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Trash Son-in-law is a Medical War God

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Damon Tates though an orphan valued hard work, used to be the president of the top company in it's niche. However he was schemed aganist by his closest allies and reduced to nothing within a single day! In the blink of an eye, everything have gone downhill that he had to reduce himself into a live-in son-in-law. Discriminated against, he had no value worth up to dogs in his in-laws eyes and was made to go to jail in place of his co-brother-in-law for a crime he didn't commit. Damon made friends with a strange old man in prison before being deployed into war. Five years later, he has become the first God of War in Eastcliff even the five kings of war respect and are willing to throw their lives for him; not even the presidents of a hundred countries dared hold a candle to him. Now that he is back everyone down to a petty salesman shall receive their dues one hundred times more heavier. An eye for a hundred, a tooth for a hundred!

Chapter 1 The Unwanted Son

Damon Vandergeld walked back to the Vandergeld mansion in distress. He couldn't think straight as his thoughts ran in an endless cycle about what had just happened to him.A few days ago, the police suddenly burst into his office in his company, Highlife Group, and arrested him for fraud. His bank accounts were all frozen and all his assets were seized, including his car. He got put in jail immediately, without a chance to even prove his innocence.Damon had rung the Vandergelds home severally to help him but none of his calls were picked up. After a bogus arrangement, he was mandated to pay a million dollars to the state and vacate his seat as president of Highlife Group.Just now, he got informed by his best friend who released him on bail earlier, that it was the Vandergelds that tipped the authorities about the alleged fraud.Damon felt very angry and betrayed after hearing of it, he couldn't wait to see what their explanation would be when he confronted them.Not long after, Damon walked into the Vandergelds having a grand party in their home. Even the extended relatives were present and making merry. It was so lively that no one noticed when he walked in.Damon Vandergeld wondered what the occasion was. He, their son, just went through a very trying moment of his life and they have the stomach to party?Damon was just about to speak up but got interrupted by a rather loud voice.Grandpa Edward addressed his youngest son, Damon's father fondly, "Jermaine you've finally come around and made this family proud! Thanks to you, we've fully acquired the Highlife group from that b*st*rd son of yours. You should come to drink wine with me sometime later."He was very happy to finally gain Edward's recognition and favor. According to tradition, the next caretaker of the Vandergeld's wealth isn't determined by age but by the former head's choosing.With this, he was sure to have secured the spot as the next patriarch.Jermain carried himself with a peacocky smile. It was quite satisfying to see his contesting siblings sending him envious looks all day.Henrietta stood beside her husband also basking in the limelight, “This success is also thanks to my great son, Jason. If not for his meticulousness we wouldn’t have been able to take back what’s ours smoothly.”Morgan, the wife of Jason’s eldest uncle looked at the duo enviously whilst she sang high praises, “Henrietta you’ve raised such a capable young man. He is much more excellent compared to that leech.""Of course he is. This family needs more useful people than that ungrateful outsider." Fredric, her husband, chipped in.Jason massaged his stubble."Aunt, Uncle… don't exaggerate I just couldn't stand still when that brat who was picked off the streets, dares to monopolize our wealth?" He pretended to be humble."As expected of a true Vandergeld!" Edward also began to look at his grandson even more favorably. Lacey, his cousin and daughter of Morgan and Fredric, smirked, swirling her glass of wine, "Why don't you tell us how you did it again? I find the story very interesting~"She's always hated that pompous Damon, thinking he is above everyone just because he is good at business.When the opportunity came to make jest of him, she couldn't pass it up!Jason smiled knowingly and skimmed over what happened in a mocking tone, "It wasn't easy to infiltrate the Highlife group as an employee. Damon refused me so many times, mumbling about qualifications and whatever but I didn't give up! He eventually gave me a lowly Job as a clerk. What a b*st*rd!""Once I got in, his downfall was already set in stone. It took less than a month to bribe the important staff and frame the idiot. Ha, you should have seen his desperate face when he was being dragged away by the