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Werewolf Bloody Clouds

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The small town of Verlaten has turned terrifying. When the red lunar eclipse appeared, the roars of night animals could be heard in unison. The city had been devastated, towering buildings had collapsed, cars rolled on the streets, blood seemed to flow along the streets like a red carpet, welcoming death. "We must destroy this city immediately! Things have gotten out of hand!"


A woman with a large bulging belly trudged out of the house, after seeing her husband turn into a monstrous figure.

Unfortunately on her way to find refuge, on the streets of Verlaten City which is usually quiet, many humans are acting strangely, they are convulsing uncontrollably and then slowly silver hairs begin to grow on their bodies, she clearly knows that these humans will soon turn into werewolves, just like what happened to her husband at home earlier.

No, she couldn't ask them for help of course, she once again had to run, secure herself or at least make sure the child in her stomach was okay. She would not let the werewolves get close to her, tear her apart and turn her into a werewolf. No way, she had to save her child.

"What do I do, God? What do I do?" Her monologue painstakingly ran through the chaotic atmosphere of Verlaten City.

The beautiful little town had now turned into a horrible hell on earth, corpses were strewn along the main road, blood seemed to be the red paint that colored the whole city, cars were burning in the parking lot and all other chaos that could no longer be described as so chaotic.

The woman continued to walk dragging herself towards a place that could at least keep her and the child in her womb safe from the vicious werewolves that had appeared out of nowhere.

The howls of the werewolves sounded so deafening, making the woman who was trying to find shelter instantly silent, her head looked up and she saw the moon shining with a full moon and red clouds that her husband had called bloody clouds a few days ago.

'When the full moon appears and the bloody clouds of unknown origin also accompany it. Then that night will be the last night of Verlaten City as the most peaceful beautiful little city in the world. That night will come destruction, if that happens you must leave, go to the hospital, there you will be safe. And... I hope you don't care about me, whatever happens to me, you have to go, Lizzy.'

Yes the woman's name was Lizzy, she remembered everything her husband said, and apparently this was what he meant. From the beginning Lizzy did not understand and even considered her husband's words as mere talk, until she saw her husband himself turn into a werewolf with golden brown fur and fiery golden yellow eyes and sharp fangs that instantly frightened Lizzy.

The woman returned to running after hearing the werewolf's howl which sounded increasingly intermingled.

Should she give up? No this was not the time, she had to run again at least until she arrived at the hospital, she would give birth to her child and when it was time, she would surrender to being attacked by a group of werewolves, as long as the child was born then Lizzy really didn't matter.

A werewolf suddenly came in the way, making Lizzy's steps just stopped, the pregnant woman's body seemed unable to move, she froze like she lost her motion sensor.

Shortly before the werewolf attacked, Lizzy closed her eyes while hugging her stomach hoping that the child in her womb would be fine.

A bright light emanated from Lizzy's stomach, making the werewolf fall down before it could even touch her.

Lizzy opened her eyes as soon as she heard a loud bang, and she saw the werewolf's mangled body among the debris of the burning car.

"Is that you? Did you do it?" Lizzy asked with a grateful smile on her stomach, "Thank God, thank you," she continued looking up at the sky feeling grateful to God for making the baby in her womb eliminate the werewolf.

The woman smiled gratefully, and with hurried steps she resumed her journey towards the Verlaten City hospital.

It didn't take long for her to arrive at the hospital, and thankfully some nurses and even patients were still there. Apparently the hospital was still safe and untouched by the vicious werewolf.

When Lizzy almost arrived in front of the reception desk, her stomach suddenly felt so painful that she screamed and slowly fell to the floor.

"Arghh... he-help!"

The receptionist and several nurses rushed over to her, then without waiting for long the nurses immediately pulled a gurney, and carefully lifted Lizzy onto the gurney to be taken to the hospital's labor room.

"Take your breath, ma'am. Slowly and pray silently," whispered the female nurse who pushed the gurney just now to Lizzy.

Lizzy slowly tried to catch her breath, she tried to stay calm so that she could give birth to her child without any obstacles, she had enough of the hungry werewolf horde, she would not let anything prevent her child from being born into the world.

"Doctor there's a patient in labor!" The nurse called out making a female doctor who had just come out of her room immediately rush into the labor room.


Lizzy woke up to the sound of a baby crying, and the smile on her sweaty face instantly appeared when she saw the nurse holding the baby.

"He's my son?"

The nurse nodded her head with a smile and then the female nurse gave the baby in her arms to Lizzy.

"Yes, he's a handsome boy, ma'am." The nurse said, making Lizzy accept the baby immediately.

But Lizzy froze as she looked into her baby boy's eyes. His left eye was bright red while his right eye was golden yellow. It certainly made Lizzy wonder, how is that possible? Was the baby okay?

"What's wrong, ma'am?" asked the nurse noticing Lizzy's shocked and confused-looking facial expression.

"W-were you looking at his eyes?" Lizzy stuttered while looking at the nurse just now.

"Yes, I saw him and his eyes are very beautiful round with a brown color," said the nurse smiling emotionally which made Lizzy feel surprised.

How could the nurse not see it? It was obvious that her baby's eyes were a strange color, fiery red on the left and golden yellow on the right. But Lizzy shook her head and looked back at the baby, and she was surprised to realize that her baby's eyes were indeed tanned just like hers.

Oh my God, am I crazy? Is it because I'm too scared? Lizzy thought to herself as she tried to calm down, convincing herself that this was just her fear of the werewolf attacking Kita Verlaten.

Afterwards the nurse left Lizzy with the baby, leaving Lizzy pensive as she looked at the baby boy she and her husband had waited so long for.

"He was born healthy, unfortunately you can't see him, you can't hold him like you promised a few days ago." Lizzy said while rubbing her baby's cheeks which were still red.

"You know what?" Lizzy looked at the window, more precisely at the reddening sky outside, "His eyes are just like you, brown and round, he looks exactly like you. I'm sure he will grow up to be a great and good man like you, he will definitely be like you who are willing to sacrifice for everyone, Caz," continued Lizzy smiling emotionally then her gaze turned to the baby in her arms.


"Who are you?" Lizzy hugged her baby tightly while looking at a person wearing a long black robe and a hood who had been at the end of the room near the door since who knows when.

The person was silent and did not say anything.

"Don't come any closer!" Lizzy shouted as soon as she realized the figure in the long black robe was stepping closer to her.

Until the werewolf howl that the woman hadn't heard before reappeared and even intermittently. Lizzy was frightened and she hurriedly got off the gurney while still holding her baby boy.


The door to Lizzy's hospital room opened and a werewolf snarled with its eyes staring at her.

To be continued.

Chapter 1

After that, the werewolf walked closer, making Lizzy tremble like crazy especially when the werewolf gave a long howl calling his flock.

How is this? Now it was not just one werewolf but five, Lizzy really didn't know what she should do, she certainly couldn't escape or except through the window if she hadn't been devoured first by the werewolves.

In the end Lizzy chose to close her eyes and held her baby boy tightly. The growling sounds of the five werewolves grew closer until Lizzy heard someone scream not far from her. Apparently a figure in a black robe was being ganged up on by the five werewolves.

"Let's go, Lizzy!" Lizzy whispered to herself, trying to get her legs to move. Because since then her body was stiff as if frozen by the cold temperature.

The woman who had just given birth rushed out of there, and she could see along the hospital hallway blood splattered, making her cry but chose to keep running, hoping she could


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