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Love On Fire

  • Genre: LGBTQ+
  • Author: Sassyjen
  • Chapters: 48
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 15.9K
  • 7.5
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He got so angry at his parents, why is his dad such a cheat? How dare he cheat on mom? Is that love at all? He concluded true love doesn't exist, He hates the word love! He walked alone because he truly lost his happiness tonight. He heard someone cry in pain, he was a bit scared cause the place was lonely. He moved closer to see a lady in a pool of blood. She couldn't talk, she looked so lifeless on the ground. He tried touching her to ask her what happened. His hands were stained with blood and he decided to leave making sure no one saw him. His name is... He doesn't believe in love and will never do but...... what happens when he is asked to head a show called LOVE ON FIRE by his mom? Will he agree to it or rather disobey his mother? A show where people find true love and he doesn't believe that it exists.

Chapter 1 Rough Introduction

Oliver Pov

I was enjoying my sleep when my sister woke me up.

"Oliver, wake up; I don't want to be late for school."

"Oh, Ava, meet mom to take you to school, please."

"You disturbing my sleep."

"But brother mom has gone to work already same with dad."

She paused.

"Making you the only person available to take me to school."

"Ooooooh ahhh, Why me."

I tried ignoring her again, and she started using her tiny voice to say, "Oliver, you don't want your only lovely sister to be late for school, right."

I tried opening my eyes when I saw her given me the puppy eyes; She knows how to get me.

"Okay fine, I will take you to school."

I watch her giggling; I noticed she still sat comfortably on my bed.

''Ava, won't you excuse me for having my bath, or you want me to go naked in your presence.''

"Oh no," she frowns and left

I was about to take my shirt off when she opened the door again

"What again, Ava ?"

"Please hurry up."

"Just go'', she closed the door back.

"How did I end up having Ava as my sister," I said to myself.

I tied my towel around my waist and entered the bathroom.

After brushing my teeth, I turned on the shower; I finished having my bath and dried my body with the towel, and I open my closet, thinking of what to put on.

I finally got something suitable to my taste; I looked in the mirror and combed my hair, applied the perfume, and was ready to go.

I took my Samsung Galaxy phone and came out.

"Ok, Ava, let's go."

I decided to make use of my Ferrari, but Ava refused, to say said she prefers the Pagani Huayra.

"No way, I am using the Ferrari, and that's final", I yelled at her.

She started crying out loud, "Okay, fine, you won, let's make use of Pagani Huayra then, and she stops crying."

I can't wait to drop her at school; she is a thorn on my flesh.

We finally got to her school, and she came down from the car; she waved at me and walked majestically with her friends like the boss lady.

She acts as if she is 17 when she is just 9; I drove off immediately.

Well, my name is Oliver Smith, the only son of the Smith; my dad and I are not on good terms

Ava is the baby of the house; we are d*mn wealthy and, I don't have a girlfriend; I don't believe in love.

Whenever I am in the mood to have s*x, I get any girl I want; after s*x, I pay her off, and that's all, no feelings attached.

Girls always wish to have me in their life; this is because I am so handsome and wealthy.

I got to the office, attending to essential documents, when a girl forced herself in without the proper entering.

My secretary told me she tried stopping her, but she claimed she is my girlfriend.

"Leave us, I said!!"

"Gina, what are you doing here?"

"Oliver, I miss you so much; you don't return my calls or text messages; I was worried."

I raised my voice at her

"I told you It's over with you, and I paid you off; what don't you get sl*t"

"Now, I want you to get the hell out of my office before I throw you out."


"Out," I shouted, and she left

I called my secretary and told her to vacate the office, "Don't you dare come and beg me."

"But sir!!"

I hanged up, Simple job, and she can't do it.


"Hey stupid, leave her alone," I commanded.

"And who are you to stop us."

"I am the last person you will ever think to beat the hell out of you," I said with confidence.

"What did she just say?"

"I only say it once, and I won't repeat myself."

I hit one of the guys.

"Do you still want to say something?"

Let's get out of here; she is crazy."

I watch them leave and took the purse on the floor and gave it to the girl.

''Be careful next time, okay."

