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Alpha Clayden's Human Mate

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"I thought you didn't want me, Kassandra," Clayden's powerful voice echoed through the room as he gazed down at the woman he had pressed against the bed. "What's changed?" he demanded, his eyes blazing with intensity. "Why are you opening your legs for me now?" Centuries have passed, and Clayden has spent a lifetime waiting for his first love. But just when he was on the brink of giving up, he stumbled upon her in a car with another man. His blood boiled at the sight of his woman being held by someone else, and he vowed to do everything in his power to make her his. After enduring years of loneliness, he wouldn't let her go without a fight. His inner wolf could not contain the lust and excitement it felt for her, and he wanted to claim her as his own as soon as she was within his reach. Kassandra is his mate, bound to him forever. She couldn't run away from him, and he would do anything to keep her by his side.

CHAPTER 1 Prologue

Kassandra's POV

"So you are really playing this with me, huh, Kassandra?"

The coldness and danger in his voice sent a shiver down my spine, yet I stood my ground despite the chill on my feet and the trembling of my knees. I stole a glance behind me to ensure I hadn't moved any closer to the railing, but to my dismay, I was only a step away. Though a groan of regret threatened to escape, I kept my composure and refused to show any signs of weakness.

D*mn, Kassandra. You could have just run outside the unit instead of gushing out this narrow balcony! I annoyingly blamed myself inside my head.

My gaze returns to the man in the all-black suit standing before me. The light of the almost-full moon reflects off his pallid face, save for his blood-red lips. He looks like death, but he stands here, alive and dangerous. I shake my head to dispel the thought. He's clearly determined to destroy me, and I must remain vigilant.

Summoning my courage, I let out a sarcastic laugh before meeting his gaze. "I'm curious, Sir," I said, still holding his stare. "Just how far are you willing to go for this?"

His jaw is clenched at the moment but then again, I remain standing firm.

He look to his right as he chew the other side of his cheek and later on, he smirk this time from that moment, I gasp loudly and sat down immediately on top of the railings—raising my right hand away from his hold. He walks closer to me and is now leaning both of his arms on both sides, still showing me that nerve-wracking smirk that no one can pull off but only this man.

"What far, Kassandra? I could go this close, hmm?" He whispered while staring straight into my eyes. I notice how his gaze slowly moves down my neck. His lips are parted apart as he stares down a part of my neck like a hungry predator.

I am shaking, I must admit. What the hell is he thinking?

"Move, Clayden," I do not know how it turned out like a moan but I stayed still on my spot. I am scared that I might fall any second but I wanted to confirm something so bad. And the desperation of this man is making me die more in curiosity.

Forget about the railings where I am currently on, curiosity kills more than falling from the 22nd floor.

God, I am crazy.

He raises his gaze back at me, weighing my reaction. He then leans closer so I move farther from him since he is now very close to the flash drive that I am keeping from him.

"You really want this hard hu—"

"If you want this, then get it,"

Without any second thoughts, I let myself fall from the balcony. My eyes are fixed on the only person who is looking at me from the same spot. I even saw how his tongue poke the inside of his cheeks while seriously looking at me—falling.

At that point, I closed my eyes and wants to cry already. Am I going to die like thi—

"You gutsy little kitten," I heard a whisper so I open my eyes.

I still can feel that we are falling but I felt safe this time in between this man's arms. My eyes are straight looking at his and in a split second, I am sure that his eyes turned blue when he growls a little. I started to panic when the horning cars are very close already—which means that we are near the ground but just like that one night last winter, a swift wind moved after my ears and eyes; and now, I am back in my unit's balcony—alone.

I fall to my knees, still shaking.

"So it's true…" I whispered to myself, my body slick with sweat.

I'm bound to be his mate.

CHAPTER 2 A Ghost? Beast?

Kassandra's POV

"Ayt, the production function looks like this then, Q equals to 4LK plus L squared where we denote K as a capital of 1 dollar and L for labor for 2 dollars," I mumbled while noting it to my scratch paper where I am currently solving.

Montgomery, my boyfriend is also on his paper while consecutively pressing on his scientific calculator as we solve our comprehensive quiz together. We are both Economics students, currently in our third year. I stop for a while from what I am doing and watch him crease his forehead while biting his lower lip—annoyed about the contents of this quiz.

I chuckled, making him look up at me before he found his way to pouting his lips. "Come on, don't laugh at me."

I laugh louder this time, wanting to nitpick him but I would be so irrelevant that way while he seems to have a crisis at the moment as to why he chose this course more than anything else. He always throws a tantrum about his choices yet still made his way to


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