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The enchanted ones

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Krysta
  • Chapters: 3
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 3.0
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A world where half the people are shapeshifters and there's a huge war between them and the normies. The head commanders daughter who's trained her whole life to take over her mothers position one day wakes up a different person and realises she's a shapeshifters it's Basically about her life, trying to hide it, one day decides to use her powers to infultrate the 'others' and she tries to hide it but eventually she realizes that they are very special and unique so she goes out and tells everyone about them her dad, friends, her family, and every single person she knows

Chapter 1.

Autumn's point of view.

A long time ago there was a huge war between the shape shifters and the normies and after the war the was a baby named Autumn born. Autumn was a very special child. They were unsure if she was a normie or a shape shifter so the head commander, her father, sent her with the normies. As she grew up not many people liked her. She was a very gorgeous girl but it seemed that not many people noticed her. When she was sixteen she woke up one day as a completely different person and realized she was a shape shifter. She couldn't wait to tell her parents but, she knew that after the war they would hate her and get rid of her. So, instead of telling them what had happened she decided to run far, far, away. She found the place for shape shifters and tried to tell them she was a shape shifter too.

"Please you must believe me I'm a shape shifter I swear on my mother," said Autumn.

"You are too weak to be a shape shifter, get lost!" Said a man.

"No please I really am a shape shifter I will even prove it," said Autumn.

Then she proved it and the mad had a look of guilt on his face.

"My bad kiddo," said the man.

"I must find my parents, I was left with some normies and I must know who my parents are please you must help me," said Autumn.

"You might ask the head commander I know he left his daughter with some normies but I don't no any names or anything," said the man.

"Oh thank you so much for your help," said Autumn.

"It's no problem," said the man.

So she went out to find the head commander. She spent days and days looking for him. She was starving and sprained her ankle on her long long journey. At last she finally found the head commander after at least a month of searching.

"Excuse me sir, are you the head commander," asked Autumn.

"Yes that is me, head commander Steven," said Steven.

"Oh thank the Lord I have been looking for you forever," said Autumn. "I believe you might be my father I have been looking for you for quite some time now"

"May I ask what your name is," asked Steven.

" I am Autumn I was raised with some normies and recently found out I'm a shape shifter and a man told me to come to you and ask you if you know who my father is," said Autumn.

"Autumn, I am your father I have been looking for you every where," said Steven, " Oh I am so glad to have you back my little girl, how have you been?"

"I have been good but I must ask, why did you leave me with them father, I have been wondering my entire life I have known since birth that something was up and on my tenth birthday they told me that they found me on their porch," said Autumn.

"I am so sorry Autumn please forgive me I thought it was what's best for you," said Steven.

"And you thought wrong father," said Autumn. " I can make your life miserable I know everything about shapeshifters I need to know I know all of your weaknesses and I can take it to my advantage, so father I suggest that you stay out of my way and let me be the head commander instead, is that clear?"

"Oh my, you really are my daughter," said Steven. "Come on we should talk about this over some coffee."

"Of course solve it with coffee, you are just like the normies, you solve everything with coffee, tired? Coffee, bored? Coffee, all you people ever do is drink coffee for once in your miserable lives just offer someone some tea or water," said Autumn

"Ah yes, you truly are a shape shifter, all shape shifters hate the coffee thing all normies do," said Steven.

They talked over some tea and discussed what the next plan was to get rid of all the normies. They had discussed a plan to slowly get rid of every normies. They were going to ban having kids and they were going to take all the food and water and slowly starve all of the normies.

"So that is the plan," asked Steven.

"Yes, I think it will work perfectly, if not then we will think of another plan," said Autumn.

While they were working on there plan to get rid of normies they found a little girl named Hazel and took her in. Hazel was a very pretty girl she was about five years old. Hazel has abandonment issues thanks to her parents leaving her.

"Hello little girl what is your name," asked Autumn.

"I am not supposed to talk to strangers," said Hazel.

"Ok well, my name is Autumn, there we are not strangers anymore," said Autumn.

"I'm Hazel," said Hazel.

"Well it is very nice to meet you Hazel, do you have a place to stay," asked Autumn.

"No I have been wondering around for quite some time now," said Hazel.

"Would you like to come with me," asked Autumn.

"Yes of course," exclaimed Hazel.

*Two years later*

Hazel had an eating disorder and wouldn't eat at the table, so she would barely ever eat. She would go a week without eating. She had not eaten enough so she was very little and very underweight.

"Hazel you need to eat this is very unhealthy," said Autumn.

Hazel did not reply. Hazel ignored people and would not talk very much.

"Oh come on Hazel grow up a little bit and just talk already you need to eat and socialize," said Autumn.

"No! You can not make me," exclaimed Hazel.

Eventually, Hazel started eating and talking again. She would go on and on about how much she misses her parents and that gave Autumn an idea.

"I would like to adopt Hazel Fitzgerald," said Autumn.

"I am gonna need to see an i.d, a license, proof you own a house, and someone to state that you are capable of taking care of this child. She has many disabilities such as: Autism, dyslexia, Anorexia Nervosa, and she has a bit of a speech problem.

"Well I do not care she is a child I could care less what's wrong with her," said Autumn.

She showed her all of her stuff and she adopted Hazel. She went back to the house to tell her the great news. But... She had found her dead. Someone had killed her. Since that day Autumn vowed to find the killer.

A week later she was still searching. It took years and years to find the killer. But one day. She found them. She was running in the forest away from a monster and she found the person she thought was dead, Hazel, with Autumns father, the head commander..

Chapter 2.

The Head Commanders point of view

"We are going to go on a search to find my daughter, I left her with normies 16 years ago and I have to find her," said Steven.

"Sir, we have been searching for years she is no where to be seen, just give up already," said a man.

"Well you will listen to me I am your head commander young man now listen to me and go search for my daughter," screamed Steven.

"Yes sir..." Said a man.

Many days later a girl showed up to the house and introduced herself and the head commander had finally found his daughter. They spent a lot of time together until she found a little girl named Hazel. So he decided to kidnap her and make it look like he had killed her. Later on Autumn found out and got really mad.

"Why would you do this? What is wrong with you," Autumn asked.

"Okay look i am sorry," said Steven.

"I will never forgive you. Come on Hazel we are l


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