"Thanks so much in helping me; you such a nice person."

"It's nothing, dear."

"I just hate it when someone tries to hurt a girl."

"Thanks once again."

"I will get going now," I replied as I took my leave.

I got to the house; I was happy mom was not at home and at last I will be free from her talk this evening.

I was about to head to my room when I heard, " Charlotte!!"

"Oh no, mother."

"Hi Mom,"I faked my smile.

"When will you dress like the beauty you are? Look at your hair so unkept; why are you disgracing me ?"

"But mom."

"Let me guess; you fought someone on your way. Next year you will be completing 25, and you don't have someone in your life."

"Mom, I can't just date anyone."

"What about Dylan ?"

"Mom, I don't love him; he's just a friend. "I rolled my eyeballs.

"Okay fine, his your friend, What about the last date ?"

"Mom, I can't date someone like that, don't worry, mom, I will date someone before I get to 27."

"I am so tired mom, I need to rest a little."

I walked into my room, when I noticed someone was there, I know it's Ethan, my brother.

"Ethan, Come out now."

"Hi, sis."

'What ?"

"How dare you come to my room to eat my chocolate."

"I am sorry, sis."

"Ok, it's fine" I hate it when he pleads with such a look in his eyes.

"Let's play," he said.

"Come on, Ethan; I can't play now; I am so tired."

"Ok, sis, we play tomorrow; I will be going to my room now."

I fell on my bed; I wouldn't say I like it when my mother talks about my love life.

"My name is Charlotte Anderson, people call me crazy, but it's all good

I am not interested in any relationship for now."

Ethan, my troublesome brother, is just 10, but my parents call him the man of the house.

Funny right!!

I might be looking crazy, but when it comes to working, I don't joke about it.

Dad is even worse; I hope he doesn't come home this week,I can tolerate mom but him no way.


I was listening to music in my room with my headset on to avoid disturbance.

I love music; the other thing my heart is in love with is music.

I didn't even know when Ava entered my room, and she sacred me with the mask she was putting on.

Could you believe she was recording it with her iPhone?

"Ava, what's wrong with you ?, You scared me."

"Am sorry,", she apologizes.

"You sorry, and you are laughing hum."

"I can't stop laughing; you needed to see your face," she teased.

I watched the video, that's not me at all.

I laughed, "Ava, you need to delete it now."

"I am not deleting it,i am going to upload it on Instagram saying, the popular Oliver is scared of just a mask."

"I know you won't do such."

"I am about doing it," I ran after her

"Delete it."

Oh Ava, as I said, she is a thorn in my flesh

"Okay, what do I need to do."

"Promise you will take me outing."

"Ok fine."

"Deal "

"Sure deal," and she laughed.



Mom requested to see me over something important.

I hope she doesn't talk about love again, She can forgive dad, but I will never forgive him.

I don't think it is just this reason I hate the word love; my terrible experience with my ex and my dad is enough to hate love.

"Oliver, I will be travelling out of the country for some business deal, so I need you to take over the show Love on Fire."

"Mom, you can get someone to help you while you are out of the country; you know I hate the sound of that name, love."

"Oliver, you the only one I trust with it, please."

"But mother, you know I hate watching people displaying fake love all because of the grand price they are going to win."

"Am not doing it, mom", I said to her,


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Chapter 2 Arrogant Meets Crazy


"I am not doing it, mom, no way," she can't talk me into doing it.

"Oliver, I am not asking you to go and date someone or love someone. Your face won't be seen in the house by anyone, but you will be able to watch everything and get the latest updates from the workers."

She continued talking and explaining.

"Fallen in love is breaking the rules because you are not part of the show but heading it and following up the manual I will be giving to you."

"But mother," she cuts me off.

"Don't, for once, act as my son; you just got a task, and you are running from it. Is this how I trained you, Oliver? I am disappointed in you."

"I am sorry, mother, I am truly mom."

"Now I ask again, will you help me out with love on a fire show?"

I had a rethink of everything mom said; I am not forced to date anyone to head it.

Sure, I can do this, I know it will be the boring cause of the love stuff, but to make mom happy, I will do it, so


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