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Bounded by faith

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Seventeen years ago a woman begged for a male child. There was nothing she would no do to get a child so the devil was who she seek next. She got her wish granted but the cost of it was way worst than she thought. Few months later Mike as born into this world but wasn't even allowed to spend more time with his family before he was taken. He was a wish his mother made so his life wasn't meant to be his. Mike spent his life believing he was a human with just a normal disease till one day everything turned out different than he thought.

Chapter 1: the beginning

“You don't think you can defeat me, do you?” A deep voice grumbled, his speech alone had a draining effect that made his opponent drop to one knee.

"Sh*t” Thalia cursed, wiping the blood off her lips and wailed, Although she was a vampire and could heal so fast, she couldn't stand a chance against demons not to talk of a high-class demon such as the one standing at her frontage giving her a tough time to get to.

Quickly Thalia stood up, the deep cut the demon inflicted on her was nearly sealed off. She could now feel her energy rising deep down in her body.

With that, she held on to the hilt of her sword tightly and dashed towards the demon, this time she was careful as her eyes were searching its body for a vital point. Meanwhile, he was just fixed on a spot with folded hands and a smirk on his lip.

“It's pointless, and you know it. We demons are a far superior race than your kind, a mere vampire. I suggest you back off now, or you'll be killed by me” Samuel the demon uttered with a smirk creeping on his face, his eyes were blazing with killing intent, and his aura alone was able to suffocate the solid substance that was present at that spot.

Demons and vampires should have lived differently, but a certain reason led to chaos and both races were stuck at each other's throats.

“Hmmm” Thalia smiled, even if she would die doing this then she has to, it is the only way to get to him, her…

She didn't get to finish her thought because Samuel has already materialized in her front and pierced his claws deep into her chest.

“Ughh” Thalia scoffed and spurted blood, she looked down, using her eyes to trace his hand that was dug deep into her chest. Her eyes widened in shock after realizing she wasn't able to do anything to achieve what she wanted. She only wanted something from the demon, but he asked for a fight instead, if she was able to beat him, then he promised to help her with what she had come for.

Now she was done for and her both eyes were becoming blurry, her head swirled in circles and fell weakly to a side…


“My eyes hurt,” Michael, a young teenage boy sitting on a bench on a balcony, uttered. He had been having severe pains all over his entire body and his eyes were the worst of it.

It felt like an iron metal heated in flames was being used to plunge his both eyes out, even though he was quite a lot bigger, he could not just hide the pain.

“Ooh sorry my boy, have some of this” Abigail, his mom walked up to him holding a glass cup that was filled with a dark liquid substance, she called it a remedy for eye sickness.

Michael collected it hastily and gulped it down, this was what he has been using to suppress the pain he has been feeling for years now, countless times he complained and groaned in pain, this remedy has been his savior for twelve whole years now.

“What am I, Mom? “Michael suddenly asked, flickering his eyes open. Though had gone for a check-up on medication, science had always said his eyes were perfectly fine, then why the pain?  He needed an explanation for this and his mom was the only answer.

Abigail bit her lower lips hard, she hated the fact that she had to keep almost every secret from him.

“You're my son, and you will always be” Abigail clamored, almost in tears, and rushed towards him to embrace him with a soothing hug.

What she said was appealing, but it didn't quench the pain Michael was feeling deep in his chest, his mom was caring, yes, but there is a more profound explanation to this, and she was avoiding it.

“Here, I bought sunglasses for you, I know these pains triggers by daylight, why not wear this, I'll enroll you in a high school since you didn't get to go to any” Abigail slowly spurted out while taking a pair of glass from her purse then handed it over to him.

As soon as Michael put on the glass the pain subsided way more than before, and he was able to smile and give his mom a very tight hug.

“I get to go to school now” he chanted happily, thinking about what school would be like, Michael smiled ear to ear. This was the first time he had smiled in years.

He had seen and watched movies about how high school was. The best part was that he would leave home after being quarantined at home and partake in home school only, this was a work in progress for him.

Quickly he stood and strode into the house where he later picked up his phone and texted his only friend he had who was also going to a high school.

Immediately after the message was sent, it was like his friend was keeping tabs on the phone, waiting for the good news. Suddenly there was a call and when Michael picked up, it was that same friend of his, Jake.

“I can't believe we're going together,” Jake uttered happily across the phone.

“Yes me too, I get to experience new things for myself” Michael replied with a grin on his face.

Despite that he has been declined several times for bringing up that request, he knows it was for his good because of the pains and eyesight problems. Forthwith it seems like the sunglasses changed everything and gave him a new fate.

"Well, I'll pick you up by 7 am tomorrow, let's head to school,” Jake added hastily before hanging up.

“Hhh” Michael scoffed and dropped the phone on his bed.

“Here I come, high school” he whispered and freed his body to fall backward on the bed.


Meanwhile back at the high cliff in Asferdome


“D*mn you, Samuel" Talia gathered a little of her strength to spat curses at him. She wasn't supposed to let go of things like this or else she could never protect him.

Although this demon seems strong based on the fierce battle they've had and his timings. She concluded that this must be a lower-class demon, given that he was relying on his senses and brutal strength alone.

If he was a high-class or a well-nurtured demon, then he should have used fire to burn her, demons were creatures of hell, so why didn't he use it?

Despite that, she was in a crucial condition, and her head was running miles away. Instead of losing light, she held on to it to figure out her next move in the dire situation. Shortly after she smirked and praised her weak self for coming up with a strategy. Now it's showtime, she thought, knitting her brows as she  gave off a serious expression on her face.

“You can't use fire, can you? I must have misjudged you for a high-class demon when you're just a mere low-ranking demon” Thalia spoke nonchalantly, locking both eyes on him as she had seen right through his disguise.

“What!! “ Samuel sneered, creasing his brows. How does she know that? What she said was true that he was a low-class demon, but even at that, she wasn't able to land a single clean hit on him. Given her current situation, he was sure that even if she had figured him out, she still couldn't harm a single strand of his hair.

“Ask me that when you're in hell,” Samuel stated and let out a faint chuckle. If she thought she had got his weakness, then she was mistaken.

He then shoved his hand deeper into her chest, smiling while cocking his head to the side.

“Now die in peace” he added, showing off his extra-long fangs.

“Hmm, interesting” Talia chuckled, the demon might be stronger, but vampires are way smarter, there was one thing vampires always craved for, that was what she was thinking and that has been giving them enormous strength. Although none have tried it on a demon yet, since she was dying she should rather give it a try than letting go so easily. She thought and immediately after her both eyes changed to pure red…

Chapter 2: A portal to a forbidden realm

“I'm not going to die here, not like this” Thalia whispered with determination, as her eyes were blazing red like hell flame. She gripped Samuel with her two hands, since he had one of his hands deep inside her, she thought this way she could mobilize him from getting away from what's come next.

Thalia had a serious gaze on her face, she gathered the little strength she could from within her body and heightened her reflexes.

Samuel noticed the change in the aura, and he became stiffened, he could see that she had regained a bit of her strength.

"Hey let go” Samuel retorted, her sudden reaction was putting him unease, but what did she mean by those words she spoke a few seconds back?  Thinking about that was pointless, and he felt irritated and shrugged off the thoughts, but a sudden pain came next, it felt like a sharp needle has been dug into his shoulder, when he looked over, he saw Thalia had already dug her sharp fangs into his skin, draining him


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