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I'll love you tomorrow

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Mikhael is an esteemed call center agent who works hard to pursue his dream of finishing college someday. Because of a scholarship grant from his company, he was able to go back to college taking the course of his liking, Hotel and Restaurant Management. Will Mikhael be able to use his great skills on the job at the university? Or coming back to school will only make his life complicated? MJ is a discreet gay guy who confesses his love to his friend Danny who is currently in a relationship with Adrian. Despite the situation, he begs Adrian to let him love him still. How long can MJ stay in this set up with his friend? As the Mikhael and MJ meet in the University, what kind of relationship will grow between them? Will there be a possibility? Or it is better if they remain friends?

CHAPTER 1 – On the Dance Floor 1


"Here is your order sir", the waiter said when putting my ordered drink on top of the table.

I decided to drop by here in a bar along Santa Rosa Laguna service road. I just came from work and I don't want to go home yet. I love staying in this bar because of the ambiance. Unlike other bars in the area, this bar is peaceful and not too crowded. The place isn't so big. There are just around 15 tables inside and they are surrounding the dance floor at the center. Each table can accommodate 5 to 8 people and if you are alone, like me most of the time, there are tall chairs along the bartender area where you can sit.

Since I'm a regular guest here, Eric the waiter knows me already and he allows me to sit on my favorite spot. I always sit on the table at the far left end of the bar near the window. The window overlooks the parking lot outside. I love this spot because I can see the entire bar and the dance floor. Also, I can spend my solitude without anybody bothering me.

Each table is lit with a yellow dim light giving it a cozy feel. Staring at them put me to thinking why wouldn't this place was turned into a coffee shop in the first place. It's small, cozy and has a solitude feel in every corner. If this is so, I would definitely be here every day.

My name is Mikhael Aflonso and I'm 25 years old. I am a call center representative in a contact center in Santa Rosa Laguna. I actually haven't finished college yet. I have to stop because my mother cannot support my studies. I dreamt of putting up my own coffee shop one day. But to do that, I have to take a college course related to it, and it's not cheap. I was able to enroll in a Hotel and Restaurant Management course but I just finished only a year of it because of financial problems. I cannot bear seeing my mom carrying all the loads for us.

I did not lose hope of going back to school one day, this has always been in my mind and heart. But for now, I've decided to find a job, earn and save for it.

Being here in the bar is like heaven for me. I come here whenever I'm stressed at work; whenever calls are queuing, a lot of complaints from the callers, or the occasional mandatory overtime on the production floor.

I just order a bottle every time I'm here. Luckily, the floor manager is not pulling me out of the bar for occupying a full table for myself with one bottle only. The atmosphere in this place never fails to relax me.? Despite being in the BPO industry, I work day shift. I am handling an Australian account so I don't have to work in a graveyard. There is no time difference here in the Philippines. Like regular employees, I got to work in the morning and left in the afternoon. On tragic days, we leave at 7. I just got out of work late today because I have to finish some papers before leaving my station.

I usually stay here for about an hour only or just until I finish my drink. I came in late today so get caught up with a lot of customers already. Luckily, no one yet is eyeing the extra seats on my table. I could still enjoy the luxury of being alone here. It's almost 9pm and customers are starting to build up so I just waited for a few more minutes before I decided to leave.

I raised my hand gesturing to the waiter for my bill when a group of people on the table on the other side of the bar caught my attention. There were about 5 of them celebrating while drinking; three boys and two girls as I stared and counted. Even the place is dimly lit; I am sure that one of the boys is gay. Judging by the way he throws facial expressions to his friends, his non-stop flaunting talks with them and the very audible laugh that is obviously being heard by people on the table surrounding theirs, I'm sure is positive. I just throw myself a smirk at the guy for he is good looking despite being so.

All of a sudden, the music started to play signaling the opening of the dance floor for everybody. Unlike other bars, the music is not that wild and upbeat just enough to invite most guests to do the dance floor. Most music being played is just slow rocks and alternatives. They play danceable tunes depending on the crowd. And the DJ always seems to know what music to play by just looking at everyone.

The waiter approaches with my bill. I was about to pay him when it's very noticeable that those five people on the far end table stood up and started dancing. The music is so inviting that almost all the people in the bar start dancing too. All are slightly drunk, dancing, and having fun. Not to brag but I was a dancer too when I was in high school and a cheer dancer in college in our department so for sure, I can keep up with these people.

CHAPTER 2 On the Dance Floor 2

The DJ started to play a famous American song popularized by a Black American woman. Everyone cheers to the tune and starts dancing.

I was going for my wallet already and paying for my beer when this guy on the dance floor caught my attention. He is wearing a see through black tank top and jeans that are cut above knee length. His see through tank top reveals his skins and curves even under a dim lighted room. His chest is very defined and looks so hard. His shoulders and arms are built. I couldn't help but stare at him, like who wouldn't be right. I kept my stare at him across the bar but still couldn't figure out the face. The bar is dimly lit, the disco lights are moving around and his back is turned on me most of the time. There are only fractions of a second that he faces my direction and fast. A lot of people are dancing around him also aside from his friends, maybe trying to make a move on him.

The music starts playing and the crowd starts dancing. And to no surpr


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