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Unexpected Marriage

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Jayden Nelson, a popular hot guy in the campus secretly married to the nerd girl, Kaytlyn Jones who came from a noble family, the Jones. They got married in unexpected way to cover up the mistake they didn't even remember what exactly happened. They did not tell anyone else about their marriage, only both of their families know about it. Follow their story on how their love finally blossom and the biggest conflicts which they will face in future.

Chapter 1


“Where am I?” A blond hair guy muttered with his heavy eyes were looking around the room. “Argh…my head!” His head spin so much as he sat straight on the queen size bed. The room was not too big but it has everything inside; closet, makeup table, and even a couch. The blond guy shivered a bit as the wind from the air conditioner blew straight to his bare skin. To be exact, he did not wear anything, aside from a black boxer. Meanwhile his clothes were all over the floor beside of the bed.

‘What happened last night?’ He tried to remember what happened last night. Unfortunately the memories were so blurry.

“Wait!” Both of his eyes were widening as turned to his right side. “W-w-why the Jones girl is here? W-w-with me? A-and why she’s half naked too?!”

“YOU B*ST*RD!!” A brown hair guy suddenly barged into the room with a loud voice, waking the girl up. She was shouting when saw me sitting beside her and quickly pulled the blanket to cover her whole body. The brown hair guy’s face was furious and his chestnut eyes color were full with anger. He seemed like he was ready to kill that poor blond hair guy who was so in confused.

“N-nno, Bryan….” The blond guy tried to stop the brown hair guy, named Bryan from punch him straight on his face.

“You’re DEAD, Nelson!” Bryan then strangled him. “You have to pay what you have done to Kaytlyn!”

“N-no…N-Bryan,” he begged more. “I didn’t do anything to her.”

“Br-Bryan ….” An angelic voice interrupted them. She was sobbing behind the thick blanket, begging for her cousin to help her. “Take me home….please…” Even her voice sounded crack.

“Oh God, Kaytlyn ….” The brown hair guy’s feel sorry for her. He never expected that this kind of thing happened to his poor-innocent cousin. He clenched his teeth then turned back to the blond guy. “Be prepared Jayden Nelson! You were just messing around with the wrong person…just wait and see!”

Three days before the incident....

New York University

《Kaytlyn Jones》

*girls’ screaming*

There were bunch of girls in front of me, screaming as a group of arrogant guys took step into the campus building. To be more exact, they were fan-girling of them. Of course they were, those guys were the hottest guys among the student; but of course not for me. They looked just like the ordinary guys, nothing special about them. I think.

Girl 1: "God, they're so hot!"

Girl 2: "I know right.....especially Seth. I'm so madly in love with him."

Girl 1: "No! Jayden is way better than him!"

‘They are gonna have a fight over that bunch of guys, aren’t there?’


"What a stupid people….” I murmured to myself as walked passing by them. Seriously, I really could not understand them at all. How come they were so crazy about those guys who were not even know or care that they were actually exist in this campus.

*sighs again*

‘So weird…’

“Oh…” My lavender backpack slipped from my shoulder and fell on to the floor as I accidentally bumped into someone who was taller than me. Plus, his perfume really smell so nice and it was totally driving me wild for a temporary.

‘It sounded crazy right. But it was the truth!’

And yes….he was a guy; I could tell it by the perfume he was using, Giorgio Armani perfume to be exact. It was the same as my father which he once used it before…one of the expensive perfumes for men.

I crouched a bit so I could quickly grab my backpack, “I’m so sorry,” then apologized to him without even look who was that person.

“No, I should be the one who apologize to you.” His voice! I recognized that voice….It really sounded familiar to me.

I looked up to him….N-no…no. This can not be….h-he…he was one of those guys!!! Most likely known as the Casanova, Jayden Nelson!

‘Oh my God, I shouldn't look at him…..especially not into his ey-….’

“O-oh…” Oh no! He just brought my stuttered back.

‘I guess, it was too late for me now.’

