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Bound by Blood and Desire.

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Lyra knows there is something wrong with Hugh and Axel. Not only did Hugh act unhinged under a full moon but Axel seemed to possess superpowers and saved her. The strange duo—Axel & Hugh—seem to hate each other but none of them are willing to tell Lyra what really happened that night. Despite this, she has fallen heads over heels in love with the quiet, mysterious Axel while turning down advances from the school's heartthrob—Hugh. There's only one problem, Axel is sending mixed signals; although he loves Lyra, he is trying to stop her from finding out what he really is. Will he let himself open up to her or will Lyra tire of his indecision and run into Hugh's open arms? ● Axel is trying to stop Hugh from mating with Lyra without her consent and turning her into his Luna, the only problem is the more he trying to get Lyra away from Hugh, he more he falls in love with her. But vampires cannot be with humans. Or can they?



Review after the novel completion

Well what can l say disappointed springs to mind to me this novel is unfinished apart from the the obvious similarities to the twilight books it has nothing to keep you interested The characters are there but are not developing with the story and apart from the story going around in circles making you dizzy nothing l can sum this book up quickly. 1 girl goes to uni 2 meets boy at party "werewolf 3 saved by a vampire 4 wants to be with vampire get rejected 5 goes back to rich kid 'werewolf 6 gets threat off jealous girl THE END boring and please use spell check as the characters names were changed a lot and extra letters were added exp ' letttter parrrrdon makes the chapters hard to read

April 18, 2024

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