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Yours, Forever

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She was his motivation. Madison Connor, the only woman he had ever loved, the woman he had hurt, the woman he had left. Billionaire Damien Daniels had three things he needed to accomplish in his life. First, he was going to get to the root of his past. Second, he was going to make the Connors pay. Third, the last thing, he didn't even know. But he knew there was something remaining, a wrong he needed to right. And it was staring straight at him. A dark truth that risked breaking him apart, that could mar his existence. In all these though she was at the center of it all, Madison Connor. Lord help him. She was the one thing he could never have. His enemy's little sister. Eyes like the sea, strawberry blonde curls and those dotted freckles atop her nose; she was his obsession. She was the beginning of his downfall, his damnation and motivation. *** He was the one man she couldn't avoid back then, and the man she couldn't resist. Damien Daniel, her childhood crush who never looked her way even once. Her brother's enemy. She was too small for him, not s*xy or beautiful enough for him, too shy to even talk to him. Their attraction was unmistakable, almost beyond control, but as much as she ached to be his, she feared the pressure of his demands. *** Submitting to each other meant they had to break so many rules. Could they? Would they? Their love was forbidden. Their intertwining past threatening to tear them apart. A bumpy ride. So many obstacles and trials. It took days, months and years, but what's meant to be will always be!


"He is not here." The strange woman said to her.

She looked round the house she had become so familiar with but now it just felt cold, blank and empty.

"What do you mean by that.. I mean..." She started to say but the stranger raised her hands effectively cutting her off.

"It seems you've got the wrong place, young girl. The name you just called is strange to me. I've not heard it before. You can go and ask around maybe you are lost."

"No ma, I am not." Madison insisted.

She was very sure of what she was saying.

This was the house she'd come to call her second home.

It was in this same brown bricked house she'd laughed, she'd cried, she'd moaned in pleasure, she'd....

She had to stop thinking about all those now.

"Ma, sorry to disturb you but I'm very sure of what I'm saying. I'm looking for Dam......" She trailed of because the woman didn't even allow her finish.

"Young girl. You are lost, I don't know who Damien Daniel is, or Layla or Grace or whatever other person's name you are calling. I just packed in here new, I don't know what you are saying."

The woman just packed in here newly. A new tenant. It had been a few days since she’d seen Damien last, standing in front of this porch and they’d talked, more like argued but still…

She couldn't believe her ears, with the thoughts going on in her mind, she prayed that what she was thinking was not the situation here.

When had he left? When was the house put up for rent? When, when, when? She had so many questions she wanted to ask, but the woman standing in front of her didn’t look like she was going to give her the answers.

"But..." She began again and the woman who was already getting annoyed as shown on her facial expression said, "No buts. I don't know who Damien Daniel is, I have not heard that name before in my life, and I was actually arranging my things and cooking. So if you'll excuse me." The woman said and without even allowing her to say anything, she banged the door loud and square on her face.

She blinked once, twice, thrice and then she pinched herself to know if this was real.

Did he leave without telling her just as he'd said, no he just couldn't. He’d said it to her face, that he was going to leave and when he did he wouldn’t come back.

He had said it to her face that he didn’t care about her existence anymore, and he was sorely betrayed by what she did, but she had begged him to stay.

She told him she would come back, and explain every single thing to him, she would tell him the truth, but what did he do? Leave without looking back!

But the truth was staring at her right at the face. A truth that was so hard to comprehend, she was more than confused.

Who was she going to ask? What was she going to do? All these and more ran through Madison's mind as she fell down to the floor in tears, her heart breaking, shattering in pieces.

This couldn't just be happening to her. She didn’t want to believe it at all, and she pinched her skin for the umpteenth time wanting to wake up from this dream. It was a dream, this wasn’t real at all.

Her hands instinctively went to her stomach, and she squeezed the little bump growing tightly, as the stream of tears continued to fall down her face.

She was in a huge mess, a very big one at that, that had no solution at all.

He had been her only hope, her last chance at surviving this mess, and now she had pushed him away with her ignorance and callous lies. She had refused to listen to the voices in her head, and she was going to suffer heavily for it.

Now, the reality of the whole situation was staring back at her now.

She'd caused this, and now she had to pay!

Chapter 1


"Sir we have the list of the hostesses, and ushers for tomorrow's event."

Damien looked up at his secretary, and giving her a warm smile he listened to her belt out schedules, while he stretched his arms out collecting a file from her.

Dropping the files on the table, as he was going to go through it later, he cleared his throat and then said dismissively, "I think that would be all for now, Nina."

"Okay sir, and lest I forget, Ma'am Katherine said she was going to stop by your office later. She called to inform me."

Sighing, Damien let out a fake smile and waved his hands.

He wasn't expecting Katherine anytime soon, as he had spent the last weekend with her.

She was his girlfriend, on and off girlfriend rather, and now they might soon be engaged.

It was her father's choice not his, and Damien was even thinking about it in order to foster a deal with her billionaire fathe


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