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Blurb: I stared at the handsome figure in front of me, emotions I could not control flowing down my body. He held my hand as he looked intently into my eyes. " Michael, let us do this, no one will know about this. I have been dying of the feelings I have for you. Please just say yes, I promise you won't regret it" he assured as I felt a lump in my throat "I... ****** Michael, the most gentle person in the whole school, was noted for his handsomeness, his blameless character, not only that, he is a brilliant fellow, a nerd to be precise. Out of the blues, he started admiring handsome boys in his class. At age 16, he discovered that all his classmates he admired were signs of him having same-s*x attraction. He became mortified, guilty, feeling empty for having feelings for the same s*x. He was lost in a battle, a battle of dealing with feelings for both the same s*x and the opposite s*x. What will he do in this situation? Who can he trust with this secret and who will help him? What could go wrong when the same-s*x becomes attracted to him? Will he give in to the sexual craving? Will he succeed in getting rid of it? Find out in WEIRD FEELING. AUTHORS NOTE: This novel is a good one as it will shed more light on same-s*x attraction. I hope you drop your honest review as you read.


I stared at my reflection as I slowly stroked my eyebrows into waves with a small comb. I must confess I look quite feminine with my fair complexion, my small eyes, thick eyebrows that are well curved, and eyelashes that bash lightly. My tall and scrawny figure makes it more of a girl in a boy's body. I dropped my comb as I suddenly started feeling emotions seeping down my body, sad and happy ones at that.

I am sad because I will be leaving my former school, my old friends, classmates, and teachers. I am happy because I get to attend my elder brother's former school which happens to be one of the best schools in the state.

"Brother Michael, my dad calls for you," the voice of my younger brother Mark jolted me out of my thoughts. I smiled sweetly at him, giving him a reply that I would join them soon. I slowly packed my bag and headed downstairs.

My parents have tried to convince me to attend my brother's school but I had refused politely. I changed my mind 'out of the blues' the night my brother graduated from Secondary School and they were quite pleased with my response. I am the only one that knows the reason behind my change of heart.

Whenever I think about the fact that I had a kind of liking for the same-s*x makes me wonder why I was developing that kind of feeling.

I had this type of same-s*x admiration, as I call it on three different boys. I decided to change my environment hoping the so-called admiration I am having will stop.

I opened my dad's car and sat down quietly wondering how my new life would be in Beatitude College, my new school. We were caught in a little traffic as I looked outside the car window only to see two students whose hands hung around each other's shoulders.

I smiled bitterly knowing fully well that I cannot be in such proximity with boys. I just wish I can make contact with them without feeling any kind of sensation or sparks especially when around the handsome ones.

I sulked in my breath when a little event of how I had my first admiration.

I was the class captain of my class(S.S.S1) and I just concluded giving out instructions to the Sciences, Arts, and Commercial students on that very day. Aishat, one of the sassy girls in my class, threw a tantrum claiming I was too forward because I went for our next subject's teachers immediately after our general class. I was shocked and being a gentle and shy person, I just controlled my anger and ignored her even when some students were supporting her.

Kabir, one of the commercial students came to me and defended me stating confidently that no one could perform the role I held as a Class Captain.

I could still remember how his right hand hung around my shoulder and I could not help but feel the sparkle in my body as I admired his handsome figure. To cut the long story short, I ended up imagining that very little moment when he stood up for me. I found myself wishing for more moments we can share.

The second admiration was a strange one as I found myself fascinated by the angry look on Daniels's face. His angry look drew me more than I expected. I sometimes feel like touching his handsome face when he is angry. Every fantasy I had about him kept zoning in and out of my imagination lane.

A new student with a cute smile, exotic high cheekbones, and a narrow straight nose that perfected his looks caught me in another trance.

His abs were obvious from his school shirt that I sometimes feel like touching but my conscience kept making me think.

As much as I love the tingling that happens to me, I still feel something overwhelming surrounding it. To think why I suddenly started drifting into 'my so-called admiration fantasy' makes my stomach churn with different emotions that I cannot decipher.

I always pray silently for a way to control my thinking and I am grateful my prayers are answered in one way or the other.

We finally arrived at the school as I made my way to the School Administrative block to collect some things. I have been to this school during the previous extra coaching lesson and I must confess it was an interesting adventure for me.

I never had any kind of admiration but only felt concerned for some boys who would not stop displaying their taunts even when the teachers were teaching.

They always say 'There is no institution without bad eggs. This left me in a situation as I could not help but try to figure out the life of a boy. He always plays and likes to have fun according to my observation.

I could not help but place him as a chameleon since he constantly changes his behaviors and looks. I think I should mind my business and continue to be the sweet and gentle Michael that I am known for.

After collecting my necessary stuff and completing all the formalities which took close to an hour, I could not help but panic a little because I was late.

I bid my dad goodbye as I strode gently to my new class which would be S.S.S 2Alpha(Senior Secondary School 2) meant for the Science students.

As I took each step, I felt a wave of sensation clouding my body, a little bit of nervousness accompanying it. I felt like stopping but the words of my mum before leaving for her workplace knocked at the back of my mind.

"Michael, your classmates are just like you. Do not feel shy or uneasy when you are with them. You have female attributes, do not try to hide them. Be free, keep calm and go along with the flow," she counseled when I informed her about the disturbing factor in my mind.

My face brightened up a bit as I meditated on those words. I knew a few students in my soon-to-be class, so I should not worry. I should just keep calm and hope for the best,' I thought reassuringly, feeling more confident.

I entered my new class and all my eyes darted in my direction. The teacher turned away from the whiteboard as his gaze landed on me.

Mr Williams, the English teacher apparently, taught us during the extra coaching lesson. Dressed in black trousers, a sky blue shirt, and a black bow tie which complimented his looks. I must confess he looks like a teenager who got a handsome look.

"Good Morning sir, I am sorry for being late," I said.

"Goodmorning Michael. Class, welcome Michael, he is a new student. I hope you will make him feel at school," Mr. Williams announced as the whole class said a welcome greeting.

"Welcome to Beatitude College, a place where you learn to be a generational leader," they all chorused and I felt delighted.

I breathe out gently, as I made a short prayer in my mind that I will enjoy my stay here. I could only hope that this WEIRD FEELING would not haunt me again

Chapter 2- DEJA VU

I put on a bright countenance as a small smile made its way to my mouth.

"Good Morning to you all. My name is Oyedele Michael. Nice to meet you", I greeted them as they all responded with "same to you."

 Mr. Williams directed me to sit in the fourth row with someone to share the English textbook with. I am yet to get my textbooks as my dad received the school email recently that I was given admission.

 I pulled a chair and moved to the fourth row as my gaze landed on the person I would share a textbook with. Reality struck me when I realized he was the same guy I was thinking about this morning.

 I sat down staring at the comprehension passage that was being read but my mind drifted to the person beside me. He is a  'psycho' but his facial expression looks calm and gentle. I could not help but conclude that he is a pretender or player. I could still remember all the pranks he pulled off during the extra lesson coaching. Not doing his assig


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