lead actress, an auspicious start to her career.

Now it was clear that Ciara had been aware of these developments, and had deliberately conspired to stymie her ascent.


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