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Toxic Marriage

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"You won't expect love from me and will please me whenever, wherever I want." *** What will happen when Christian Elvis, a person with a golden heart tainted black marries Sophie Skye, a normal girl just to fulfill his lust and a promise he made to someone dear to him and turn their marriage which can become salvation for them into nothing but a mere show of lust? They were different, he knew she was his since the moment she was born but she didn't. Even knowing that he began to hate love and turn their bond, which can be the eternal source of gratification into a dusty tomb. Because someone, who isn't meant for him, cheated on him. What will happen now? Can Christian love his wife? Will Sophie allow this marriage to be more than mere contract?

Chapter 1

In the busy streets of the city, I reached my workplace late, not because I wanted to but because I missed my bus. I tiptoed and entered the grocery shop silently but I was caught by Edward; the manager who was giving me a death glare. I gulped and passed him a smile,

"Good Morning," I greeted. He scoffed and left and I let out a sigh and went to my counter.

Since we don't have enough money to pay for my education because all the money is spent on the medical expenses of my brother. I have just completed my graduation and now I am doing an accountant's job.

Let me introduce myself, I am Sophie Skye. I turned 21 just a few weeks ago. I have an hourglass figure with a fair complexion. I have long brown hair accompanied by my hazel eyes.

My mother, Amelia Skye, gives home tuition to elementary kids. My brother Eugene Skye has been in a coma for the past 3 years, he is my twin brother. The money I earn is spent on my brother's treatment and the money my mother earns is spent on home expenses. It's not like we are in a state of crisis. We are doing just fine.

I was working, as usual, even though I don't like this job but I have to work hard. I give it my all. To be honest, I want to become an English Professor. I want to do a Masters in English Literature but it seems like fate has something else in store for me. It's not like I can do anything about it.

I sighed deeply and continued my work but I felt a presence behind me and saw my boss Edward. I flashed a smile and asked,

"Do you need anything, Sir?"

"No, I want to give you this." He said as he handed me an envelope. Hoping deeply that it might be the bonus check but it was something I never expected.

"You are dismissed," Edward said. My lips began to quiver in horror as I never thought that I'd be fired.

"Please don't do this, Sir," I said, praying that he might understand.

"I can't." He said and gave me a sympathetic look. "Why?" I asked.

"Why? You are coming late for almost a month. Last time, you gave me the wrong quotation. And you haven't given me the recent one too," He continued to scold me as I almost cried.

"I am sorry." He said as he turned away and left. I bit my lips to stop myself from crying and took my stuff and left for my home.

Now that my job is gone, all the expenses will be upon my mother.

I took a deep breath and entered. I saw mother cooking lunch, she tilted her head in confusion and asked, "You're home early." I nodded and hugged her. She chuckled and kissed my forehead.

"I have lost my job," I said as her eyes widened in shock. She shook her head 'no' and I shook my head 'yes'. She began to pant,

"Oh my God, What will happen now?" She said worriedly. I hugged her and said, "I will search for a new job tomorrow. Don't you worry" I said reassuringly. She took a deep breath and said, "I believe in you." I smiled back.

It's night and I am laying in my mother's lap having a feeling of solace that calms my very soul. She runs her hands in my hairs as I snuggle closer to her,

"Sophie.." Mother trailed off. I hummed in response as she continued,

"Have you ever thought about marriage?" She asked. "No, I didn't. I can't leave you guys behind." I said. I sat up and looked at her and said.

"I won't marry until I'll assure a better medical treatment for Eugene and a big house with lots of servants, including me, to take care of you." I smiled widely. Mother hugged me and said, "Oh, my love." I giggled and spoke up again.

"Besides, I am very much interested in meeting the Knight Aunt Eleanor told me about." We both chuckled and my mother replied, "Maybe that Knight is coming for you?". "I hope so." I chuckle,

'A knight will descend for you..' I mumbled and slept in my mother's embrace.

The next day, I was getting ready for work. I went to a library in search of a job as a receptionist but was rejected. I search for a job in a couple of places but to no avail. I even gave an appeal for a job in the Employment Center.

After spending the whole day, I came back, Mother smiled and came to me. I hugged her and went to my room because the mother was giving her tuition classes to the kids. I sighed and plopped myself on the bed. I stare at the ceiling feeling utterly helpless.

I shouldn't feel low in just one day. I should search for a job and believe that one day, I will get a decent job.

The next day, I have no choice but to apply to whatever job is available. After wandering aimlessly in the streets, I came back in the evening being jobless...

1 Month Later:-

Becoming depressed that we are short-hand on money and I am still jobless. Since Eugene's medical expenses are far more important, we have to compromise with our home expenses. Mother's money is not enough to run all this.

Our money was equally distributed, we don't have any savings either.

