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Liam would have stalked me if I didn't marry him. From his initial confession of love to the vows that bound him to me My husband craves me the way an addiction craves their next fix.. He has brought me into a world of love, excitement and a little darkness He is addicted..

Liam - mine

She was 16 the first time I saw her.

She had just moved to the area and my sister and her apparently became friends her first day of school.

She was sitting by our pool, splashing her feet in the water and laughing at something in the magazine her and my sister shared.

I stood, hidden by the curtains. I watched as the water droplets splashed against her fair skin, how her long black hair brushed over her shoulder when she bent to read something.

My heart thudded and I felt like I couldn't breathe. I had never felt like this before around anyone.

I was lost in thoughts of her beneath me that I didn't notice the girls had gotten up and were headed for the house

At the last minute I grabbed my phone and pretended to be texting as I lent against the kitchen island.

The girls came in and my sister went to the fridge

" Where's the sunscreen?" She turned, addressing me. I was too busy trying to calm my breathing

" no idea" I managed to get out.

She rolled her eyes " so helpful" and turned to her friend

" wait here a sec , I'll check my room" she said walking out.

This girl stood by the door. She appeared nervous tapping her fingers on her arm. I noticed the goosebumps on her arms.

" you cold?" I asked, jumping up. The air con was blasting, she was going to make herself sick!

I grabbed a towel hanging over the back of a kitchen chair and wrapped it around her quickly.

She looked at me in surprise and her eyes almost brought me to my knees. They were blue with a touch of darker grey at the edges.

" thanks" she said quietly, clutching the towel around herself. She smelled divine. Like cherry blossoms and jasmine. I never knew someone could smell so good.

We stood there for a moment before the silence was broken by my stupid sister coming back up the hallway. I moved back and away from the girl who's scent was now imprinted on my brain.

" ok found it! " my sister exclaimed coming in, oblivious to the unwelcome interruption she was being.

" oh Kate, this is my brother Liam by the way" she mentioned , nodding towards me.

" hi" Kate smiled shyly. I wanted nothing more than to kiss her until that shyness melted. She was so sweet.

" hi kate" I tried to sound casual. Her name on my lips was my undoing. My pants suddenly feeling very tight.

I moved behind the counter so she wouldn't notice the effect she was having on me. I could barely hear the next words out of my sisters mouth with the blood rushing in my ears

" what?" I asked her

" I SAID kate is sleeping over tonight so can you you set an extra place when you set the table later?" She huffed

" yeah whatever" I shrugged, and the two of them went back outside.

She was sleeping here!! How the fuck would I make it through an entire night with this goddess in the next room.


3am. I had not slept at all.

I kept thinking about dinner. My parents already adored her. I'm pretty sure my father wanted to adopt her.

She was sweet , but had a dark sense of humour that made even me crack a smile, much to my mothers delight. She barely ate which I was worried about, she must be starving right now.

My sisters door opening and closing broke me out of my thoughts and I could tell by the quiet steps that it was Kate in the hallway.

She should be sleeping I frowned and got up to check on her.

Kate jumped when I opened my door. I noticed the pillow and throw blanket in her arms

" are you running away?" I asked her with a chuckle

She gave me a small smile " Uh your sister snores...I was going to sleep on the lounge...oh if that's Ok?" She asked

I pushed down the urge to pull her into my room and my bed...where she belonged.

" yeah of course, here I'll help you " I said instead taking the items in her arms.

The throw was a thin fleece that usually was thrown on my sisters bed.

" Where's your blanket?" I asked , raising my eyebrows in surprise

" your sister is also a blanket hog" she laughs

" honesty though I'm good"

Yeah that wasn't going to work . I stepped back in and grabbed my quilt

" no, really I don't need.." she started but I cut her off.

" it's a spare kate" ok that was a lie but she didn't need to know that

" ok thanks" she said, although she sounded reluctant.

I led her to the lounge room and started making up the pull out bed for her

" there's no need for this Liam, I'm ok just sleeping on the lounge as it is" she protested

My name on her lips. God I would be replaying that forever

" it's not a problem, you need to sleep" i said making sure everything was comfortable.

" I never sleep" she said it so quietly I almost didn't hear her. She blushed when she realised I had

" what do you mean?" I asked , worried that she looked so vulnerable

" well obviously I sleep, just not well is what I meant" she tried to explain.

I gestured for her to get into bed and she quickly slid under the sheet. I pulled the blanket up over her and tucked it in tightly around her. Our eyes locked and her lips parted as she drew in a quick breath

I wanted to kiss her but I couldn't. Something about her vulnerability screamed that she wasn't ready.

I swallowed hard and stepped back

" do you need anything?" I asked

She started to answer when a loud crack of thunder rumbled overhead and the lights went out. Rain poured down, hitting the windows hard enough they rattled.

She looked terrified.

" hey are you ok??" I asked , sitting next to her , placing a hand on her arm.

" yeah I'm...." she jumped and gasped as another clap of thunder hit, closer it seemed. Her hands gripped the blanket so hard that her knuckles were white.

Was the storm scaring her? I had the overwhelming urge to protect her. I moved closer and pulled her into my arms.

Another huge clap and she buried her head against my chest and her hands gripped me tightly.

" shhh it's ok" I whispered, leaning back against the lounges back and pulling her with me. I loved how easily she came to me. She had her face buried against my skin and her warm breath made my heart race.

I rubbed her back, with one hand as my other cradled her head against me.

Another clap and she flinched

" listen to that? The storm is moving away" I told her

" really?" She whimpered, her face still pressed against me

" really, see the lightening? Once it flashes you count until you hear the thunder. As the number gets higher it means the storm is moving away"

A flash of lightning and I count . 5 seconds.

The next flash " count with me kate"

We count to 8 and she relaxes a little in my arms

" it's higher" she whispers

" yep, moving away" i reassure her.

I continue counting after each flash and soon realise she has stopped and is breathing evenly. She's asleep in my arms. I kiss her hair gently, lean back and close my eyes, soon falling asleep myself.

I wake up a few hours later as the sun peeks in the window. Everyone was still asleep and I didn't want to embarrass my girl so I gently moved her back onto her pillow. She grumbled a little that made me smile.

I gently kissed her temple and made sure she was tucked in before heading back into my room.

Liam- finding the calm

I was on edge. As usual I couldn't explain why but everything was making me tense and agitated. The slightest thing pissed me off and work had been unbearable.

I had just started working on a construction site as an apprentice and having orders barked at me all day really rubbed me the wrong way. I just wanted to hit something hard. Or drink till i was unconscious. I hated this feeling.

Kate had been in my head constantly . She spent almost every weekend at our house now and the thought of going home to see her but not touch her was pissing me off.

I arrived home and went straight to my room , slamming the door. It didn't help, i smelt her scent in the air as I walked in.

I didn't come out for dinner, I was too angry at nothing and everything at the same time. The chaos in my head was loud and I couldn't shut it out.

I sulked and fumed for hours. Finally at midnight I gave up and decided to go for a swim to try and burn off some restless energy.



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