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The Only Batman

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Violette Harper always had a messed-up love life starting from her high school love to her college love. She was always heart broken by anyone she loved. She was forced by her step parents to get married to billionaire CEO under a contract as the man was looking for someone to bear him a male child. Violette during their contract marriage was unable to bear him a male child, so immediately after their contract marriage expired, he divorced her for her younger step sister. During their marriage, Violette put in all her effort to make their marriage work as she fell in love with her husband but he couldn’t care less since she could not bear him a son. After their divorce, she found out she was two months pregnant with twin boys. She decided that she wasn’t going to be a lover girl who always got heartbroken. She moved away to another city to raise her boys away from her ex-husband. Everything goes well, she starts a career and her twin boys grow up to be a delight and her comfort Her past relationships have hardened her and she no longer believed in love but she couldn't deny that she had sexual needs, she agreed to be having no strings attached casual s*x with one of her colleagues What happens when she is transferred to another branch of her company in her former city and her ex husband lives right in one of the apartments of the building she also stays in? What happens when her twins boys bump into him and take a liking to him? Will she tell him about his kids? What happens when Liam confesses his feelings to her and no longer wants casual s*x? Which of the men will she choose, her ex-husband who wants her back or her colleague who had been attending to her needs?


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