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Chapter 1, "Sister's Car Accident," depicts the challenges faced by intern Lin Han in the hospital's surgical department. Director Tian Huairen is caught in an indecent act, leading to a conflict with Lin Han. Suddenly, an emergency brings in a car accident victim, Lin Han's sister, Lin Xiaowan, with severe injuries. The hospital demands a hefty surgery fee, but Lin Han is financially strapped. Tian Huairen shows indifference, plunging Lin Han into despair. At this critical moment, the life-threatening situation of his sister intensifies the story, promising more excitement in the upcoming chapters. Stay tuned for updates as I continue to unfold the narrative.

Chapter 1 Sister's Car Accident

"Lin Han, you've been interning in the surgery department for over two months. What have you learned?" "Among the interns who started with you, who is as clumsy as you?"

At Songzhou Tianxiang Hospital, the head of the surgery department, Tian Huairen, was reprimanding an intern named Lin Han. Lin Han lowered his head, looking like a primary school student making a mistake, hesitant to speak.

"Cat got your tongue? Why aren't you speaking?" Tian Huairen's face was stern, and his eyes were cold.

"I... I can insert catheters, prepare the skin, and clean up...." Lin Han cautiously responded, afraid of angering the other party.

"Worthless! These are all tasks for nurses. Why don't you become a nurse?"

Tian Huairen slapped the table abruptly, waved his hand as if shooing away a fly, "Go, find another department. Surgery doesn't accept useless people!"

Lin Han felt aggrieved. Although he had been in the surgery department for two months, he had no teacher guiding him. He wasn't allowed to write medical cases, observe surgeries, and could only help the nurses with dirty and tiring work.

He knew deep down that the reason for his current situation was related to witnessing Tian Huairen having an affair with a nurse. Even though he pretended not to have seen it and didn't tell anyone, why was he still being retaliated against? Feeling indignant, Lin Han slowly clenched his fist and raised his head, "Director, you didn't assign a mentor for my internship. Who am I supposed to learn from?"

"Don't make excuses! It's because your character is so bad that no one is willing to mentor you! Don't be a nuisance, leave quickly!" Tian Huairen looked at him with disdain.

"I can leave, but I must make one thing clear. That day in the office, when you and Nurse Liu were passionately kissing... I really didn't see anything." Lin Han figured out that if he didn't remind the other party, he might be wrongly expelled.

Tian Huairen's expression changed abruptly. He dared to threaten him. A cold light flashed in his eyes. This matter could not be admitted at all. He immediately became furious, "Nonsense! Which eye of yours saw it? If you can't provide evidence, I'll call the head of the medical affairs department right now and have you expelled. You'll never be able to intern here again!"

"I will also inform your school leaders that your character is not good, and you'll never graduate!" Seeing Tian Huairen getting angry, Lin Han was slightly stunned. He should be feeling guilty like a thief, but he boldly turned the situation around, which was shameless. He felt confused on the spot.

"Get out immediately!" Tian Huairen secretly breathed a sigh of relief, grateful that Lin Han had no evidence. Otherwise, his reputation would be ruined, and his family would be in turmoil.

If only he had recorded a video, Lin Han regretted it. He realized he was too impulsive and now found himself in a difficult situation.


At a critical moment, the door was pushed open, and a young nurse rushed in anxiously.

"Director, there's an accident victim from a car crash in the emergency room. Urgent surgery is needed."

"Alright, take me to see." Tian Huairen, despite his improper relationships with subordinates, still had some basic medical ethics. He stood up abruptly and followed the nurse out.

Lin Han stood still. If he left the surgery department now, he would feel unwilling. However, Director Tian had no room for him. He regretted entering the office without knocking and witnessing what he shouldn't have.


Suddenly, a hurried phone ringtone sounded. Seeing that it was his sister calling, Lin Han quickly adjusted his emotions. He couldn't let his mischievous sister sense anything strange.

Before answering, he made an effort to force a smile, "Xiaowan." "You're Lin Xiaowan's brother, right?"

A strange and urgent woman's voice came from the other end, giving him a foreboding feeling.

"Yes... it's me. How do you have Xiaowan's phone?"

"Come to the surgery ward at Songzhou Tianxiang Hospital quickly. She's had a car accident, and her injuries are severe..."

Boom, like a bolt from the blue sky.

The phone fell from Lin Han's hand with a slap.

No, this couldn't be true; it must be a joke.

This kind of joke wasn't funny; it could scare people to death. He forced a stiff smile.

But the next second, his eyes widened, and just now, the nurse seemed to mention an accident victim from the emergency room. When he reacted, he quickly picked up the phone and ran out, stumbling at the door.

At that moment, in the corridor, nurses and medical staff were gathered around. Tian Huairen was studying an MRI film, and emergency room doctors were giving him a handover.

"The patient has multiple soft tissue injuries, damage to several organs, blurred consciousness, unclear senses, and the right leg was crushed by a wheel, with multiple comminuted fractures. Life is in danger. We suggest immediate amputation surgery."

