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Unexpected Twist and Love

Unexpected Twist and Love

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Emily was forced into labor after she caught her husband cheating with his supposed bestie in a supermarket. Instead of getting an apology, she is offered divorce papers, and her kids are regarded as bastards. Emily accepted the divorce letter and started building her empire from her late mum's abandoned business. Along the way, Emily meets Marcus black and it was love at first sight for him. What will happen when she discovers that Marcus was her kids father? Will she allow him to have access to the triplets or believe he toke advantage of her? How will Emily react when she finds out her ex-husband's family makes her sleep with him for the business contract?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

****Author POV****

Nurses could be seen running in and out of the labor room, seeing that the old Williams couple couldn't help but feel anxious and worried for their daughter-in-law who was in the emergency labor room, while she still had 2 weeks before her time was due.

They had received a call from their guards that she was rushed to the hospital, that she went into labor while shopping.

__30 minutes later__

"Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Williams you are now grandparents to three healthy babies" the doctor announced immediately after he came out of the emergency room.

"What?" The old couple both asked in disbelief

Hugging his wife, Adams Williams was filled with joy their wish has finally been made true

"What about our daughter," breaking away from the hug Mrs. Williams.

"She's okay, she just needs plenty of rest to recover well" replied the doctor.

Hearing this they all let out a sigh of relief.

"Can we see them now? " Mr. Williams asked the doctor, wanting to see his grandkids badly

" Of course, you can, but you need to give her time to rest, she went into emergency labor because of stress," the doctor said before leaving them alone.

Looking at her beautiful kids Emily could not be more than happy, she was overjoyed just looking at them, their faces alone brought smiles to her face forgetting all the pain she had to bear.


After one week both mother and babies were finally discharged from the hospital,

"Our beautiful mom and babies are finally going home," doctor Evan said while watching as Emily arranged her bags.

"They sure are," smiling sweetly while staring at her babies Emily replied

"Stay healthy and let's keep in contact,"

"Sure will, and thanks for the help and care during my stay here," standing up to properly look at him she appreciated.

"It's no big deal," Evans said to her.

For the little time that she had had stayed in the hospital they had, Evans had been of great help and care to her and her babies making her stay comfortable.

Getting out of the hospital the guards came to help get her into the car before driving back home.

Emily was wondering why no one from the family came to pick her up, not even her husband, which she hadn't seen since the day she was put to bed but it was a guard that they sent instead.

On reaching home with the help of the guard Emily pushed her babies in their trolley into the mansion with the help of the guards.

Seated inside was none other than her supposed husband seated together with his supposed bestie with a big baby bump, and the entire family smiling and chatting together.

As soon as they saw who has just entered everybody's face changed to a frown, seeing this Emily asked

"What's going on here?"

" Thank God you are back " Sean her husband said,

" There on the table are divorce papers, sign them, pack your things and leave this house with your bastards," he shouted.

Emily just stood there looking at him shocked

"Did you just call your kids bastards?" She asked him, she could understand if he wanted to divorce her, for once she knew he didn't love her but calling their kids names was unacceptable.

" You said my kids, how are they? you whore," Sean shouted,

" You think I wouldn't find out about it, sleeping around with a different man on our wedding anniversary night and then pinning the pregnancy on me, how many times have I touched you that you got pregnant, just sign the divorce papers and leave, " he finished smiling at his bestie Diana.

Emily looked at him utterly and seriously shocked.

Turning to look at her in-laws who were just sitting down quietly without saying anything

" What was I expecting," Emily thought to herself, they will always believe their son.

She picked up the divorce papers, signed them and went up to her room and took her cards and car key not caring about anything else and left with her kids without looking back for once.

She has endured more than enough in that marriage, after wasting half of her youth with that trash

It's better she leaves now than allow her children grow in a toxic environment like she did

"Been forced into a marriage for business purposes and family gains was not enough for them, and now, this is what I get at the end, do I look like a fucking toy"

"I now understand why no one came to visit again after the day I gave birth, " Emily thought

She drove into her building which previously belonged to her late mother.

On arriving there the butler and maids were shocked at the presence of their young miss who hadn't visited since the death of their senior madam.

