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Return of the Circus King

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Jackson Harper - a boy born with strange abilities. Having no family, he lived alone in the world without an identity, aiming to one day find himself and his unknown family, to finally have a name and place in the society. What happens when he learns he has the powers to save the five kingdoms of the circus, which was falling apart under the rulership of King Anderson Williams? Would he abandon his pending mission to find his family and answers as to why he could do strange things and in order to save the save circus? Or would he ignore it letting the circus fall?.....Read to find out....

Chapter 1: TORTURE

Aaaarrrrrgghhhh!! Aaaarrrrrgghhhh!! Aaaarrrrrgghhh!!! The screams of a man echoed in the dark night. He was all bloodied up, wearing only a white short which it's colour has been completely transformed to red as a result of the blood streaming down his body. His exposed body displayed brutal wounds and bruises, and just by a look, one could judge correctly that he has been tortured mercilessly.

Standing around the almost dead man were five tall,muscular and heavily-built men, fully armed to the teeth, holding all sorts of dangerous weapons, but more dangerous-looking than the weapons were the menacing faces of these men who looked like the sons of the devil himself. They all gave out dangerous auras indicating they had no ounce of the word 'MERCY' in them, and were ever ready to pounce on and tear apart any victim that falls into their trap.

Sitting on a chair, flanked by two bodyguards was a man who has an even more fierce look than the other men standing in the room. His gaze was intently directed to the man lying helplessly on the floor covered with bruises.

The man sitting signalled one of the men who obeyed the call immediately

"How's it going?" came the calm but menacing voice of the master

"Boss, he has refused to say anything"

"And that's because your methods are not good enough"

"But boss, we've tried everything, yet......." The soul piercing glare shot to him by his boss made him swallow up the later part of the sentence, freezing him still.

The boss stood up, and with slow, calm, and calculative steps approached the trembling man standing before him.

"You have been given more than enough time for such a simple task, and I'm still willing to grant you more, but don't test my patience"

He looked at the man whose head was bowed for more than five seconds, before walking out of the room followed by his two bodyguards.

Silence prevailed in the room for about ten minutes since the boss walked out, until it was cut off by one of the men.

"Now what do we do?"

"What can we do? This *ssh*l* has ref d to say anything"

"I must say,with our years of experience, this has been the toughest nut we've cracked"

"We're yet to crack it dummy"

"Enough!!" The voice of the man whose head had been bowed after being threatened by the boss boomed in the ears of the other men. He walked up to the man lying on the floor and kicked him hard in the stomach.

"Aaaarrrrrgghhhh!!!" The man screamed in pain. He pulled the man's hair roughly and forcefully made him look at his face.

"Last chance, spill all you know"

The wounded man opened his bruised eyes to stare at the face of the man and said with the little energy left in him.

"I've told you, I know nothing about what you ask for, and even if I do, I'll never tell you"

The man smirked, his smirk annoyed the injured man and he spat on his face.

The other men standing charged at him with their weapons ready to devour him completely, but they stopped in their tracks when their leader raised his one hand in the air, signalling them to stop.

He left the man's hair, got up slowly, brought out a piece of cloth to wipe his face and walked up to one of his men. He took out a baton from the man's back and .....BANG!!!..... The blow was too much for the already helpless to handle. He passed out.

"Serves you right *ssh*l*!" Said one of the men

"I'm yet to see such a dummy" said another

Sighs, "How do we squeeze this out of his mouth?"

"He is so adamant on keeping the information to himself"

"We have to find a way, else we'll all be dead meat"

"What else can we do? What other way can we find to make him talk? We have done everything but this fool still keeps his lips sealed"

" So you would rather get killed by the boss than make this idiot talk?"

"I would love to see you figure something out"

The leader who had been quiet the whole time brought out a new pack of cigarettes, took one out, lit it, and inhaled the smoke. "Take him out!"

"But boss, how can we do that"

The leader turned and walked up to him. Seeing the leader approaching him, he quivered in fear. The leader took out the cigarette from his mouth and blew the smoke on his face.


With quivering lips, the man replied

"Yes Boss"


Brrrrrrrnnnggg!! Brrrrrrrnnnggg!!! Brrrrrrrnnnggg!!!!

The sound of an alarm clock woke up a teenage boy lying on the bed in a room.

"Old kill joy" He got up and put off the alarm clock. He sat on the bed for a while before he stood up and sluggishly walked to the bathroom. He did his things and got ready for school. He took a cab, but the traffic was bad.

Sitting at the back seat, he glanced at his wrist watch "Oh shit! I'm so gonna be late". He looked at the driver

"Can you move any faster man? I'm running late"

The driver looked at him through the rear view mirror.

"Sorry pal, I ain't got much of a choice. You sure don't wanna run into the cops for the start of your day"

Sighs "Oh Damn it"

Seeing his predicament, he sat back and waited until the car got to his stop. He took out eight dollars and paid the driver. The school was still few blocks away. He looked a


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