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The Rise Of The Mystics:Kiara's adventures

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Joy
  • Chapters: 30
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 7.6K
  • ⭐ 7.5
  • 💬 7


Several years ago, the five races inhabited earth and kept the peace pact that was sealed between the five races: The humans, white elves, dark elves, the vampires, and the fairies. Everything was good until the Vampires started satisfying their urges with the blood of young humans and with the humans being so vengeful, they created a multiverse portal and tricked the King of the Vampire, King Velan into it. King Velan was too powerful, he ended destroying the portal with himself. But that was not all, the humans became greedy and wants to have earth to themselves. They destroyed everything including both the young and the old. The fairies being wise created a portal with their power and led the the other races excluding the humans to the other dimension of the earth called the MYSTICAL DIMENSION where the book of truths, THE MYSTICAL BOOK was found. Years have passed, some humans were forced into the mystical dimension to learn magic. An eighteen year old girl, Kiara Stones was also part of the humans. Kiara with a group of teenagers found out about the real intention of the magical beings who forced them to learn magic. They must all fight to save earth and they must regain the lost Mystics, the real descendants of the Mystical dimension.

Chapter 1




Thousands of years ago we were all called witches and we only make use of one thing- 'MAGIC'. That was before dark magic existed. So now dark magic and white magic exists. 'MAGIC', is a mysterious power that makes the impossible happen if you do special actions or say special words- that's what magic means to everyone.

However, there is more to it and it is much more than that. Some people believed Sorcerers and sorceresses are evil but the truth is some sorcerers and sorceresses are good and I include one of them.

Enough of the sorcery stuff, I haven't introduced myself, have I?

Well, I'm Kiara Stones by name,5 foot 5 inches tall, long brown wavy hair, oh gosh(I have pretty hair). And the most amazing part is my eyes. I have blueish-green eyes which most people compliment frequently.

I'm eighteen and a high school student. Guess what, I'm graduating next month. I'm so excited and the most important thing, I will be leaving for my dream university, Harvard university (oh my God, I'm super excited).

About my family, I only have a brother as a sibling and my mom, she's very pretty(I got my beauty from her). I don't know my dad but he's still alive. I only heard from my brother that he ran away when I was born. I don't get along with my brother because he is not always at home.

According to my two best friends, Irene Brooks and Claudette Hart, I'm a super cool person. We've been friends since middle school and I hope we could be friends forever.

I know y'all will be wondering why I mentioned Sorcery first. Well, something happened to me two months ago and it changed my lifestyle.

I became a sorceress two months ago and I've read thousands of books about sorcery. At first, I was not able to adapt to the fact that I have magical powers but with time I overcome my fears.

Some people became involved with sorcery because it was their family stuff but I became one because of a book 'THE MYSTICAL BOOK'.

I think it's time I explain how I became a sorceress.


It was the month of June. A month full of casual activities for the final-year student of Edmondo high school. Edmondo high school was named after the owner, Max Edmondo, the great socialist.

In my school Edmondo high school, there is always an annual trip for the final year student and it is always during June. It isn't all fun because it is a two days activity.

We would be having a beach party at 'The Flames'. It was just opened recently and guess what the beach party is total trash. I'm not that excited about it but I'm excited about the next day's activity. A visit to the BUCKS PARK. Like a kid excited about ice cream, I was excited because of this.

Bucks Park is a well-reserved Park that is only open once a year for important people. And luckily, my school is one of the reserved guests. To cut the long story short, we were already in the Park after the unending beach party. We were grouped into groups so that we won't get lost.

"Never leave a group member behind" Miss Tina, our homeroom teacher said.

"And you " she aired, pointing at me.

"Don't do anything recklessly and stick to your group" she stated and I nodded.

Like I care. I can't be stuck here with a group of people, not me.

I saw Irene and Claudette at a spot, it looks like they are in the same group. I went to meet them.

"Hey babe" Claudette greeted

"Hey, enjoy the party? Irene asked and I rolled my eyes.

They both know I don't like parties but they forced me to come to the beach party, those idiots.

"I saw a wonderful spot at the end," I said.

"Don't tell me, you want to go on your own"

"Duh, what do you expect?" I replied and left them.

Tightening my backpack, I slowly moved from my group to start an adventure of my own. I took pictures of the place and of the pictures.

After wandering alone for over 10 minutes, I decided, it was time I go back. I swear I would have gone back but something caught my attention, a butterfly.

The butterfly was different from the butterflies I'd seen. Its wings are a little big but what attracts me most is the glitter around its wings. The wings shone so much that I felt the urge to touch them. I'm a nature person and I love butterflies.