"Welcome back Mrs. Williams" the maids and butler greeted in unison

" Prepare my room for me Edward and for your information, I'm not Mrs. Williams but Miss Emily Smith," she said to everyone, before going to the sitting room to rest and feed her babies who have been sleeping peacefully throughout the whole ordeal.

She had endured more than enough in that marriage, not anymore 5 years is enough she thought.

" I'm going to live my life happily from now on loving my kids.

Now I need to rest my head a little before thinking of the next plan."

With this thought in mind, she went inside.


"Emily! Emily!" Dora kept on shouting her friend's name.

Dora and Emily have been friends since childhood; their mothers were also best friends. They did almost everything together when they were kids.

They had not seen each since after they graduated from college only communicating via email, phone calls, and sometimes video calls, but they always made sure to keep in touch.

On returning Dora was greeted with the news of her friend's husband getting married to another woman at the airport.

" God Dora, do you want to bring down my house," Emily said to her bestie who didn't drop her bags or even drink water before shouting her name while coming down the stairs and yawning, her brown wavy hair were flying in all directions, and her eyes still dull with sleep.

" Tell me what I saw on the news is fake, "

"What news Dora?"

" The one about Sean getting married," throwing her hands in the air she said exasperated

"Yeah it's true, " replied Emily casually, finally coming to stand close to her friend.

" How is that so? What about you and the babies?" Dora continued asking, not understanding at all.

" Lord!!! Dora is what you came here for, you didn't even hug me just bombarding me with questions," Emily complained with her lips pouting.

" Do you know how much I've missed you?" She added opening her hands wide for a hug

" What do you expect me to do, when I flew for a whole day coming to celebrate my bestie's happiness only to be greeted with this kind of news," Dora replied her back with a deep frown etched on her face

"Please tell me, what's going on Emily?"

"Okay!! okay, go freshen up first and have breakfast then we can talk," dropping her hands down she signed.

" Promise?" Dora asked

"Yeah, I promise," Emily assured while raising her little pinky finger

"Where are my little angels," Dora asked, finally remembering the reason why she flew back.

" They are still sleeping," Emily answered, smiling at her sudden enthusiasm.

" Edward, please ask the maids to prepare Miss Dora's room for her," Emily told the butler before going back upstairs with Dora.

**** After breakfast****

" Have you decided on a name??" Dora asked Emily while they were looking at the Babies sleeping peacefully in their cradles

" Yeah, Andrew,Andrea and Anderson," she answered looking at her babies lovingly

" Wow, such beautiful names, I can't believe I'm a Godmother now, " Dora muttered looking at the cute little things.

" And who told you I'm going to allow an ugly old woman like you to be my baby's godmother" Emily teased her.

" Whether you like it or not I'm their godmother " Dora replied sticking out her tongue at Emily

" Now tell me what happened,"

"Gosh, I thought you'd already forgotten about it,"

" In your dreams, now start talking,"

" So it happened like this," Emily began,

"On the day I went into labor, I went to the mall to do some shopping for my babies, and while I was at it I saw Sean and Diana shopping together in the mall, you know I have always suspected they were in an affair??"

" Yeah, you told me about it one time, where you confronted him and he denied saying there was nothing between them,"

" And true to that, like an idiot I believed him.

After seeing them I decided to go see why they were there, cause earlier that day I had asked him to accompany me shopping but he said he was busy and I should do it online."

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

**** Flashback****

" Sean" Emily called out to her husband, who turned around to see who called his name.

"What are you doing here Emily," he asked her shocked to see her there

" I should be the one asking you that question Sean and not the other way around"

" Just answer the Goddamn question Emily," Sean said exasperated,

Emily just looked at him without saying anything

" And why are you looking at me like that instead of answering me"

" Does that sound like a question to be asked to a pregnant woman, what's a baby store for? " Emily asked him with her brows furrowed,

" And what are you doing here with Diana ?" she added with her brows raised

" Can't you see we are shopping," he answered shamelessly.

" So you would rather shop with a lady who is pregnant for another guy than with your wife who is expecting your ki


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