"Hey, are you okay?" He was crouching in front of me with his both cerulean blue eyes were looking straight at me. How come those eyes can be so beautiful? I never seen such a beautiful eye before. They were actually making me drowning into them.

“Umm….are you okay?” He practically waved his hand in front of me which made me snapped out from my thought

“O-oh…y-yes, I-I’m fine,”

‘Wait a minute!’

‘Did I just stutter again? Oh no, my father is going to kill me if he knew about this!’

I already got rid my stuttering habit long ago with my father’s help. This habit almost made me lost my insanity. Well of course, since my father lectured me for every single days and even scolded me whenever he heard it. He even compared me with my younger sister, Aireen; and the saddest thing is, he said I don’t deserve to be a Jones if I still didn’t change my habit that embarrassed him so much.

'Now, this blond guy was easily making me stuttered back again!'

"Look at that nerd," a girl’s voice suddenly caught my attention.

"Yeah, how dare she’s flirting with Jayden!" The other girl added.

‘Since when I tried to flirt with him? Who wants to be with him anyway?’

Both of us were surrounding by his girls’ fans and all of them were giving me their death glares, making me took a big gulp.

"Yo Jayden!" One of Jayden's friends called him; dark brown hair guy to be exact. "Just ignore that nerd....let's go now."

‘Nerd? So they are calling me a nerd, huh? Is it because I’m wearing this big glasses? And also with the books which were always on my hands?’

He replies along with a grin, "Yea yea....I'm coming!" Then, turned back his gaze on me.

For the first time since we started studying here, he did not show any of his arrogant side of him. Usually, he never paid any attention on me, not even in our classes too. Yes, we were in the same class since the freshmen year. Besides, he always looked at the beautiful girls only.

‘To be more specified, he never knew that I am actually exist here.’

‘But, he is different….more to friendly and kind too right now.’

Jayden Nelson hands me over the backpack to me, “Here…*smiles*…I’m sorry for bumping into you.” He then stood back on his feet and even gave me a wink that made all of his fans mad at me instant. “Sorry girls….” He innocently gave them a grin and jogged back to his friends who were waiting for him at the end of the hallway.

‘I’m so screwed!’

“She didn’t deserve that precious wink of him!” One of the girls complained.

"Yeah!" Another girl agreed with her. "She didn't deserve it at all!"

"She's a b*tch! Just go away, nerdy!" Those harsh words…really hurting me.

‘Why they are always treating me this way? What I’ve done to them? I can’t be weak like this. I’m a Jones! I shouldn’t cry in front of those people.’

I swiftly stood with my backpack slung on my shoulder.

“That’s right, nerdy!” A girl shouted at me. “Leave this place….you don’t deserve to be here at all.”

Without wasting any time, I quicken my paces towards the nearby toilet.

‘I give up! I couldn’t hold this any longer. I’m so sorry father for being a weak person.. I’ve failed you.’

‘It was all his fault! I shouldn't have look at his eyes or I wouldn’t be end up to be like this.’

"Kaytlyn!" That voice! “Are you okay?” Based on the way he called me, that person must be Bryan. He might do something beyond of my imaginations if he ever saw me in this kind of state. And the worst thing is, he must be inform to my father about this for sure.

I quicken more my paces so he couldn’t catch up on me. “Hey…wait for me!” he shouted again. “Kaytlyn!”

I was totally ignoring him, but his footsteps sounded near to me; just a few feet away from me, I guess.

‘Come on, Kaytlyn. Just a few more meters….’

"Kay-" I slammed hard the bathroom door which silenced him down in instant.

‘I'm sorry, Bryan...I just need some time to be alone.’

 Chapter2                                                                               *****

《Jayden Nelson》

"What's up with that nerdy, dude?" Joji, one of my friends asked me about the previous girl with his arm on my shoulder.

"I don't know her, dude,” I replied him. But the most surprising thing was, I really couldn’t GET RID HER FACE FROM MY MIND! “I never met her before. S-she's nobody…."

"’re such an idiot" That annoying words came from….*sighs*…of course, from my annoying best friend, Seth.

