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Return My Mate, Dark Lord

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After banishing his mate from the pack due to her mistake which had led to the death of their only son, Alpha Bryan realizes that she had fallen into the hands of the dark lord. What happens when he realizes the dark lord's true identity and the debt his mate owes him?

Chapter 1

BRYAN'S POVWails… Howls... Fire from burning rubbles crackled. Puddles of blood lied stagnant all over the floor. My pack was a goring sight to behold as we battle the dark lord who had come at us with a surprise attackMy breathed was tattered as I held the shaky hands of my Luna, Mishel, and our son who had just turned three."Take him and flee, Mishel. Flee to the Tempest pack. Alpha Edmond will protect you for me," I assured my Luna, "I'll do my best to hold off the dark lord, even if it cost my own life. If I fall today… if our pack falls today, I'll son will bring it back up in the future."I could feel the hands of death knocking at my door as my Luna left. We were more powerful fighting together than individually, but the gap between our opponent's power and ours was like the distance between the sky and the earth. So, all I could do was entrust the future of our pack into the hands of my son.The dark lord was the cruelest being in the whole world. Time after time, he attacked other packs and captured their Lunas. No one knew his goals, but at best, it seemed he wanted to build an army entirely made of his own offsprings.I picked up my sword and trampled over lifeless bodies, heading for the dark lord. With Mishel gone, I could give my all to the battle at hand and end it, because it was either my death or the enemy's that could end it.The smell of blood and smoke filled my nose as I wrapped my arms around the hem of my steel blade, staring at the lifeless bodies of my men on the floor.Our buildings, together with many other properties, had been set ablaze.I'd slashed so many of the dark lord's warriors but I was already low on stamina. Struggling to control my breath so I wouldn't quickly run out of strength, I kept counting how much longer it would take Mishel, my love, to flee with our son. The nearest pack was just about 5 kilometers away. If she shifted and ran with our son on her back, she'd close the distance in less than an hour. If I could hold the dark lord off for one more hour, then my downfall wouldn't be in vain. The sacrifices of my men wouldn't be in vain.I was yet to find out why the tyrant dark lord had attacked my pack. Unlike what he'd do to other packs, he hadn't captured any of my warriors, women or children. What was his goal?Fighting with only fifty percent of my pheromones had me losing stamina already. My men were already down, only about twenty of them left. What could twenty men do to the hundreds of warriors that still remained of the dark lord's army?I wasn't scared about dying. As long as someone was there to take over my role, I'd gladly lay down my life."I have already lived a fulfilling life," I grumbled to myself as I stood straight, raising my sword high above my head. My lips curved into a smile, which I could clearly see was going to be my last.But I was determined to make one last move. One last move with everything in my concentrated into a single blow. Death would only bring an end to my body, not my soul. My will must live on!With that, I charged at the dark lord. Seeing me charging toward their master, the dark lord's army started to jump into his front to protect him. I kept smashing through them, yelling and roaring as I did, tears rolling down my eyes for my one regret — my failure to protect the pack I ruled. We had so many casualties, and I wondered if the healer could attend to them all.With every last ounce of energy I had, I jumped through the group of warriors and landed right before the dark lord, shifting immediately to my wolf form cause I knew I could do nothing to him in my human form. Yet, he could even pose a challenge to me in his human form, not to talk of when he had shifted.The moment I raised my sword into the air and was about to slash the dark lord who stood nonchalantly awaiting my attack, I heard Mishel's voice nearby.I almost dropped my guard midair as a jolt of shock caught me.Quickly, I jumped back, away from the dark lord, retreating to a safe distance.My eyes went wide with surprise as I saw her fighting. Yes, my Luna was meant to assist me in battle, but not when I'd given her a simple instruction to obey.She wasn't meant to be here. She should have been on her way to one of th neighbouring packs now. What have I been fighting all this while?"Mishel!" I called her through the mind-link, "what are you doing here? Where's my son?""I came to support!" She answered, pushing aside as enemy she had just stabbed the heart, "our son is hidden at —"Her words paused at the moment that our conversation was suddenly interrupted by a loud scream. It was the voice of a child.A heavy throb left my heart immediately and I fell to the floor.My eyes widened as I gazed at the floor, my whole world shaking before me.It couldn't be. No, there was no way.My child. My heir.I turned to Mishel immediately, my eyes filled with bloodlust. She knew it was our child who had screamed. She had felt that same instant feeling of disconnection from a big part of her."I think this battle is over now, Bryan. What I seek will come looking for me," the dark lord snarled.His men began to retreat as I stood up and rushed to where the scream had come from.Right before my eyes, I saw my son's body laying in a pool of his own blood."No!!!" I roared, "no!!!"This couldn't be happening. I'd entrusted the future of my pack in him, hoping Mishel would take him somewhere safe and raise him. But what did she do? Hide him in the armoury store and come back to display foolish bravery."Mishel!" I snarled, "Mishel, you killed our child.""Alpha Bryan, I… I only wanted to help out," she cried, falling to her knees, weeping.I felt an instant urge to kill her right there, but my Beta appeared out of nowhere. "We must rush the child to the healer immediately," said, Draco, my Beta, "there's chances that she can save him."He lifted my child from the pool of blood, only for the child's head to fall off.Draco fell to his feet immediately. The slight glint of hope he had given me had vanished in that instant.Who could have killed my child that way? It wasn't the dark lord. He was within my sight when the scream came. Only few amongst werewolves were good swordsmen, and it took a purely refined swordsmanship to behead someone in such a way that I didn't even notice until the corpse was lifted."Moon goddess, I swear before you, I will kill the person who did this!" I cried, "I will kill him without mercy! Together with that dark lord, and even this useless mate of mine! I will kill them all!"

Chapter 2

MISHEL'S POV"I don't want to see you at the funeral, Mishel. Not even the slightest trace of your scent should be perceived at the burial ground. As you are now, you should be thanking Draco that you're still alive," Alpha Bryan uttered spitefully.I swallowed hard before I forced my lips open to beg."Please, he's my son. At least let me be there to say goodbye to him as his mother.""No! He was your son, but you were no mother to him!" He snapped, "I warned you to ignore everything and run away, you bitch! I did!""It wasn't ea—""Shut your asshole!" He growled fiercely, grabbing me by the neck and pinning me to the wall, his fierce red eyes locked into mine."One more word and I'll reap you apart! One more word, Mishel!" He growled.I could sense a darkness in him. A dark urge, perhaps one which obliged him to


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