I am feeling so powerless that I can do nothing but search for a job.

Today, once again, In a dire need of a job, I left home. I prayed from the bottom of my heart that I would get a job today.

After struggling for a while, I received a call from the Employment Center.

"Hello," I said.

"Hello, Miss Sophie Skye?" She asked.

"Yes, I am," I replied.

"There's a job in the hotel Amber One. They are offering the job of a waiter." She explained.

"I'll take it." I firmly said and she cut the call saying that she'll tell me the details. Amber One, it's a five-star hotel, I am sure that I might get paid generously, not too much.

I was shouting and running around the house in glee that I had gotten the job. I grinned and hugged my mother, "Finally!" She hugged me back and asked,

"What about the salary?"

"It's not as much as the previous one but it's fine. There’s a difference between an accountant and a waitress" I replied monotonously. She nodded and we both began to have dinner.

The next day, I woke up early and tidied up and left for work after receiving blessings from my mother.

The day before, I even went to see Eugene to tell him that his sister finally got a job.

I reached my workplace and my hand began to sweat in nervousness, the hotel was unimaginably big and luxurious. Of course, It will be lavishing.

I walked in and asked the receptionist,

"Hello, I am Sophie Skye, I have been offered the job of a waiter here." She passed me a smile and said, "Give me a minute." I smiled back.

After a few seconds, she said, "Come with me." I nodded and left with her.

She gave me a uniform and gave me instructions and left. I took a deep breath and wore the uniform. It is a green skirt with a white buttoned shirt. I walked out and saw a girl wearing the same uniform as me.

She walked closer and flashed a smile at me. I smiled back as she asked,

"New?" I just gave her a nod. "I am Candice Whale. What's your name?" She asked. "Sophie Skye." "It's a beautiful name." She complimented. I smiled and said 'thanks'.

I then left for work. The day went normal and I worked hard. This time, I will give it my all, just like before... Anyways, I should be happy that I am not jobless anymore.

It's been months since I have been working here. Today we are told that there's going to be a party tonight and if anyone is willing to have a night-shift will receive a bonus and obviously, I agreed so does Candice.

Even though they have enough waiters, whatever the reason was, I don't care about it since I am getting paid.

And at night, I was working as usual. I went to the restroom and saw Candice. She motioned me to come closer. She tittered and said,

"Have you seen that brown jacket guy? Just look at him, dude." I put my hand over my mouth to suppress a laugh and nodded.

A guy with a strange yet funny accent and the way he eats is hilarious. We laughed a little and Candice said,

"They think money is everything." She said bitterly. "Money is everything," I said because I know the importance of money. She looked at me and said, "No, it's not." She argued.

"You can't buy happiness with it." She said again.

"But you can give your mother a big house with money and pay for the expensive medical treatment for your brother so he might be able to recover," I said as an empty laugh escaped my lips. She gave me a sympathetic look and patted my back.

"I am sorry." She said,

"It's okay, don't worry about it." I smiled as I left for work.

It's been six months since I've been working in the hotel. My shift starts from 12p.m to 6p.m. It's like a loop of changing shifts every six hours.

Just like every other day, I came back from work. I returned home and saw no kids. I raised my eyebrow and called,

"Mother! I am home!" Mother quickly ran to me and began to pant. I held her shoulders worried.

"What happened, Mother?" I asked, tensed.

She took a deep breath and said, "Someone is here to meet you." Being perplexed as to why she was panting about such a trivial thing. I went to see the person.

There are two men; well dressed and obviously wealthy. I remained still because I don't know any rich guy. Regaining my posture, I smiled radiantly at them and walked closer,

"Good Evening, You need me?" I asked modestly. They hummed in response. That's rude.

I took a seat and asked, "Well, Why are you here?"

"We are here to ask for your hand in marriage for our Boss; Christian Elvis."


Hey Lovies, Thanks for giving my story a chance, I hope you will like it. If you do. Don't forget to let me know~ Your support would mean a lot.

Chapter 2

"We are here to ask for your hand in marriage for our Boss; Christian Elvis."

I blinked and said, "Come again?" Thinking I might have heard wrong. "We ask for your hand in marriage for our boss; Christian Elvis." I remained stoic. I just can't comprehend it.

"Christian Elvis? The Billionaire who divorced his wife a few years ago?" I choose my words cautiously not to anger them by talking bad about him. They just gave me a nod. And my whole being stopped when I heard that. My mind became hazy as the mystifying clouds filled my mind.

"Why?" That's the only question I can ask.

"He requires a beautiful and innocent girl. And we believe that you are perfect for him." Upon hearing this anger took over me as I stood up and glared at them.

"Well, I refuse this proposal. Now, Please kindly leave." I said trying to not sound rude despite the fact that I want to kick them out.


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