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Using baby daddy for revenge

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After a steamy night with a stranger when her best friend drugged her, Melissa's life is totally changed. She losses her both parent and all their wealth when her father's company is declared bankrupt, falls into depression almost losing her life but news of her pregnancy gives her a reason to live. Forced to drop out of college, Melissa moves to the province with her aunt who as well had lost her family. Straggling to make a living as an housekeeper, she meets her son's father four years later who manipulates her into moving back to the city and coerced her into marriage with a promise of finding the persons behind her parents death and company bankruptcy. Hungry for revenge against the people she believes ruined her life, she agrees to marry Mark Johnson, her one night stand. Using his money and the Johnson's powerful name she is determined to see the people behind her father's company bankruptcy crumble before her. Focused solely on getting justice and protecting her son, she has no room for love. But is her heart completly dead? How long can she resist Mark's charm when he is so determined to make her his legal wife in all sense of the word.

The room

Opening her eyes feeling groggy, her head so heavy, Melissa turned almost falling off the bed.

Lying on her belly, she lifted her heavy head to scan the room trying to figure out how she got home but all she could remember was two men helping her stand when she almost fell at the bathroom door.

"My head hurts so much, where the hell am I?

Looking around the dimly lit room, opening her eyes wider as they threatened to close, she realized she was not home. The last she could remember was attending a party.

Melissa was not into partying but her best friend had forced her to join promising to be back before midnight.

Still lying there, she moved her eyes from the bed scanning her surrounding and all she could see was a shower head behind glass sliding doors and a small desk next to a mini fridge.

The floor to ceiling window gave her a view of the buildings around making her bolt up in flight on realizing she was not in her apartment.

"Oh my, how did I get to a hotel room?" She wondered checking her body then remembered the party was held in a hotel.

"But who's room is this?"

Feeling uncomfortable lying on the bed, she got down walking to the bathroom to ease her bladder that threatened to bust.

Stepping in, her body swayed forcing her to lean on the sink blinking her eyes hard as she shock her head to clear her foggy mind.

She didn't understand what was happening to her.

Her body didn't feel like her own and her brain felt like it was detached from her body. She never took alcohol and tonight was no exception. The only one drink she took had no alcohol in it but then she felt light headed and her legs were losing their strength.

Finishing her bathroom business with the hope of feeling better, a bolt of heat flashed down her spine. Looking from the disheveled bed she had been sleeping on a minute ago to the door, Melissa thought of getting back on the bed but then her friend might get worried looking for her and she had no idea whose room she was in. Since her apartment was not far from the hotel and a short ride in a taxi would have her home in no time, she decided to leave.

"I'll have some rest once I'm home, probably go see a doctor to." She said to herself slapping her cheeks lightly to keep herself awake.

With a plan all formulated in her mind, Melissa walked out. Dragging herself out of the room, all she saw was an array of closed doors on either sides of the hallway.

A few steps from the door her body temperature changed. She felt so uncomfortable she wished to take her clothes off. With every step she took, the worse she felt.

Unable to walk straight she leaned on the wall, dragging herself a long tagging on her clothes hoping to find something to reduce the heat in her body.


Half way through the corridor, she felt the wall cave in.

She had not realized she was leaning on a door as she fell on a warm strong chest knocking them both to the floor.

Touching the warmth beneath her somehow made her feel better she couldn't stop. Nor did she think of what she was doing.

Getting closer to his face, she leaned in placing her lips on his kissing him awkwardly almost eating him up.

"Help me, please help me. This heat is killing me."

Fabling with his clothes her hands on his belt so eager to find the release she so much wanted, he held her hands stopping her.

After gazing at her flashed gorgeous face for a second, he lifted her on the bed. Ridding them of their clothes, he took charge as aggressively as she had.



As the strong man broke the barriers, she moaned and screamed at the same time hating yet loving how it made her feel. The pain and ecstasy mixed together almost drove her mad yet she couldn't get enough of him.

He was warm and sweet doing all the magical things to her innocent self. So attentively guiding her along like he knew it was her first. As exhaustion took over, they both closed their eyes falling a sleep in each others arms.


Feeling the heat on her face as the sun lays beamed through the open window, Melissa opened her eyes. The first thought that flashed through her mind was she had managed to get home but the pain in her body and feeling the masculine warmth beneath her, the events of that night flooded her mind.

"Oh heavens!"

She was still in that hotel though in a different room.

It had all seemed like a dream but it was so real. There she was lying on top of a man with her leg draped over his lower body.

Lifting her head, carefully not to wake him, she briefly stared at his face taking in all his features. If she had her phone, she would have snapped a photo since it was not everyday you woke up in the arms of such a man.

Managing to carefully get off him, Melissa picked her clothes from where they lay scattered by the door. Putting them on fast and ran out of the room before he could wake up.


It been years since that night, since the last time Melissa saw that handsome face but she never forgot it. Some night's his face keeps her awake with questions on her mind of what really made her act the way she did.

Getting her mind back to the bakery, she looked at the magazine again. He was as breath taking as he was that morning and still way off her league.

As one of the most intriguing young breathtakingly gorgeous CEO who featured in all magazines, from business to love magazines and always with a different woman by his side, Melissa knew he would never notice someone like her.

"Forget it Melissa."

Clearly the only person that night affected was her as it seemed he had long moved on. Probably it was not a strange thing for him to spend a night with a strange woman. Most probably he never remembered her or the happening of that night.

"Melissa!" When her name was called with her order ready, she sighed placing the business magazine back on the table choosing to keep the past where it belonged.

In the past.

Tommy's father

Walking into the house, Melissa was welcome by the one person who was always happy to see her.

"Mum it's great, I love it." Tommy beamed as Melissa handed him the toy car he had been asking for.

"Hey young man, what do you say after getting a gift?" She asked playfully raffling his hair.

"Thank you, mum." He hugged her, then took his toy car to play on the carpet.

Glued to the spot, tears filled Melissa's eyes as she watched him play. Her son was the light in her life. The only good thing she got from that night.

He was so obedient and well mannered, she felt proud to be his mother. But all credit went to her aunt. Without Betty, Melissa didn't know how she could have managed to raise him on her own.

Dropping from university when her parents died. Then later finding herself pregnant with no money to support them. Was hard for her to comprehend. Luckily her aunt was there to support he


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