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Being the System in a Survival Game

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In the year 2120, humanity on the planet EarthStar simultaneously hears a voice: "Welcome to EarthStar's game arena. A large-scale survival game is about to begin. All players, please prepare yourselves." As the vast survival game takes over the entire planet, the sun disappears, alien creatures roam freely, and a terrifying virus outbreak ensues. After enduring two purges, the surviving humans face the daunting question: where to go from here? Scattered across corners of EarthStar are various instances, but who among them can survive till the end? In the perilous confines of the closed EarthStar survival arena, will humanity experience ultimate evolution or face complete annihilation? However—how can this brutal and enigmatic top player notice her?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Where's My Fish?

In the vast and ethereal universe, above a colossal silver planet, the tranquility of a swirling nebula that had persisted for millions of years was abruptly torn asunder by an immense and savage force, creating ripples before reluctantly returning to stillness.

Within the Divine Space, a man's expression was so grave it seemed as if water could drip from it. His ink-black eyes held an intense fury.

He gazed at the empty crystal cylinder—a vessel emitting scattered, intricate points of light in the dim space. It was large and delicate, filled with remarkably transparent icy-blue water, brimming with vitality.

Not long ago, there had been a joyfully bubbling gold-colored little koi fish within it.

"Respected Divine Lord," a cold electronic female voice echoed, and a faint blue female hologram appeared. Her exquisite face bore no expression, and her delicate pale fingers pointed into the void, projecting an image.

"Water Mirror Display, in the year 2058 of the Senlu Era at 16:23, Miss Southern Carp successfully transformed, and at 25 minutes, fell into the spacetime crack leading back."

In the image, a halo enveloped the gold little koi fish in the crystal cylinder, followed by a slender figure with flowing ink-black hair and a golden chiffon dress appearing within the cylinder.

The figure's owner looked bewilderedly at the water mirror. On her exquisitely beautiful face were a pair of extraordinarily clear and limpid eyes. She rubbed her eyes, then stepped out of the cylinder.

As soon as she touched the ground, the water droplets on the girl magically vanished without wetting her dress in the slightest.

The faint blue hologram noticed that when the girl appeared in the projection, a fervent emotion erupted in the stoic eyes of the man named Gubo. She hesitated for a moment, then continued.

"Data analysis indicates a sudden abnormal increase in magnetic field gravity near EarthStar in recent days. Miss Southern Carp has a 97% chance of falling into EarthStar."

As she looked back at the Divine Lord, his eyes had calmed down, but his tightened lips betrayed his emotions upon hearing the news.

Silently, he removed the Return beside him—the once jet-black unfamiliar blade transformed into a golden koi fish pendant, hanging quietly around his neck.

"Divine Lord?" the icy blue hologram hesitated slightly.

"I'm going to EarthStar," the man said without turning back. His long black hair fluttered as he took determined strides forward, his sharp-profiled face exuding a hint of murderous intent. "Before I return, 0201, I hope there won't be any more accidents."

As he walked, he conjured a mask in his hand—an eerie mask with a green face and fangs.

The man's slender, cold, pale hand adhered it to his skin, leaving only a pair of ruthless and fierce eyes visible.

"Yes," 0201 respectfully lowered her head and watched as the man tore open a rift, disappearing from sight.

Not far away, a blue light curtain rose on the outer layer of the silver planet and then disappeared.

At a distance of 11.8 billion light-years from Senlu Star, with the descent of a golden "little star," a grey "shell" rose on the planet's outer layer. The satellites surrounding the planet simultaneously lost contact with the mother star and ceased operation, isolating EarthStar completely from the outer universe.

As though a large hood had sealed EarthStar, the magnetic field around the planet returned to calmness.

At this moment on EarthStar, the golden little star fell in the outskirts of the Flower Country's capital and transformed into a huddled girl.

The instant the girl descended, all the plants in the suburbs simultaneously began to grow wildly, as if receiving an enormous blessing. In just a few seconds, the grass that had been like a carpet had grown abnormally to waist height.

Everywhere teemed with vitality. Within several kilometers centered around the girl, all living creatures cheered ecstatically, unusually excited.

When Southern Carp fell, there was no strong impact or pain. As she stood up, she heard a voice in her ear.

At the same time, all the humans on EarthStar simultaneously heard a clear but somewhat unserious teenage voice.

【EarthStar sealed successfully, all players successfully loaded, game loading...】

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Disappearance of the SunStar 1

【The first phase will commence in one month. All players, please prepare.】

【First phase name: Disappearance of the SunStar.

Game duration: Six months

Game scope: EarthStar

Total number of players: Approximately 12.8 billion

Game objective: Reduce human population to four billion

Game task: Survive】

【Once again, a friendly reminder: the first phase will commence in one month.】

The voice repeated three times before vanishing.

Southern Carp listened dazedly, glanced at the jubilant plants beside her, quietly suppressed her presence, and headed towards the city center.

She was like a newborn baby, unaware of anything, deeply curious about everything on EarthStar.


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