"Well, the right leg can't be saved!" Tian Huairen put down the film, giving consecutive instructions, "Notify the operating room to prepare for surgery."

"Prepare type A plasma and get ready for blood transfusion." "What about the family? Prepay one hundred thousand for the surgery."

Just then, Lin Han squeezed in. When he saw the injured person on the stretcher, he almost fainted.

It was his younger sister, Lin Xiaowan. Her eyes were slightly closed, occasionally humming, and her right leg was severely deformed, shocking to behold.

Seeing his sister's tragic situation, Lin Han felt like the sky was falling, and it was hard to accept. How did everything turn out like this?

Such a disaster!

If she lost her leg, how could she live in the future?

Lin Han couldn't control his emotions anymore. He rushed to the stretcher, cried loudly, "Xiaowan... Xiaowan, you can't sleep!"

"Open your eyes and look at your brother..."

He held Lin Xiaowan's face, crying heartbreakingly, causing tears to fall from those who witnessed it.

Everyone was surprised; they didn't expect the injured person to be Lin Han's sister. Especially Tian Huairen, there was a hint of playfulness in his eyes.

Perhaps hearing her brother's call, Lin Xiaowan slightly opened her eyes.

Lin Han was excited and incoherent, "Xia... Xiaowan, listen to your brother. Don't be afraid; your injuries are not severe. A small surgery will fix everything."

"Before going into the operating room, don't fall asleep. I'll call our mom right away..."

"Brother, don't—" Lin Xiaowan gently shook her head, her voice weak and on the verge of breaking, blood stains oozing from the corner of her mouth, "Don't let Mom know; she can't handle the shock."

Such a kind girl, facing her own possible death, still thinking of these things! Lin Han's heart felt like it was being torn apart, nodding solemnly.

"Lin Han

, stop the nonsense. Hurry up and pay the three hundred thousand for the surgery. If you delay the treatment, not only will the right leg be amputated, but her life won't be guaranteed!" Tian Huairen's voice suddenly sounded.

Three hundred thousand? Lin Han shivered. He was a genuine rural person, maintaining his livelihood with a few acres of farmland. Tuition and living expenses were all provided by his sister Lin Xiaowan's part-time work.

He hesitated, and in his pocket, he didn't even have three hundred yuan, let alone three hundred thousand. For him, three hundred thousand was an astronomical figure.

"Director, Director, can we proceed with the surgery first? I'll go borrow the money."

"The hospital has no such precedent. Don't delay the surgery; hurry up." Tian Huairen impatiently urged. In fact, with his position as the director, he could have arranged the treatment first and then dealt with the payment. It was just a matter of a few words.

Where could he get tens of thousands of yuan in such a short time? Even if he borrowed online, it wouldn't be in time. Lin Han continued to plead with Tian Huairen, "Please, just save my sister first. I promise I'll pay the money."

"If you have time to talk, go and pay. Why dilly-dally? If you don't have the money, go to another hospital."


Lin Han knelt down in front of Tian Huairen, tears streaming down his face. He had never felt so desperate before.

He glanced at his sister, who had dropped out of school in the first year of junior high to work part-time to support his education. Now, she was on the verge of death, and he was helpless, feeling the heart-wrenching pain.

"Brother, I'm like this. Don't waste money anymore." Obviously, Lin Xiaowan heard everything. She chose to give up treatment.

"No, I won't let you die. I'll find a way to raise money—"

Lin Han panicked, crawling to his sister, tears pouring out like a fountain.

Lin Xiaowan showed a bleak smile, "Brother, if I'm gone, take care of Mom and yourself."

She struggled to lift her hand, wanting to wipe away the tears on her brother's face. Lin Han quickly held it, "Don't say nonsense!" Suddenly, Lin Xiaowan's hand became weak, and her eyelids slowly closed.

"No, no—"

Lin Han let out a hysterical roar. Spurt.

A mouthful of blood sprayed out, the crimson liquid landing on Lin Xiaowan's jade bracelet.

Swish, a white light flashed, entering Lin Han's sea of consciousness. He felt a splitting headache, losing consciousness.

Chapter 2 Unexpected Inheritance

Lin Han felt a vast influx of continuous information into his mind – ancient medical techniques, martial arts, mystical arts, and various cultivation methods. His head was being inundated to the point of bursting. Suddenly, he was awakened by a furious rebuke.

Slowly opening his eyes, Lin Han saw Dr. Tian Huairen glaring at him, seething with anger.

"Don't play dead here. No matter what tricks you're using, if you don't prepay the surgery fee, no one will operate on your sister. You'll just have to watch her die."

Lin Han looked around in a daze, realizing he was lying on the ground. He seemed oblivious to Dr. Tian's words and the people around him. Still immersed in the bizarre scene from earlier, was it an illusion? To his surprise, he discovered that his mind now contained the ancient text "Heaven and Earth Yin Yang Classic." He was dumbfounded – where did it come from? Like a dream, it all felt s


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