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Untamed Wife Of The Billionaire

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Angel Smith a successful manager of a famous IT company and an international hacker , was a victim of vicious kidnapers who engaged in notorious activities of slave trade and s*x slave. after her successful escape from their den she vowed to uncover the master mind behind those acts and bring them to justice. But circumstances got her entangled with Elliot Park the Cold and domineering CEO of Apex Group who in turn couldn't get his mind of her despite the warning signs around her , he vowed to uncover the mstery behind her masked self. Along the line he discovered a huge secret .

Red Alert

Grin !!!! Grin!!!! Grin!!!!, The alarm woke Angel up from her beauty sleep , she frowned , and stretched her hand to stop the alarm .

Rubbing her eyes with the back of her palm she climbed down from the bed , and pick her phone from the table beside the bed , The email she saw made her shrunk her eyes in displeasure. she opened the content of the email to read further .

" Red Alert , The fraudster's are on the move " she read with a smirk on her face , " At last you guys decided to come out from your hide out .

Angel Smith is the name from Orange city California , The smiths family is a renowned family in the country , Her father owned the largest Restaurants in the city with many branches across the Country.

Angel strolled into the bathroom for a quick bath , kept humming a song to herself in tub , when a knock interrupted her.


"Yes ?" Elaine , she asked and rolled her eyes because she knew only one person does this every morning.

"young miss your dress is ready "! she spoke a little loudly hoping Angel could hear her.

" Alright Elaine that would be all " , She said for Elaine to exit her room with heavy steps . Angel heard the receding footsteps and sighed , she can't help but count how many times she had told Elaine to stop picking clothes for her not like she's still the little Angel she dresses up.

Fifteen minutes later she stepped out from the bath with her pink fluffy bathrobe on, she walked to the dresser to comb her long silky and shiny dark hair. she accessed her self on the large vanity mirror that hung majestically on the wall beside her dresser , she's indeed a beauty to behold , with beautiful brown eyes and skin that glitters almost every time she looks at the mirror , she's 5.8 inches tall, with lips as red as Cherie.

Dressed in a plain black skirt with a split at the back exposing her beautiful long legs , and a flowery white shirt tucked in with the skirt that showed her curves that she was endowed with.

She walked down the stairs in a black high heeled stilettoes that kept clicking on the marbled stairs, clutching her bag and jacket with one arm. when she sighted Elaine waiting for her downstairs with a coffee in one hand and the other hand behind her back.

" Elaine , She called , "Yes miss", Elaine walked further to hand her the coffee, "Coffee to energies your day " she said with a smile. Angel took the coffee from her and sip a little coffee from it and gave the cup back to her. She made to walk out from the door when she heard Elaine's voice.

" Young miss , your breakfast?" she said , for Angel to turn ,"Oh that", am late I will have breakfast at the office , she smiled and waved it off .

" Young miss , it's still 7:15, you woke up early you might as well have breakfast for another fifteen minutes and besides, "Madam called she said you should have your breakfast every morning before going out " she said for Angel eyes to widen.

" She now calls you , not her own daughter?" what do I expect from a woman that is always doting on her husband , she said while rolling her eyes.

". Young miss, you know Madam cares for you and your brother , expect that she cherishes her husband more" she said for Angel to smile a little. Seeing her young miss smile Elaine takes it as her cue to coerce her into taking breakfast.

After much persuasions Angel sighed and take a seat , beholding the food , she decided to go for something light so she took a bite relishing the taste of the bread , she took a sip from the tea and flushed the bread down.

After eating a little she stoop up , seeing her standing Elaine walked to her with her bag and jacket. Angel took it from her, when she got to the door she turned to Elaine with a look that says " you might as well tell her I had breakfast before leaving. "

What the hell!

Angel stepped out of the house with her car keys in hand , she pressed her key button for her red Bentley to beep twice and unlock itself. When she sensed movement behind her , and turned to see her driver walking to her with hurried footsteps.

" Jason it's fine I will be driving my self today"

Jason knew what the young miss will eventually say if he insisted only nodded and stepped back , " I will take a taxi to the company later to drive you home , Incase you over stress yourself like yesterday " . He purposely said so as stay on her safe side not knowing he infuriated her.

" What"? Angel asked him with her voice showing signs of anger

" Young miss " , have you forgotten yesterday you were so stressed that you slept in the car on the way home " .

Angel hissed in remembrance of the past day occurrence , when she heard the info that the fraudster's where it again , the duped an old woman leaving no


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