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The last one

The last one

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Krysta
  • Chapters: 1
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 4+
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  • 3.0
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The royal family and their kingdom got attacked and there daughter Anna was the only one who survived in the end. Anna is a witch and since she was the last witch everyone wanted her. Lots of people tried to kidnap her and she always escaped. Someone finally succeeded to kidnap her and she couldn't escape. Anna fell in love with her kidnapper and she didn't want to leave. Eventually someone else found her and took her and burned her at the stake. Since then nobody has been the same. There has been many wars since she was burned. Many people believe she escaped some how...and she did

Chapter 1

A long time ago a royal family and their kingdom had gotten attacked by their enemies. The only survivor was the queens daughter, Anna. Anna was a witch with green eyes, orange hair, and beautiful freckles. Since Anna was the only one to survive and the only witch many people wanted her for fame and money.

"Excuse me, do you know where the shop is," asked Anna.

"No ma'am there hasn't been a shop here since the witches kingdom fell," said an unfamiliar man

"Do you perhaps know where one is by any chance," asked Anna.

"As far as I know there might be one on that big hill over there but no one has gone there in years," said the man.

"Why is that," asked Anna.

"Rumor has it the lady who runs it is the last witch and she's been hexing everyone that goes there," said the man quietly.

"I'm not scared of a witch, and who said she was a witch anyway," asked Anna.

"That little girl over there, Rachel, said she went in there a couple of days ago and said she saw her cast a spell on a man," said the man.

"Well I'll find out if she's a witch myself," said Anna.

Anna walked up the big hill and into the store and saw the lady.

"Hello there young lady what can I do for you today," asked the woman.

"Hello ma'am, do you have any food by any chance I haven't eaten in days it's been so long since I've had a warm meal on a plate," said Anna

"Oh dear I'll get you some food right away you poor thing come with me and sit down I'll make you a nice meal," said the lady

Anna thought the lady was truly nice but we all have secrets and sometimes you cant tell if someone is being honest with you or not. Anna followed the lady and she saw what the little girl saw. It was a man who was ill and the lady wasn't a witch she was a nurse. She has given him some homemade medicine to make him better and the little girl thought it was some kind of potion.

"Thank you very much for the food ma'am," said Anna.

"Your welcome dear" said the woman.

Anna left and went to find a nice and warm place to stay where no one could find her. She eventually found a nice cottage that was warm and cozy. But Anna didn't know it was the house of the person that was looking for her.

"What are you doing in my house young lady," asked Josh.

"I'm so sorry sir I didn't know anybody lived here I'm just looking for a place to stay I'll leave I'm sorry for bothering you sir," said Anna.

"You can stay here with me young lady, what's your name," asked Josh.

"It's Anna," said Anna "What's yours," she asked.

"I'm Josh," said Josh.

Anna had stayed the night with Josh. In the middle of the night she woke up to see she was in a room with no windows and one door. Josh had kidnapped her and locked her in a room where she couldn't get out.

*Several months later*

Anna had fell in love with Josh but she had to leave so she found a way out and left. A man by the name of mark found her and burned her at the stake.

*one week later*

"Hey did you hear they found the last witch and burned her at the stake," said Lizzy.

"Yeah, I heard she escaped somehow," said Elijah

"She did escape, someone told me she's hiding waiting for the right moment to strike," said a lady in the shadows.

"We better be really careful then," said Lizzy.

"Yeah you never know, I mean she could be anywhere she could be right Infront of us and we wouldn't know," said Elijah.

"Maybe she is," said the lady in the dark.

After that nobody ever mentioned that witches ever existed.

The End . . .or so they think. . .

I probably will not be finishing this and i am very sorry.


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