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The love test

The love test

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Every once in a while there is that event that manages to shake the foundations of your world and leave you in a daze. For Oakley and Lily this is that event. Oakley and lily have been best friends as far back as they can remember. They have everything in common, strong personalities, beauty, a loving family and caring boyfriends. Their boyfriends hate each other. It's half a year to the end of the year and Oakley comes up with a plan, one last chance for them to run around and have some fun before they go back to living their respective lives. A two month vacation with their intendeds aboard a magnificent island resort and four months in the same city. It all starts with taking a silly test called the love test, but what happens when this test brings out a surprising result?. It's just a bunch of random questions right? Random questions shouldn't be able to determine who is in love with who. The app to the love test agrees with them but still proves otherwise. APP: "The love test isn't meant to show who is in love with who, it gives a ranking to who is most likely to be the perfect love for the other" Oakley:...... Lily:....... A sweet and electric love that flows between four people and an app that helps them see the truth behind love and maybe give those they love up in the name of love. Sweet, daring and with a lot of spice.

Chapter 1

The breeze blows lightly as the flowers rustle to the wind. The weather is nice and it is a perfect day to get a wedding going.

One is already taking place in one of the most lavish and richly decorated halls in the whole city. The wedding is going to be huge and it is gong to be everything the brides have ever dreamed of but yet one look into their eyes and you would see a silent battle being fought.

Lily is looking resplendent in a pure white gown with an elegant and simple design. she is pretty and her mother sighs at her image in the mirror.

"Tyler is so lucky to have you"

She smiles

"And me him"

There is a note of sadness in her voice that no one except those who have been with her for years will be able to pick out, and as is always the case with mothers and daughters a few hours to the wedding ceremony, her mother picks it out.

"What's wrong honey?"

Lily sighs and begins pacing up and down the room. She isn't sure what is wrong. She isn't sure if anything is wrong but still there is something that lodges deep at the beck of her throat. Something that makes her feel like she isn't being honest with herself, something that feels like a lie and the realisation of that is startling.

"I'm fine mum, Is Oakley also ready?"

It's tradition that the groom does not get to see the face of the bride before the wedding but no one said anything about two brides seeing each other shortly before their wedding ceremony.

Oakley and Lily are getting married to the loves of their respective lives but at the moment it feels like a lie. Lily's mum smiles and goes out the room and a door opens at the side of the room.

Oakley is also looking magnificent in white but just like her friend, the sadness in her eyes is immense.

"I don't think i can go on with this"

The statement is the same that Lily has had in her head ever since things have started developing to the state they are today and she nods.

"I don't think i can either"

A loud sigh is heard and the two brides sit down and massage their temples.

"Do you think they know, Tyler and Reece, Do you think they know about what they feel for each other?"

Lily smiles and the memory comes rushing back.

"They would be blind not to see it and sincerely i think they do. They know but they don't want to accept it. I don't think they know we also know about it"

Another long sigh and there is the familiar settling of a resolve in Lily's stomach.

"Do you think you can still be happy with Ty?"

Lily nods.

"He will alway makes me happy but i don't think that will matter too much to him. He's not looking at that at all. Do you think you can go along with this and still be happy with Reece?"

Oakley grunts and lets out a sigh.

"He is a part of me that i will never be able to express, but i don't think i will be happy getting married to him while i know what i know"

"It feels like a lie"

Oakley nods.

"More importantly it feels like a betrayal."

Someone barges into the room and the tension skyrockets.

"What's wrong?"

"Tyler and Reece were involved in a car crash. They're in the hospital right now"



App: "I'm always right."

Chapter 2: Six months earlier

Tyler stands beside me like the perfect gentleman and i feel the pit in my stomach deepen.

He is smiling and he is laughing and he is looking the very picture of handsomeness and a hidden layer of sexy but i know all that is going to fall away the moment Oakley and Reece appear.

Gods help us.

The car stops right in front of us and Dave jumps out to shoot me a grin.

I sneer back at him and he smiles and pulls his brother in for a hug.

"Don't crash my car"

The words are soft and hold no hint of mirth or jest whatsoever but Tyler still smiles the sort of smile that would make me hesitate to go into the car with him if i didn't trust him so much.

He grabs the keys from his brother.

"After you crashed mine? That would seem petty of me"

Dave laughs back and the fake laughter is one that i am used to by now. Dave is a bitch but unfortunately he is Tyler's half brother and this is one of those times i w


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