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Wrong belly

Wrong belly

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Damaris Coleman has faced many problems in her life, especially with her possessive parents. But her greatest wish has always been to be a mother, and it is soon fulfilled thanks to her decision to become a surrogate mother. Elsewhere, billionaire Damien Price only wants to have one child, but he doesn't need a mother and decides to rent a womb. However, his sperm ends up in the wrong womb, that of Damaris. Now, the two find themselves in a custody battle over the baby Damaris is carrying, who is not willing to give her child to an arrogant and insensitive man like Damien. Will they manage to resolve the situation or will their destinies come together in an unexpected way?

Chapter 1

"Damaris honey, you can come in now.

I smiled at the receptionist before I struggled to my feet holding my bulging but small belly and entered the tiny, but cozy office.

"Ultrasound, right?" the doctor asked as she greeted me." Okay sweetie, you're going to lie down and lift up that paddle, today we're going to meet that offspring of yours.

The smile that adorned my face was gigantic, I could see it through the huge mirror that adorned the room, I lay down on the hard stretcher and lifted the loose t-shirt I was wearing. The image of my abdomen elevated by the three months of pregnancy I had welcomed me.

I loved seeing that.

A shiver ran through me as the doctor passed the device with gel on it over my abdomen. Soon the room was filled with that beautiful sound of my baby's little heart as the doctor told me all about the size and weight, I didn't hear much, but I understood something.

"I hope to see you in a month for your next ultrasound" I nodded taking the paper she was holding out to me." Normally in these cases, there is no problem, but it is a precaution" she smiled at me. Did you ask for the data to know?

"No "I denied before caressing my belly". This baby is only mine, I don't think that knowing who gave the sperm is a good thing for me "I shrugged my shoulders. I don't want that, if I see him again, it will become awkward "I mused.

"I understand "she nodded. A lot of mothers do that.

I smiled at her before I started to say goodbye and leave the room. As I took the elevator I texted the driver to pick me up at the entrance, I might feel like going for something sweet and ask him to drop me off at the mall.

Lewis had texted me a few days ago that I was spending more than usual, and that I should get a grip. Clearly, all I did in the face of that was stick him with the famous citation, it was my money after all.

"Miss Coleman? "I stopped in front of the entrance and turned to look at the receptionist." Damaris Coleman? "I nodded coming closer, the little brunette in front of me looked at me nervously.

"Yes? "I asked after she did nothing but stare at me.

"I "look around before taking a deep breath." Vera, there was a mistake with your case" I raised my eyebrows." And the clinic can't take charge in this situation "he swallowed hard". I'm really sorry "she began to stammer.

"I'm sorry "I tried to stop her". I don't understand what you're talking about.

"Damaris Coleman? "I let out a squeak as a large, hard hand grabbed me by the elbow to turn me around.

Someone's chest made me look up, brown eyes greeted me, the man in front of me was big, huge was the right word, he shouldn't be more than forty years old.

"It's me "I mumbled trying to release my elbow from his hand, realizing that behind him there were about six men and that just the entrance was empty of people except for them.


"You'll have to come with me "I stirred harder. Can you calm down, please? " he looked at me haughtily.

"Let go of me "I shrieked.

"Listen to me child "I opened my mouth ready to scream when his hands grabbed me by my shoulders and shook me a bit. This is not a game, you will come with us "he ordered before he started to drag me behind him.

I made a couple of moves until I had him in front of me, I don't know what the fuck I did, but I managed to pay my knee to his crotch, I didn't spend much time listening to his whining when another man wanted to grab me and my fist flew to his cheek, that ring thing worked, but it also hurt like shit. I hadn't gone to self-defense for three years for nothing.

I think I managed to punch someone else and kick someone's knee before I was grabbed three at a time and couldn't move, the first man's red face was the first thing I saw.

"Look girl "he growled. You'll go with us by hook or by crook.

"I prefer the second option "I shrieked raising one of my legs and trying to hit him, of course, this time he was smart and moved fast.

"Well, I prefer the first" he muttered moving away from me.

I frowned as he turned his back to me with a cell phone in his hands, I blinked several times as my eyes tried to close.

"We got her, "I thought I heard, as I fought the horrible dream that was gripping me.

Of course, it was only seconds, before darkness greeted me.

Chapter 2

I blinked several times trying to get my eyesight used to it, I took a deep breath as my body tensed completely when I tried to move, shit this was not good.

I closed my eyes for a few moments before trying to stir again, I gasped as I realized I was hand tied and in a moving car, the windows were tinted and apparently, it was daytime.

"Look Jeff, the girl woke up.

I pulled myself upright until I was sitting against one of the doors, the front seats were occupied by two giant men, "Jeff" who was driving was the same one I had hit where the sun doesn't hit him.


"This isn't Brookline" I muttered after looking out the window for a few seconds.

"Certainly honey "I looked at the man in the passenger seat. You're not home.

"What do they want? "I asked pretending to be okay. How much money are you looking for? "I looked at both of them. Please I don't care who you are "


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