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Arranged marriage

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Meet Annabelle Orlando she is from a poor family,one day she got into trouble with Daniel,and Daniel told him before she can be free from him he must get married to him.Daniel Carter is from a wealthy family,he is the most popular in town,and his parents told him he must get married before his next birthday,so he met Annabelle and tell her to marry him.

Chapter 1

Annabelle's pov

I was awoken by the blaring sound of my alarm and I forced my eyes open.

As I opened my eyes and I discovered that I was late for work,I quickly entered the bathroom to get ready for work,I brushed my teeth and striped myself naked and bath.

After freshening up,I wore something nice and left the room.

When I got into the sitting room I met my mum in the dinning.

Good morning mum, I greeted her

"Good morning Annabelle, how was your night?? "she asked

"It was fine " I replied her

I joined her for breakfast after finished eating.

"See you later mum "I told her.

I quickly rushed out of the house

Let me introduce myself

My name is Annabelle Orlando,am from a very poor family,my father died when I was 15 years old,I work in a restaurant to take care of my mum and provide for the family,since the death of my father there is no one for us.

I think that is enough for now.

I ran to the restaurant and chck my time to see that am 15 minutes late for,I saw my boss at the entrance.

Daniel's pov

Arggggghhhhh,more,more,the b*tch screamed her body,I got off from the b*tch body which I don't even know her name.

I walked into the bathroom and got myself cleaned up.

I told her to get out of my room .

"what, I thought you loved me" she said.

I busted into laugh and said love indeed,you thought after this am going to marry you,nah!!nah!!nah!!

Hell no,I am Daniel Carter,I don't fall in love, is girls that fall in love with me"I thought"

I shouted at her "get the hell out of my room "I said" she run out

My name is Daniel Carter,am a pop star and also from a rich family,am very popular in the whole town, people loves me a lot but am a player,I can screw anything under skirt,I will be 35 yrs by next month

After a while

I heard a knock on the door and I opened the door to find out is one of the maid

Your dad wants to see you "she said"

Have already know the reason why he wants to see me.

"Why can't he rest, and forget about me huh" I thought.

Annabelle's pov

As I was walking towards the door step, Annabelle "she called"

Why are you late I quickly lied to her that I was sick,are you okay now"she said''

Yes ma "I replied her"

I quickly left her presence and entered the restaurant,as I entered inside I saw my friend jenny,why did you come late"she said"

"I slept off "I answered.

"You are lucky that the boss is not angry with you Annabelle " she said.

We noticed that the boss was coming towards us we quickly run and started attending to the customers.

Daniel's pov

I walk tiredly to my dad,have already know the reason why he is calling me.

My dad have been disturbing me for a while now to get married but am not ready.

I met him and my mum in the room,.

"good morning"I greeted.

"Morning my son, how was your night"he said.

It was fine" I replied him.

Why will he call me this early all because of marriage again "I thought"

I just sat down and gazed at him

"So as you have know Daniel you are no longer young,and have been telling you for a while now to get married but you did not want to listen to me and your mum,you have have been busy bringing different girls to this house,you change them like wrapper so me and your mum have decided that you must get married before your next birthday which is next month" he said.

What!!! Wtf!!!

I should get married I don't even have a girlfriend talkless of loving someone and my dad is a man of his word.

Aaaaaaah,I am confused,I don't even know what to do.

I left the room speechless and went back to my room angrily.

To be continued.

Chapter 2

Annabelle's pov

Later in the day

After attending to a customer,I sat down with jenny.

"Did you know that Daniel cater have a show tomorrow evening " jenny asked.

And so what if he have a show that is not my business,I replied her

Yipee Annabelle why are you talking like this,will you say you are not going to attend??,she asked.

"I must not miss that show tomorrow and I have some money with me that have been saving for a while now to buy the ticket to watch him and we are going together,I will pay for you too" Jenny said.

"Are you out of your mind jenny,I am not going to anywhere, keep your money to yourself and use it to buy something useful for yourself,I will not waste money because I want to watch a show" I said.

"Annabelle you are missing alot,why will you say so,see if I should not go to that show tomorrow I will not be able to sleep and I will become restless,you of all people know how I love that guy and you are telling me not t


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