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Being The Billionaire Heiress After Divorce

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"Here's fifty million. I need you to take the blame for Stella." "Are you serious? Stella was the one driving during the car accident, and you expect me to shoulder the blame for her?" "Stella is carrying Dominic's child; she can't go to jail while pregnant." Raven's husband is asking her to face prison for his pregnant mistress?! After three years of marriage to Dominic, Raven has endured nothing but his indifference and mistreatment from his family. This time, she refuses to endure it any longer. "Dominic, let's get a divorce." She's determined to return home and claim her billions of inheritance.

CHAPTER 1 Take The Blame

"Take 50 million and take the blame for Stella." Grace said.

"What did you say?" Raven couldn't believe what she was hearing. She looked at the woman lying on the hospital bed She looked pale and pitiful. Her husband, Dominic and his family were all stood around the woman in the bed, ignoring Raven, who had just got out of surgery.

Dominic's mother even asked her to take the blame for someone else!

The wound on Raven's arm was excruciating. She looked at Dominic and spoke, "Dominic, Stella was the one who hit the person. Why does your mother want me to take the blame for her?

Dominic avoided her gaze and said nothing. His silence was answer enough, her body felt like ice from the shock.

"Now that someone has been hit, someone must take responsibility plus you will be compensated." Grace snorted coldly and continued to speak maliciously. "The surveillance camera didn't capture any faces clearly. It was only you and Stella in the car. Only you can take the blame for her."

Raven looked around at everyone in the room struggling to believe that they would agree with this.

It all happened this afternoon, Stella had asked her to go shopping together, but it was actually just so she didn't have to carry her own bags.

Being at Stella's beck and call was commonplace for Raven. So she didn't refuse or maybe she was feeling too lazy to deal with turning her down.

On the way home, Stella was driving, and Raven was sitting in the back seat. They hit another car in a freak accident.

Raven relived the scene in her mind, she couldn't help but shudder.

Stella, as usual, was acting as weak as she could in front of Dominic. She lay in the hospital bed with gauze wrapped around her left wrist, tears in her eyes, and a completely pitiful look on her face.

Everyone was concerned about Stella, it was as if Raven was invisible.

And now they want her to take the fall for Stella and go to jail!

The Huntington family always treated her like a servant and she was more than used to it. Stella always took advantage of her gratitude to the family and always found ways to make her unhappy.

She endured it for the sake of keeping her marriage with Dominic.

After all, she married him for love. She had always loved Dominic and hoped that one day he would love her too.

But in the three years of being Mrs. Huntington, all she experienced most was indifference and estrangement. In fact, they didn't see each other much for the entirety of the three years. Dominic was rarely home, they never went on dates or ate together. She cherished every single moment they spent together.

After three years of waiting and perseverance, she thought that she might have opened his heart a little. She sincerely thought he would change one day, and one day he would finally be moved by her persistence. She compromised, she gave up her self-esteem and served the family like a slave.

Even if Grace ordered her around every day and even if Isabella, an absolutely brainless woman made everything difficult for her and even if Stella found fault with her every few days, she gritted her teeth and endured it.

For all of her three years as Mrs Huntington, she silently managed the family, worked tirelessly and dared not complain.

She naively thought that one day she could change their ways and make them accept her.

Now it all felt as if it was a joke.

How dare they be so arrogant! Ask her to take the blame for that stupid woman! Who do they think they are?

Raven grit her teeth in despair, the wound on her arm had begun to ache again. But the pain was nothing compared to the pain in her heart.

She looked at Dominic with her last glimmer of home, hoping to hear him refute what they were saying.

She was his wife. They had been married for three years. Could he really send her to jail for another woman?

Dominic remained silent for a moment, lowered his eyelids, and took out a check from his pocket. He handed it to her without looking at her.

"Here's the 50 million."

Raven's face turned pale. She trembled as she took the check from his hand.

Was she truly someone he could pay off? Someone he could get rid of?

"You are very generous, Mr Huntington."

As she forced a smile, tears flowed from the corners of her eyes. The pain in her heart made her think that it had been torn to pieces.

Her chest was tight, and her silent resentment surged up in her mind. Raven bit her lips hard and could taste a hint of iron.

"Anyway, you and my son have been married for three years and haven't had a child yet. You can't give us an heir. You are useless to us. Going to jail for Stella will finally give you some worth."

Raven was so angry that she trembled. A child? For their entire marriage, Dominic hadn't even touched her hand. How was she supposed to have a child? Magic?

"Don't speak." Grace raised her chin and looked at her with a righteous look. "You go to the police station now and confess that you hit someone. At most, you will spend a few years in prison and you have your 50 million in compensation."

"Confess?" Raven took a few deep breaths, feeling extremely angry. "She hit the person! Why should I take the fall?"

"I'm sorry. It's all my fault... I didn't mean for it to happen..." Stella cried out, covering her face and crying loudly. "I'm willing to go to jail and atone for my sins. If my family doesn't forgive me, I'm willing to die!"

Then she lowered her eyes and gently touched her stomach, looking over at Dominic with infinite tenderness. "But I'm already pregnant with Dominic's child! I can't let my baby suffer with me..."


A bolt of pain exploded in Raven's head, as if she had been struck by lightning.

Stella was pregnant with Dominic's child?

CHAPTER 2 Divorce

Raven was shocked into silence by Stella's words. She turned stiffly and looked at Dominic.

How Ironic, her husband had an affair and got the woman pregnant. Now she has to go to jail for that other woman!

"Then it has to be you. Stella is pregnant now with an heir to my family. Besides, she feels guilty and even cut her wrist. If it weren't for the doctor's timely actions, it would have been a double tragedy. Can't you show her some understanding?" Grace finished her rant and continued to fuss over Stella.

Isabella looked at Raven coldly, "Yes, sister-in-law, it's your turn to endure a little bit. You have been married into our family for long enough, and we haven't mistreated you, have we?"

Haven't mistreated her?

Endure a little bit? Hasn't she suffered enough for this family?

Watching them was nauseating.

Okay, you know what good. She didn't want to endure it anymore.

She walked to the bedside quickly and slapped Stella across the


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