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Whispers Of The Forest: The Last Priestess

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Mira just wanted to live an ordinary life and become a healer like her mother. But an emperor, a god and a mysterious forest had other plans for her. After the kidnapping of her adoptive mother, Mira is forced to return to a fantasy world full of magic that she did not remember. In this fantastic universe filled with magical creatures, she meets Eluin, the last free God who tells Mira that she is the last living priestess and the only one who can save the sacred forest and everyone from the God of death, Temenis. Will Mira be able to overcome her lack of confidence, find her mother and stop Temenis? Discover in Whispers of the Forest: The Last Priestess, a book full of magic, fantasy, adventure, romance and adventure in epic battles and universes.


The sun was rising as Alice Collins entered the temple and knelt before the statue of Eluin. The face sculpted in gold made it seem as though the god of healing was staring at her. She gazed at the short hair molded in golden metal and the tunic that fell over his shoulders, as if he were truly there. Then she lit the blue candles in front of the statue, her long auburn braid sliding over her right shoulder and touching the navy blue dress, accentuating her bent knees. The scent of Aloe Vera in the air calmed her.

The woman prayed to Eluin, asking the god to assist her in her role as the healer of the village, to heal the sick of the day, or at the very least, if not possible, to guide her in words of comfort for those who remained.

Alice blinked a few times, disturbed by a supposed noise, felt the wind move the fabric that covered her, but heard nothing more. She looked at the golden image again and remembered an old story her mother used to tell her when innocence still covered her childlike eyes, about the emergence of priests in the world and how they were extinguished. She closed her eyes and could hear her mother's voice soothing her to sleep.

"Seven Gods, Diax, his wife Lunits, and their children: Eluin, Tunian, Páris, Auritem, and Temenis. All responsible for the origin of creatures.

Some people were born with the gift of feeling the energy of the Pearl Forest, the sacred home of the gods, and using it for good. They were called priests.

However, Eluin was not pleased with this creation; he believed that if there was a god for healing and another for nature, such common beings should not serve this purpose. Lunits in her wisdom smiled at her son with each curse, affirming that nothing happened by chance.

Another God shared Eluin's ideals about the priests. Temenis, the youngest, tired of living in the shadow of his siblings and hated by mortals, used to walk among them in disguise, enjoying their company. However, the young one could not accept the fear that all, except the elves and fairies, had of death. While the brothers were adored, he received only terror from mortals.

Thus, consumed by anger, consumed by envy and hatred, Temenis turned against the other gods, using the energy in the Sacred Forest to his advantage. He imprisoned them all, except Eluin, who being his opposite, could not be bound by the power of death.

Both fought for days and nights, until the elder triumphed and managed to imprison the brother as well. However, he had arrived too late; the forest was dying, and with the gods imprisoned, nothing could be done. A priest was needed, but the youngest was cruel and vile, and he slew every one in the world.

Hopeless, the god of healing waited for the end. With the death of that which originated everything, all life in the world would vanish. And in the end, only the gods would remain.

Eluin had never felt so powerless in all his long life, but centuries later, a thread of hope emerged. The god could feel a life being born, and it was not just any life, he was certain he felt the birth of a new priestess. It was ironic how the last hope lay within a species he had so despised."

Alice snapped out of her trance. The woman still held hope that the gods could one day walk the earth again and that the world would be saved. Perhaps the last priestess was closer than she imagined. She thought of her daughter, and in that instant, she clenched her fists, fearing the possibility of the girl being the last existing priestess. And the dangers that would bring upon her.

"Are you Alice Collins?" asked a deep, gruff voice.

Behind her stood a group of men in black armor, alongside massive creatures resembling wolves with white eyes. The black fur that shifted to gray caught her attention, and the silver claws and teeth were as imposing as their paws, aglow with blue lights.

"What do you want?" the woman asked, her jaw tense.

"By order of the Emperor, you will be taken," they replied.

"Taken? Under what accusation?" she inquired seriously. She couldn't show fear, even though her heart raced at the sight of such strange creatures.

The guards didn't answer. She tried to fight, but it was in vain. They were strong. They took her to a black carriage pulled by horses of the same color. Inside, there was a slender man with silver hair, much like the fangs of the beasts. His fine black clothes with golden details and the mask of the same color highlighted his deep yellow eyes.

"Good morning, Miss Collins, it's a pleasure to meet you," he said, nodding his head slightly in greeting. "I am the Emperor, and I do not intend to harm you."

"What do you want with me?" Alice replied, chin raised, staring at the Emperor defiantly.

"Do not worry. You are just bait for your daughter."

"Mira? Why?" She tried to step forward, but the guards stopped her. "Do not dare..."

"Stay calm. I will not lay a finger on her. She will come to me of her own free will. After all, family should always stay united." The man smiled and gestured with his fingers, a silent command to proceed.

Alice thought about her adoptive daughter. Her friend Liam had told her things about Mira's past. About the fact that Mira was special, that someone was looking for her.

He had also told her that someone was watching, the Emperor paying attention to the man's actions. This someone could come to the girl's aid in times of need.

The woman looked at the village receding behind her, hoping that this person could help her child.

Chapter 1 - The Beige Note Like Old Paper

That day was being very strange. First, it started raining heavily, even though it had never rained like that in that place. Second, you could hear wolves howling outside, even though such creatures were common in the western part of the kingdom. And finally, Kendra was awake, watching her friend tossing and turning as if having a nightmare.

"But how is this not considered normal?" you might wonder. The thing was, the roles were usually reversed. Kendra was the one who dreamed, and Mira was the one who stood by her side when she had her dreaded visions.

A thunderclap outside muffled the howls of the animals. Mira's mother, Alice Collins, hadn't returned. It was normal for her to leave before sunrise and come back when it was dawning, but it had already been at least an hour. Kendra was worried. Had something bad happened?

"Mira, what's going on?" she asked her friend in vain, knowing she wouldn't get an answer.



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