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When I Start

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Dea, a woman who has been traumatized by her ex-fiancé's unnatural death, is forced to marry Aiden under contract. The man often looked down on him because he was considered useless. But who would have thought, behind Dea's fragility there was a great power waiting to be unleashed by that woman. At first Dea didn't acknowledge her abilities, but after she found out... all things changed. Even Aiden's girlfriend, Wendy, who had previously looked down on him because she thought Dea was a usurper for her lover, was starting to get overwhelmed. What did Dea do to make up for all the bad things that happened to her? Can a contract marriage work according to the agreement they made? or will it stop after Dea knows the power it has?

First Time Meet You


The world is a game of games. If you're not good at playing, You will be played. When playing we need confidence if you are not good at convincing and impressing people with your intelligence. Confuse them with your stupidity, until they feel they have won.

As it is now, in silence fresh blood runs down a woman's forehead. Pain spread all over her body, soft glass shards stuck to her smooth white skin, and the car cabin was shattered in front of him.

The glass that originally served as a protector from danger now backfired injuring her body. With a blur of vision, she saw her lover covered in blood in the driver's seat. She was surprised to find the man's head stuck in the steering wheel. She heart was beating so hard, her body had goosebumps and pain at the sight of blood. Her body became stiff and difficult to move. With a blurry vision, the woman looked at her lover's lips which smiled faintly.

"Is this our death?" she asked softly to her lover. She really cursed her fate.

Someone came to them, “May you rest in hell. Dee...”

The woman's eyes darkened completely after hearing those words.


A woman walked into the meeting room, everyone was looking at her with happy smiles. It seemed so sincere that it made him suspicious. What is going on?

Curiosity welled up in Dea's body, she was forced by her mother to attend this meeting.

"Come here, honey," her father called.

Dea immediately approached Wijaya and sat beside him.

Her brow furrowed, she didn't understand what was going on here. There are several strangers in this room.

"Introducing, this is Dea. My eldest daughter,” Wijaya introduced herself in front of everyone.

"Very beautiful sir," said the old woman. Dea just smiled at the compliment.

"What's this, huh?" Dea asked her father. Her heart was tickled to see this strange meeting.

"We will match you, Sis. That man will be your husband,” explained Wijaya and pointed to a man who was the same age as her.

Dea's eyes widened in disbelief.

"What!?" she screamed. She turned to her father in disbelief. She did not think that she would be betrothed to a man after experiencing a tragic incident some time ago. No, exactly three years ago.

It may sound like a long time, but it is very short for Dea.

"No, Dad, I'm not ready," Dea whispered. She was embarrassed to let out a scream earlier. Now everyone is focusing on her.

"It's time dear, how long will you live alone," whispered Wijaya. "Do this matchmaking, later you will get a very extraordinary reward from father. Okay pretty?"


"SSsstttt..." Wijaya hissed at his daughter, not forgetting to wink coquettishly.

Dea could only sigh in resignation. This time his father could not be negotiated.

Everyone was talking about this matchmaking happily except for Dea and the man in front of her, Aiden.

The burly man, who had beautiful brown beads, was looking at him flatly. The fine sideburns on his chin didn't detract from his firm jawline. Thin lips, sharp nose, and thick eyebrows show a charming Aiden.

He was quite handsome for a man, but Dea was not at all interested in him.

For a long time, she sat quietly beside his father. Feeling hot and tired of hearing everyone's chatter, she chose to resign and walked towards the park.

"Unlucky!" cursed Dea. She regretted coming to this meeting. How could her father match her without her consent? She felt like wanted to be angry with her parents, but she couldn't.

Suddenly someone's footsteps were heard. The woman immediately roamed the entire garden, looking for an approaching figure.

The figure came into view, and the tall, thin but muscular man drew closer to her.

The eagle's gaze is ready to devour anyone who sees it. The man's hands were crossed in front of his chest with his lips pressed together arrogantly. Dea just stared coldly at the man.

"Do you agree with this matchmaking?" asked Aiden. Yes, that man is the man who will be betrothed to her. Instead of making introductions as pleasantries. But Aiden went straight to the point discussing the matchmaking.

It took her a few seconds to think.

“Do you still need to ask that?” Dea asked sarcastically. She didn't agree, but she couldn't refuse.