"Why are you calling me that, huh?!" I stopped my paces and confronted him. He was not that tall from me, we were in the same level, but only his hideous hairstyle made him taller looked than me.

Unfortunately, he only gave me his annoying smirk then walked away from Joji and me.

‘Seriously, he was really testing with my patience, in this very fine morning.’

“You really have no idea, huh, Jayden?” The pale looking guy, Zac added more, then suddenly burst into laughter followed by our other friends.

"What are you laughing at, Zac?!" I was not very satisfied with his stupid laughter giving him a death glare.

"You are so stupid." ‘Oh, God, all of the words are coming from his mouth just triggered my anger and I felt like I want to give him a flying high-kick in anytime…I mean right now!!’

‘That stupid squishy!’

"Man…this is so troublesome...." Another friend of mine said along with a heavy sigh.

"What is it this time?" I turned to face him, the guy with lazy face, Simon, who was yawning totally showing no interest with our current conversations.

"She's a Jones," even his voice sounded so lazy. But for your information, he was always like that, being lazy all the time and love to take a nap in anytime and anywhere.

"Who?" I did not get what he was trying to say.

"Tsk...What a moron guy," Seth scoffed while for Zac, he even laughed harder than before.

"Of course…*laughs….that nerd girl, stupid," Zac hardly said since he could not stop with his stupid laughter.

‘That girl is a Jones? So she's related with my senior, Bryan, huh? I think I shouldn't be mess around with him and her too or I'm going to be dead for sure. The Jones’s family is so creepy for me to handle.’

"She's a Jones? Whoa....I thought a Jones should know what I mean...*nudges slowly his elbow against mine*…beautiful," Joji interrupted. He seemed like he was trying not to believe with everything that my friends said to him.

‘Yeah, I agree with him.’

The Jones was one of the respectful and rich family in New York…Oh, and add that ‘creepy’ word too. Moreover, all of their descendants were all beautiful and should be beautiful. But that girl, she was not resemble the Jones at all; with that messy long hair, that big glasses that she was wearing, plus she was not wearing any make up at all.

‘Seriously I said, she's not attractive for sure!’

"What do you think, Jayden?" Joji asked for my opinion that snapped me out from my thought.

Meanwhile, Seth, Simon and Zac were walking in front of us and continuously chatting with each other, leaving me here alone with this annoying dark brown hair guy.

"Think of what?" I confusedly ask him.

"She's ugly, right?"

"O-oh...Y-yeah, I think so..." ‘Man, did I just stutter? And why the heck that girl’s face still on my mind.’

‘That’s a bit weird.’

"She's must be fun to play with....what do you say?" This time, his question just triggered something in me. Unfortunately, I was not sure what was it. Usually I just played along with his stupid game, but not this time.

‘That girl has something that changed my mind; something that I need to seek for myself.’

"Whatever dude, I'm just into with beautiful girls only..." I pushed him away from me as he was about to put his arm again on my shoulder. “Later…” then quicken my paces to catch up with my three other friends.

 To be continue….

Chapter 2

At the cafeteria…

《Kaytlyn Jones》

“Hi…” I put down the spoon from my hand back into my Quaker oat bowl in front of me. Someone just greeted me, someone who was very unfamiliar to be exact. “May I sit beside you?”

‘Wait a minute!’

‘I know this guy, he is one of Jayden’s friend.’

He knitted his eyebrow while looking straight at me; still waiting for my answer whether to let him sit beside me or not. “So, may I?

‘But why he insists to sit here, with me? I don’t get it. What is he really up to?’

"What are you doing here, Joji?" Oh God, thank goodness. Ivy was here to save me from this weird guy. She approached us with a tray of food on her hand along with the squint eyes as she was looking at that guy.

"O-oh....h-hey Thompson" The dark brown hair guy named, Joji suddenly became stutter out of the blue.

Ivy rolls her eyes, "Move away...,” then pushed him away from the seat. "So Kaytlyn, what's our plan for today?" She looked at me wit


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