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"I am with Eric, he has always been mine from the start, long before you brought your ugly self into the picture, stay away from him or you will regret turning a blind eye to this warning." Nicole Shanton fell head over heels for Eric the first day she met him, she got involved and married Eric regardless of his conditions; she donates her blood to his mistress, Wendy. However, Nicole wasn't aware Wendy was his mistress until she got a threat message from her. Will she divorce Eric? Or will their love story deepens? Find out in this interesting story.

Chapter 1

Nicole's pov



The water from the shower echoes in the puddles of the wet ground.

Careful not to slid, I tiptoe out of the bathroom, barely holding the towel around my chest and the one in my hair.

Since I was in a hurry, the towel shifted a bit, covering my left eye, obstructing my view that I had to rely on one eye after being unable to decide which of the towels I should let go.

Can't remember the last time I washed my hair. The last few days have been hell lotta busy for me and finally I get to rest and spend time with my husband.


My stomach nibbled at the thought of him, Eric. Well, I guess I miss his face already, he left early this morning for some business sh*t I don't give a f*ck about.

So, I'm gonna be just here prepping myself up whenever he shows up he would see how beautiful his wife is, aish… I slapped my cheek softly, shaking off the naughty thoughts I was beginning to have.

My hands delved into the towel and as I continued with what I was doing I heard my phone vibrate. I stopped what I was doing at once and glanced at the dresser where my phone was laying.

It was a message from Eric, speak of the devil!

Oh, he misses me already? Well this is new. I mused softly as I picked it up. My eyes peeked at the message and my face changed instantly.

'Hey babe, Wendy needs you right now, sadly it has started again, please come to the hospital and donate your blood.' Were the contents of the message.

I gloped at the contents in utter bewilderment, f*ck*ng kidding me!!

And here I was thinking this was a sweet message, have he ever appreciated me for once? Huh!

My insides made a tiny rumble and as if that was not enough another message came in, infuriating the shits out of me.

Of-course! After the ridiculous message he sends me money, I donate my blood to Wendy who only God knows what kinda business they have with each other he sends me a bribe.

I have been married to Eric for a year now but there's not a month passed without me repeating the same routine of donating blood to Wendy. So many times I've tried to make myself believe that I was doing it out of love for my husband but not anymore.

Not after finding out Wendy was doing it on purpose, she usually gets sick twice a month but now it's weeks and I feel she's doing it on purpose. I feel this sudden anger surge in my veins each time I see her so close to Eric.

Not that I am a nagging wife but some things ought to be cleared, I am the wife but would I sound crazy if I say she sees Eric more than me?

Totally nuts!!



I cracked, laughing bitterly at myself, I couldn't continue with drying my hair as he just succeeded in ruining my mood.

Like tiny breaths I suckled in my anger, bits by bits. Still I felt pained, pained that I was married for one sake, Eric is only attracted to me because of my blood.

Ftshh…. I wiped the mucus threatening to fall from my nose and left my current position to stand before the mirror, staring at my pathetic self.

"You are an amazing woman, brilliant, rich and loyal. You shouldn't let petty things—" a slight groan skipped out of my throat, yes I'm really not doing this, I shouldn't take sh*t from nobody.

I'm tearing off and it's eating me so deep inside, I need to voice out my pain else it will eat me whole, I have to. My face fell in a frustrated sigh.

Phew… I drew out a tired sigh, puffing out some air from my mouth. My face lifted up, gawking at the innocent mirror who had done me absolutely no harm other than showing me how pathetic I was.

I threw my hands up in a fit to smash the mirror but I fell down and struck in pain, taking my frustrations out on my hair until it was a total mess. As much as I hate doing this I can't just stay without doing nothing.

I picked myself up and rehearsed my mantle again, "Nicole, you are an amazing woman" I smiled weakly at myself, "you shouldn't let petty things get to you, you should be strong and remain loyal, caring and forgiving to your darling husband."

I repeated those words till I was calm and serene, my weak smile now replaced with a broad one. With slow strides I peeked into my walk-in closet, running my hands on every fibre of clothing I walked passed.

And somehow it felt nice. The sweet smell of new clothes, brand's decor and beautiful dresses always reminds me of how happy I was moving into Eric's house.

Years ago I was one to judge a book by its cover but the first day I set eyes on Eric I knew that book definitely has a chapter of me inside, if not lots. My youthful days were extravagant and fun, everyday was planned but that day it was a different time setting entirely.

As if God answered my wishes, I stumbled onto Eric on a street carnival. I am not one to go to such an event but Harlo insisted I do this one thing for him so I went with his company.

The weather was rough and dusty but it was good for the environment, it gave the carnival an even more lovely sight and for the first time I loved it. The crazy costume, extravagant dressings and also this man who kept on dodging every lady that walks his way.