I didn't know when I was following the butterfly but what I know was that I saw the butterfly enter a glowing gateway that looked like a portal. Oh no, it's a portal, a magical one at that. Even though I'm an average student, I still know what I've seen.

A portal in Bucks park? I've read about the portal being a means of traveling from one world to another. If I pass through this portal, does it means I traveled to another world?

"Kiara, just go back and pretend you've seen nothing," I told myself.

But before I could turn back, the portal was already closing, and out of nowhere, a large book flew out.

It started floating in the air and I could only open my mouth in astonishment. Still surprised at what was happening, the book suddenly stopped in front of me and was shining brightly. I felt the urge to touch it and I did. After touching it, I lose consciousness but before I fainted, I felt some connection but I could not process what was happening because I was already weak.


Dreariness was what welcomed me when I woke up. The familiar scent filled my nose and I knew I was in my room. I squinted my eyes to confirm if I was alive or probably in hell. Groggily, I stood up and head to the door. I heard voices from the sitting room but I couldn't recognize the voices.

"Oh, there she is" it was Irene.

I could not even talk, I was just looking.

"Babe, are you okay?" Claudette was also there too and so was my mom.

"I'm fine" I managed to reply.

"What the hell happened to you?" Claudette asked.

I was just looking at her. It's not that I can't talk, I was just processing my thoughts.

"Breakfast is ready" my mom's voice eased the tension and I head to the dining table.

"OK, Mrs. Stones" Claudette and Irene chorused.

"Hope you are okay?" My mom asked and I nodded in affirmation.

After breakfast, my mum left for work and it finally remained the three of us.

"Now tell me what the f*ck happened?" Claudette asked sternly(she's a total badass).

"Claudette" Irene called.

"She just recovered. A staff found you Kiara and you were found in the restricted area" Irene added calmly.

"I don't remember what happened but I saw a large...large..." I wanted to say what I saw but I could not just say the word.

"Large what?" Claudette asked.

"Cat, so that made me faint" I lied.

They seem to believe me but I knew I lied and I couldn't understand why I lied.

After they left I went back to my room and I saw the same book on my bed. I moved to it and on the front page 'THE MYSTICAL BOOK' was written.

I flipped through the pages but it was all empty. "What the hell is wrong with me?" I asked myself

Am I seeing things now? I was still wondering when I felt a gust of wind around me and I also felt someone's presence. With alertness, I looked back. To my surprise, I found someone. A woman probably in her mid-thirties, her hair was extra long. She wore a long tight fitted blue gown, her lips were colored tinted red and her eyeballs were large which made her look pretty.

"Hey Kiara," she said. Her voice was pleasant to hear and it felt unpleasant when I heard a snort.

"I'm Florence. I was asked to deliver a message" she announced.

"What message and how did you enter here?" I asked.

"Haven't you heard of Sorcery and magic?" She asked.

"What?" I replied.

"Perky humans" she scoffed and continued" I am from Arienas, a different realm from the other side of the human world. You've been chosen to be part of the Mystical world. You are now are sorceress now and I believed you've experienced some little incidents. If you want to know more follow me" she finally stopped after a long speech.

This is not happening to me, follow her to where? I don't even get what she is saying, how can I become a sorceress over a night? This is not happening.

"I can't force you against your will but if you ever want to know more, just knock thrice on that wall," she said and vanished.

I decided to turn a deaf ear to everything that happened but I stopped when I started seeing things.

There was a time, Irene's boyfriend cheated on her. I was so annoyed that I blurted out the rubbish.

"I wish he lose one of his legs," I said while trying to console Irene.

But guess what, he did lose his leg.

I was also craving pizza the other day and I saw pizza on my bed at that same moment. I started avoiding Irene and Claudette and I engrossed myself in Sorcery books and even ancient books.


Chapter 2


I'm currently getting ready for school but breakfast isn't ready yet. I rummaged through my bag searching for my wristwatch.

"Kiara" my mom called.

"Breakfast is ready" she added.

"Ok mum, I'm coming" I replied and headed to the dining room.

I have been reading more lately which made my eyes look puffy. I'm writing the college entrance exam next week and I'm also graduating next month. Soon I will be a college student.

"I haven't seen Claudette and Irene for a while, hope you guys ain't fighting?" My mom questioned.

I kept mute.

"Is something wrong?"

"No mom, we are all busy because of the incoming entrance exam" I lied.

I am the one avoiding them but what choice do I have when I have become more weird and awkward?

"Oh ok, wash the dishes before you leave for school," she said and I nodded.


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