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After the divorce, my ex-husband wants to remarry

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"Nanxing always thought that she and Shen Xingzhi loved each other deeply until that day. When she had a car accident and lost the baby, and he was accompanying another woman, she realized that she had been a joke for loving him for ten years. Gracefully divorcing, Nanxing shone in various circles, stunning the world. She was a master of traditional Chinese painting, a rising movie star, and a renowned Chinese medicine practitioner. When Shen Xingzhi came looking for her, his ex-wife still made a spectacle, bringing her out from among the handsome men. Shen Xingzhi held her hand tightly and said, 'I'll give you whatever you want, let's remarry.' Nanxing smiled and replied, 'I'm sorry, if you want to pursue me, please get in line.' When she remarried, he had tears in his eyes and his voice trembled, 'Don't be with him, you used to be mine…' Nanxing pushed him away and said, 'But this time, I don't want you.' Later, the entire city of Beijing knew that Shen Xingzhi was like a clingy band-aid, always following Nanxing. He knelt before her holding a sincere heart and said, 'A'star, from beginning to end, I've only loved you.'"

Chapter 1

"Miss Nanxing, you had a miscarriage. Please contact your family to handle the hospital admission procedures."

Nan to sit up and asked, "Miscarriage?"

"Yes," the nurse turned back and glanced at her. "Do you not know that you were pregnant? You just had surgery, and the car accident injuries are quite serious. The baby didn't make it."

Nanxing felt like she was hit hard. Her trembling hand instinctively reached for her lower abdomen.

Her flat stomach was faintly aching, and when her cold fingertips touched it, Nanxing's hand couldn't help but tremble.

In her mind, the moment of the car accident emerged, the moment when two cars collided, and countless shards of glass pierced her body. Nanxing thought she would die there, but until she learned of her miscarriage at this moment, she was not afraid of death. She only regretted not knowing about her pregnancy earlier and not protecting her child.

A sense of bitterness and regret spread through her heart as Nanxing borrowed a phone to try to contact her husband. The phone rang several times, but he didn't answer. She knew he was busy. This morning when she asked where he wanted to spend their wedding anniversary, he told her he would be on a business trip for a week.

As Nanxing continued to make calls, the nurses in the ward were chatting, likely about the sensitive topic of the car accident, and Nanxing looked over subconsciously.

"Do you know who was brought in from the car accident this morning? It's the very popular international supermodel, Diana!"

"Ah? She was in a car accident. Is it serious?"

"It seems quite serious. She is a model, so her legs are very important. When she arrived, she kept crying. You can imagine how painful she must have been. Her boyfriend came pretty quickly; he has been with her since the surgery started, and he's still with her now. Do you know who her boyfriend is?"

Nanxing withdrew her gaze and continued to make her call. She wasn't interested in gossip, but the next sentence, mentioning Shen Xingzhi, made Nanxing stiffen, standing there in a daze.

Shen Xingzhi, the eldest son of the Shen family, one of the four major families in Beijing, is the top man the sky, and the object of affection married, but nobody knows who Mrs. Shen is.

Nanxing wanted to tell these nurses that't by her side but was with another woman?

As Nanxing looked at the dozen or so calls she made, Shen Xingzhi didn't answer, and she couldn't reach him.

The nurse who lent Nanxing the phone couldn't help but ask, "Is your husband always this busy? He couldn't come even though his wife had a car accident and a miscarriage."

Nanxing's eyes darkened a bit, and she just made a sound of agreement. After returning the phone, Nanxing got out of bed and walked out.

She struggled to go to the advanced ward area. Shen Xingzhi was supposed to be on a business trip, so why was he in Beijing, accompanying another woman?

Nanxing didn't believe it and wanted to see for herself.

As she stepped out of the elevator, her heart grew colder when she. The next second, a familiar figure walked out of the ward.

Shen Xingzhi was talking with someone at the door, and soon someone inside called for Miss Dai to vomit. He quickly went inside, and Nanxing had a clear view of his profile, looking anxious and full of concern.

In a moment, the trust she had was replaced with a slap, fiercely striking Nanxing's face.

Should she go in and ask Shen Xingzhi?

Nanxing took a step forward, but suddenly remembered, "Nanxing, to avoid unnecessary trouble, please pretend not to know each other when you meet outside."

She naively thought't want others to pry into their private lives because he loved her, and that's why he made such a decision.

steps, unwilling to leave her hospitalized, but her mother-in-law acted as if she didn't see her.

"Mom, I you even have a proper meal with your husband?"

Wang Mans rest more."


Wang Manshu, who had just left, hurried back and asked the nurse, "What does miscarriage mean?"

"You must be Miss Nan's mother." The nurse finally saw a family member had arrived. "She is injured and has lost the baby. She is doubly hurt physically and psychologically and needs to be taken care of properly..."

A slap resounded, and Wang Manshu glared at her in hatred, "Nanxing, you can't even keep a child. You are simply a useless waste!"

Chapter 2

The slap stunned the nurse, who hurried to intervene, "How can you call yourself a mother? Your own daughter has a miscarriage, and you not only don't care, but also hit people!"

"Mother?" Wang Manshu suddenly sneered, pointing at Nan Xing's nose, "I am not her mother. Her mother died long ago. It's my son's bad luck to marry such a woman who is unfilial to her parents and family, and now even killed her own child!"

Such harsh and blunt words, Wang Manshu didn't give her a single bit of affection.

Nan Xing's face changed slightly as she listened to Wang Manshu's stern rebuke.

"Why are you making a scene here? Reflect on yourself properly and give Shen family an explanation when you return to the ancestral mansion tomorrow. Step back, and don't stand in front of me obstructing my view!"

Without giving Nan Xing a chance to retort, Wang Manshu left quickly and turned into the h


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