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Will You Marry Me, Again

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"Believe me, Hazel, I never for once stopped thinking about you" he breathed in my ears while thrusting into me "ahhh...hhh, fuccckk, Dunlop" I moaned ***************** The day Hazel divorced her billionaire husband after she found out that he cheated on her with her bestfriend was the same day she found out that she was pregnant. She decides to move away from her billionaire husband to a new city to raise her baby. She found a new job, a new life, a new everything. She even starts an affair with her billionaire CEO boss. Everything goes well until her little boy brings a friend back from school who happens to be the son of her ex-husband. Which of the billionaire men will Hazel choose? Will she rekindle her love for her ex-husband or will she continue with her boss who was always there for her? Will her son's friendship with her ex-husband's son cause problems?

Chapter 1

Raising Zion

Hazel Dunlop West

It’s been six years since I divorced my husband after I found out he was cheating on me with my best friend, Camilla. After the divorce, I found out I was pregnant with his child, so I moved away from New York to Arizona to raise my son away from him just in case he tries to take him away from me. A new city, a new job, a new life, a new house, a new everything.

“Rise and shine, Zion” I said, opening the windows of my son’s room

“Mommy, I still want to sleeeppp” he groans “can’t I just skip school today?”

I walked over to his bed and sat on it carrying him on my laps

“Zion what is it you wanted to become in the future again?” I asked, looking at his cute face

“Mommy, I can’t believe you forgot. I keep saying it everyday” he said, pouting and folding his little hands

“I’m so sorry, can you just remind mommy, I promise I won’t forget it” I said, acting like I forgot

“I want to become a detective and catch bad people” he said, putting his hands on his waist “now don’t forget next time mommy or I won’t be your friend anymore”

“I never forgot my darling, I just wanted you to say it. If you don’t go to school every day how will you become a detective?” I asked

“Ok fine, I'll go to school” he said, getting off from my laps and grabbing his towel

“That’s a good boy” I said, raising my hands just a little above his head for a high five which he jumped excitedly to reach

“Do you need help in the shower” I asked, already knowing his response

“Of course, not mommy, big boys don’t need help in the shower and I’m a big boy” he said, for the third time this week

I let out a chuckle “alright then, shower and dress up. I’m going to make breakfast” I said unhanging his uniform and putting it on the bed for him

I walked down to the kitchen and ritualistically put on my favorite song bloom by Aqyuila and start cooking

A few minutes later, Zion came down fully dressed and sat at the dining waiting for breakfast. I served him toasted bread and eggs with tea and packed him some spaghetti and meatballs in his lunch box for school. While he was eating, I headed upstairs and quickly took a shower and came out with my hair wrapped in a towel. I applied some lotion to my skin and put on panties and my bra. I strutted over to my wardrobe and took out a pair of slacks and a flowery designed blouse and put them on. I looked in the mirror and it looked good. I looked to my shoe rack and picked out a four inched strap heel and put it on.

I unwrapped my hair, blew dry it and style it. I picked up my bag and put it some necessary things, grab my phone and charger, sprayed some perfume and headed downstairs. Zion was already done with his breakfast and was wearing his shoes. I sat at the dining table and munched on the food I prepared while going through my phone. After I was done I packed the plates to the sink, I decided that I'll wash them when I’m back from work.

“Zion” I call him “are you ready

“Yes, I am” he said, running to me

“What did I say about running in the house” I asked him, adjusting his collar

“I’m so sorry” He said looking down

“It's fine” I said grabbing his cheek softly

“Just be careful next time. Let’s go, we don’t want to be late for school,” I said, grabbing my keys

“Did you pack your school bag”

“Yes, I did” he said running again to get his school bag, then all of a sudden as if he remembered the rule about running in the house, he halted and started walking.

I smiled at his actions. He brought his bag to me and he had packed in everything he needed for school; pencils, his textbooks, an eraser and some notebooks.

“Good boy” I said ruffling his hair smiling

I zipped up his school bag and gave it to him. I grabbed his lunch box from the dining and give it to him. He hung his school bag and held the lunch box in his little hands and started walking to the front door. I stood back and looked at him walk, reflecting on how big he has grown and how I took care of him all alone. I’m so proud of him and myself.

As we stepped outside, the warm Arizona sun greeted us, casting a golden glow over the neighborhood. I locked the door behind us, keeping the key under the flower pot outside and we made our way to the car, chatting about Zion's plans for the day and his excitement for school.

I unlocked the car and we got it. He took the front seat next to me and I started the car

“Zion, seatbelt” I reminded him and he quickly stretched his hand to reach it but finds difficulty dragging it. I stretched over and helped him and he happily says a thank you.

I drive out and the journey to his school is just seven minutes, I come out of the car and helped him get down.

"Have a good at school today, okay?" I said to him, kind of sad that he was leaving

"Okay mummy" he said

"Listen to your teacher, don't go around causing trouble" I told him

"Mummy, you know I don't cause trouble" he said looking at me

"That's a good boy, high five" I said lifting my hands and as usual he jumped to reach it

I wave at him as he walks in till he is out of sight. I walk back to the car, get in and drive myself to work.

Chapter 2

Zion's New Friend

Hazel West

I got to the office, greeted my colleagues and took my spot at my desk, where I was a secretary to renowned billionaire CEO, Jacob Warner, who I have been in a relationship with for some time now. I started staking and arranging papers into files and dropping them on the shelf.

Throughout, I juggled phone calls, emails, and meetings, multitasking like a pro. The CEO wasn’t around, so I told everyone calling for him to drop a message or call back. As I was taking a call, the CEO walked in, finally deciding to come to work. He stopped at my desk and signals me to come to his office. After I was done with the call, I put down the phone and took my tablet to his office.

I walked in without knocking.

“Finally, you decided to come to work. I thought you weren’t going to make it today”, I said sarcastically, given how late he was.

“How could I not come to work and miss seeing this beautiful face of yours” he said, coming clos


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