Seeing Dea's cold response made Aiden smile cynically at the woman in front of him. Those eyes explored Dea's entire body without exception. The gaze made her opponent uncomfortable.

“When you marry me, your life will not be calm. I'm just looking for profit," replied Aiden.

“Huh!!? As expected, what do you want from my family?” Dea looked at Aiden's eyes sharply. She has realized that where there is a man who accepts an arranged marriage without profit.

“Should I tell you? You don't even deserve to know that," Aiden replied arrogantly. He looked down on Dea, as low as a woman. Because he knows that the woman he will marry has a dark past and tends to be very troublesome if he lives with Dea.

"Huuhhhh..." A sigh escaped Dea's mouth. The man in front of her was truly arrogant, even daring to look down on her. He saw her as a useless street dog.

"I already have a lover, if you agree to this matchmaking. Read this contract." Aiden threw a piece of paper that was stuck together.

Without fighting back, Dea immediately read the contract written on the paper.

"The guarantee is not much," protested Dea. Like Aiden, she also wants to get a lot of profit from this matchmaking.

"How much do you want?" asked Aiden. He is very confident to fulfill the request of his future wife.

"Add 10 million dollars." Dea steadied Aiden without blinking. The man smiled stiffly. Quite a lot.

"I'll give you 15 million dollars. Are you satisfied?” Instead of protesting, Aiden added a guarantee for his future wife. "On the condition, do not interfere with my relationship with my lover," continued Aiden.

"Okay," agreed Dean. He was satisfied with this deal.

Aiden took his cell phone out of his jacket pocket.

“Mr. Lastro, revise the contract now. The guarantee was changed to 15 million dollars. And immediately bring it to the garden next to Mr. Wijaya's house." The man ordered someone to revise the contract agreement.

It didn't take long, a middle-aged man came up to them and gave Aiden a bundle of paper.

Aiden immediately gave Dea a pen so the woman could sign their marriage contract.

"Nice to work with you, Dea," said Aiden with a satisfied smile. The woman didn't react.

It only took two years to become Aiden's wife. It turns out that he is a CEO who owns a company in the field of staples. No, it's not just basic ingredients, the company that is sheltered by her future husband has many other fields such as the electronics, fashion, and food sectors. Who would have thought that her husband would be a man who was targeted by many important people.


A few days later, Dea and Aiden held their wedding in private. Only attended by family and some important people in the country.

Her parents and in-laws looked very happy. Aiden looked very happy, but Dea knew it was just a charade.

She had been standing on the aisle for a long time. Everyone was busy talking to each other, while Dea was silent alone.

The woman chose to rest on the balcony, looking at the stars scattered in the night sky.

She thinks about her fate, being married to someone else without love as we write on a blank white paper using a white pen. Unseen and still empty.

Before she knew it, her cell phone rang several times. When the third ring, Dea immediately saw it.

"Who?" Dea's mind was curious. There is no contact name listed there.

Dea ignored the call, but the number kept calling her so many times that it made her disturbed.

Annoyed, Dea replied, "Who?!" she said curtly.

"Why to shout?" asked someone on the other line.

“Just go ahead, say what you want.” Dea doesn't want to bother dealing with this unclear person.

"Look at your chest," the man ordered.

"Why am I looking at my chest? You are a very perverted person!” shout Dea.

"Take a look, you'll be surprised!" press the person on the other side of the phone.

Finally, Dea saw her chest.

“F*ck!!! What is this!?” Dea was very surprised to see infrared like a gun flashlight.

Legal wife

"Hahaha are you surprised?" asked someone on the other line. Dea was furious to see infrared stuck to her white dress.

"Crazy! What do you mean by doing like this?" Dea asked excitedly. How could it be on her wedding day to be given a terrible shot of a gun. Her heartbeat was working fast.

"Hahaha..." The person laughed giddily, he seemed to enjoy seeing Dea's emotion.

“You laugh at people's suffering?!”

Dea sighed roughly, these few days there were many unexpected things. However, today was even crazier.

"Ekhemm..." the person cleared his throat after being satisfied with laughing at the woman he called.

"Are you satisfied?" asked Dee.

"Of course I'm satisfied. The day after tomorrow meet me at the location I shared in the message."

Ting! There was an incoming message on Dea's cell phone. And that is the share location that was just notified. The woman rol


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