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A Night with My Ex-husband

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Chris.O
  • Chapters: 11
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 5.0
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Isabella Martin, a young lady in her late twenties, hails from a rich background. She secretly marries Daniel Ricardo, a poor young man whom she loves dearly. Isabella's parents find out about her secret marriage and threaten to ruin Daniel's life if he doesn't leave their daughter Isabella. Forced by her parents, Isabella has to marry a Mexican man named Richard Gustavo, whom she doesn't know or love. Years after her arranged marriage with Richard, Isabella comes in contact again with her ex-husband Daniel, who is now a doctor and a billionaire. They both have a one-night stand, leading to a series of events waiting to unfold.

Chapter 1

        Have you ever had that feeling in your guts where everything is about to go wrong, and you just know it, but you just can't do anything about it. That is exactly how I felt the last time I was with my husband,  my one true love, Daniel Richard. But currently, I am stuck in my parents house while I watch them prepare a suitor for me in the most awkward way.

      I stared deep at myself into the mirror, hearing the sound of the hair brush gliding through my dark, smooth, long hair. While the maids dressed me up in preparation for meeting my supposed husband whom I have never seen before. 

      I am 28 years old, beautiful and successful, working as the manager in one of my father's prestigious companies. Old enough to pick a man for myself, even though my parents said I made the wrong choice of man. 

"The man you chose and called your husband had no standard. He is unsuccessful, he can't take care of you, he is not a man of caliber and cannot be considered a member of this family" my mum had said, I reminisced.

    Simply put, he's not in our class. But who cares? Apart from my parents who are overly protective about what I do with my life just because I am thier only child, who gives the first f*ck about Daniels. My parents are only probably doing this because of themselves and the reputation they stand to protect. They haven't even met Daniel in person, he's the sweetest soul any woman would love to have, he's good with words and knows how to calm the most ravaging soul down. Ever since I got separated from him, Daniel happens to be all that in my head. He's the last person I think about before I go to bed. It's more like I can feel his presence even when he's absent, I can still hear the sound of his laughter when we are having good times. It's funny how all of those moments are gone, vanquished into thin air, and here I sat, still staring at the mirror, while waiting for my supposed suitor, wondering if Daniel thinks of me every moment like I do.

"Leave the room please, I'd like to be alone" I told the maids dressing me

"But ma'am we are not done" one of them replied

"Leave everything behind and leave this room at once, I will finish up myself" I commanded. 

My tone was condescending. I watched the maids leave my room while I went and sat down on the bed.  I looked down my window, and saw lots of guards downstairs.  I felt weak just immediately. I remembered the threat my dad said about locking up Daniel if I ever get to have anything to do with him. Now I'm stuck in my thoughts, crying silently inside of me without letting the tears show. 

Let me take you back to how Daniel and I met....


It was on a very cold Monday back there in college. I had forgotten to come along with my sweater. While in class, having a joint course with other classes, Daniel walked through the door. A transfer student from NYU, he sat close to me. I totally ignored him.

"Hi?" He said

"Hi" I replied

He could totally notice the break in my voice as I shivered in the cold weather. He took off his sweater and gave It to me, and just like that, we became best friends, grew into lovers. I became jealous whenever he talked to every other girl because I wanted him for myself. I knew he wasn't of my class, I knew he was an orphan still trying to find his place in this wicked world, but Daniel did everything to see that I was happy, I felt safe whenever I am with him, I forced him to marry me, because I knew my parent will never consent to it. So with friends as witness, we did a small quiet wedding immediately after our college life. 

    Everything was going perfectly after 2 years of us getting married, until my parents began demanding for me, wanting me to come home immediately. I kept giving them a series of excuses, forgetting what my father was capable of doing. He sent one of his body guards to come search for me. And when they did, they reported back to my father about how I'm living with a man who I call my husband. 

     The very next day, my dad coupled with dozens of guards ravaged my home where I stayed with Daniel, at Gunpoint, they forced Daniel to give m up, threatened to arrest him and accuse him of kidnap if he doesn't let me go.

"She's my wife" Daniel defended

"And she is my daughter, you Gold digger. You can't really where you didn't sow" my dad replied

"You married my daughter without the consent of her parent, and still have the guts to talk back at us, you should be arrested for this" my mum intruded

"GUARDS!!!!" My dad called, his voice roaring and piercing through the air "take him away" he commanded

I immediately stood in front of Daniel, protecting him from the guards that came his way. 

"I will go with you, don't hurt him, it was my decision all along, I forced him to marry me" I said

"Bella?" Daniel called out.

His voice went soft, as he stared at me. Tears dripped down his eyes, to his chin, as he helplessly watched me being taken to the car. I could tell how he felt at that moment. While in the car, my mum dragged my phone off my hands and threw it over the window whilst the car was at full speed. 

"Why did you do that?" I screamed at her

"Don't you dare talk about me , you ungrateful soul. After everything your father and I had done for you, the least you could do was to marry that thwarted boy. How could you?" She muttered 

"As long as you remain under our roof, you will get married to the man we choose for you" my father added*

And that was the last I heard from Daniel Ricardo.


Chapter 2

I heard a knock on my door. It's probably one of my maid coming to tell me that my presence is needed at the lunch table

"Come in" I said

"I'm sorry for disturbing your moment ma'am, your parents need you downstairs. They said the guest has arrived" the maid concluded

"You can go, I will be with them shortly" I replied

I wasn't done dressing up. The kind of cloth my mum had picked for me to put on in order to impress our supposed suitor was not my style. It wasn't suitable for me. I looked like all those British royalty with hand gloves and pins on Their heads. I fling the clothes to one corner of the bed, searched my wardrobe for something soothing to my style. And there it was, a body hug red gown, which brought out every part of my figures Including my boobs. I smirked "if he was a modest man like parent had wanted, he wouldn't be happy with what I'm putting on." I said to myself. 

I unpinned my hair which the Maidens had done for me, letting it fall


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