police.""He made, I, a Vandergeld, do menial work and now he has paid!" He chortled wickedly and all present joined in heartily."What's so funny?!" Damon's voice thundered as he approached the gathering angrily.Jason was so startled that he started coughing from being choked by his own spittle. When did he return from prison? Shouldn't he be locked up?"Answer me!""How could you all do this to me?! Especially you Jason, I trusted you!"Every word Jason said earlier was like numerous knives stabbed into his heart.He couldn't believe his dear younger brother, he entrusted so many things from the company, plotted his downfall.They had such a good sibling relationship in the past. Was it all fake?Henrietta was the first to snap out of shock. She was livid."Why are you here, spouting nonsense? I forgot to tell the guards not to let this trash in. Leave this place at once!""Guards take him out! Never let him near us again!" She spat harshly.At this point, Damon was way over his head and didn't cease his approach, "Why would my own family sabotage my life's work?!""Who is your family? Let me remind you, you are not of Vandergeld blood you ungrateful wretch, don't you dare bite off more than you can chew. The difference between you and I is like earth to heaven. We were never family!" Jason looked at Damon with disgust."You dare have the guts to associate yourself with our great family? Keep dreaming!" Lacey sneered provocatively.Jermaine wore an ugly frown. Why is this stupid man so hard to get rid of? He was just a pawn for his benefit till now, how dare he spoil the merry mood.At this point, the guards finally appeared."Seize him and throw him out of here!" Jermaine commanded.Damon tried to escape them but he had no strength against their numbers. He was caught in no time.Grandpa Edward looked at Damon with extreme disapproval, "You fugitive, are a stain to our prestige. From now on, you are expelled from this Vandergeld family."Damon chortled in self-mockery. What a buffoon he has been!When he was adopted by Henrietta and Jermaine, it only took a moment to realize that they didn't care for him at all.In fact, they had adopted him just to get a larger share in the Vandergelds' assets because of their ability to bear any children after many years. In their eyes, he was nothing more than a tool.After a miracle, Jason was born and he instantly became the apple of their eyes and his maltreatment became even worse.He was no longer their hope but now a competing factor for their biological son.Despite the harsh environment, he still succeeded and created Highlife group. Coincidentally, his parents suddenly started treating him quite well.He thought it was because they were finally proud to have him as their son and relaxed in their newfound warm relationship without realizing they were plotting his downfall.He thought they had finally accepted him. How ridiculous!Damon spoke bitterly, "I built the Highlight group so you could acknowledge me and be proud of me. Most of the profits have been invested in the Vandergelds assets and with my help, they've prospered. Did I deny you anything? Isn't my hard work for our family's benefit?""Why didn't you think of the fact that I wasn't family when you requested numerous gains from my success? Why did you acquire a company that isn't the Vandergelds before expelling me? You greedy pigs!""How dare you bankrupt me and throw me into a debt of a million dollars?!!!"Pow!The sound of hand aganist his face was resounding.Henrietta retracted her hand, stinging from the heavy slap, "What gives you the right to chastise us? Is there something wrong with your brain? It's only thanks to Vandergeld's wealth and resources that you've been able to grow from being a street rat therefore everything you've achieved belongs to us. You have no say on it.""We gave you those wings and we can also cut them down!"

Chapter 2 - Expelled

Damon’s face ached with pain but not as much as his heart did at that moment. So in their twisted minds, their fake goodwill in the past holds reason enough to destroy him."Let me go. I want to get my things." He steeled his tone referring to the guards holding him down.He addressed the Vandergelds, "You are all right, I'm not a part of your family. I'll never be part of such a family full of backstabbers and white collar criminals!"Edward frowned, "What belongings? You shall not take as much as a pin away from this mansion, everything you've ever gotten since you came here belongs to my family!"Damon was short of words and mentally exhausted. Tears threatened to fall from his eyes but he held back, he would never give them the satisfaction of seeing him in such a vulnerable state.However, Jason could tell that Damon was about to break down because they were very close in the past and he&#


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