Eric, he caught my attention by just doing that, ignoring the girls and focusing on his drink. Shoving my pride and all wannabe attitude away I walked to him, pretending to slip and as expected he caught me and helped me to a chair.

Even when he was a length away from me I could still pick his smell, his sweet alluring cologne drifted into my nose like some pined red grapes, I couldn't take in more of him so I initiated a conversation.

"Such strong hands to make a woman fall at one catch," I complemented and he gave me a crazy expression, causing me to stutter. "T-hank you, I mean," I slurred, boring my eyes into his.

"But are you okay? You shouldn't get drunk in an environment like this," he cautioned, his voice laced with concern.

"I'm not drunk, I–" biting my lips slowly, I searched his eyes for hidden emotions. "Just fell under your hot gaze," I muttered, not taking my eyes away from him even at the least second.

He furrowed his brows at me as if processing my words, "ohh, my bad.." he chuckled softly and paused abruptly, "was that supposed to be a joke?" His lips twitched to a side and I fought the urge to kiss him.

"Hahahaha, it is now" I said, laughing awkwardly.

"That was awkward, I am Eric, Eric Ferguson, can I buy you a drink?"

My lips twisted into a smile, "Yeah! Yeah, I mean sure," I did a small laugh and stared at him.

His eyes held mine in long depths, sweeping whatever worries that clogs my mind if I ever had any. His smile travelled wild and far into my imaginary eyes slowly that I felt ignited.

I have never maintained such eye contact with a man before but somehow I enjoyed it.

If I were to describe his eyes I would say they were a dull mug of chocolate brisked with milk and a tiny twinkle at the pupils, his face was chiseled giving his jawline a perfect look and staring at his lips makes me want to crush mine into them in the slightest.

"Are you okay?" He asked, searching my eyes for answers. Even his voice sounded so deep and appealing, "you sure you're not drunk?" He asked again, this time in a different tone.

I shook the thoughts off and chuckled, "drunk?" I scurried my face in a pretty shrug, "totally not, but I guess I will soon." With my eyes eating deep into his I'm d*mn sure he knew what I meant with that.

"I like you. You're interesting to talk to, you shouldn't be all alone in here," he said mindlessly, staring at my face.

"I am interesting to talk to, that's new," I giggled like a shy teenager. "What kinda girls have you been conversing with Mr Eric?"

"Tsk!" He clicks his tongue, staring into the crowd as if thinking about it. "The kinds who only know how to start a conversation by saying an hello, pretty boy, wanna hook and whatnots—"

"Oh my God! How ridiculous!" I didn't know when I let out my laughter.

"There's more but I'm gonna stop there so you shouldn't get embarrassed."

"Why would I?"

"They're your gender and it's so not nice listening to a discrimination about them, right?" I gave him a dull look and he stifled a laugh. " Come on, It should be in the girl code."

I snatched his drink from him and emptied the contents in a go, "share with me your discrimination, hello can I decide what gender to be referred to as?"

"You're crazy, no way!" He said playfully and turned away.

"Mrs Nicole?" A voice called my name followed by a cold hand grasping my shoulder. I sniveled, falling back to the mundane world.

"Mrs Nicole, are you alright?" Madam Harper, the cleaner asked and I managed a small smile, staring over my shoulders.

"Yeah, when did you come in?" I said, hiding my face so she wouldn't know I was crying a while ago.

"Just now, I looked everywhere and saw that this door was open, I'm sorry to have startled you."

"Oh no," I managed a smile, "I was expecting you anyways, did you bring them?" I had my back turn to her as I asked.

"They are laying just on your bed, will leave you to dress Mrs Nicole, the dress will look so good on you." She smiled and I reciprocated, turning my head slightly to glance at her.

"Thank you madam Harper, I will send something to you through the driver," I told her and she nodded. Till I heard the door creaking I didn't turn to face her, I heard her scampering feets fading away and let out a cold shudder.


I skipped to the bedroom and just as she said the dress was laying on my bed, I brought it out instantly and sniffed it.


I hummed, taking it out of its pack and my eyes dazzled at the sight of it, "just what I wanted." I said in a sing-song voice.

A smile perched on my lips as I placed it on my body checking the mirror if it truly fits.

Phone chimes…..

I put the dress down to look at my phone and was dumbstruck at what I saw. It was a message with a photo attached to it and shockingly the sender was Wendy.

When I clicked on the new message icon what my eyes captured first was the picture she sent. My fingers were already pinch zooming the picture for clarity.

"F*ck*ng not!! No!" I screamed at nothing, my heart made a terrific dribble, not ready to digest any of it.

A photo of Wendy on a bed naked together with Eric!! Not possible! This is a fake, she's trying to mess with my head, right?


As much as I tried to calm myself and make myself believe it was a photoshop my heart wasn't ready to accept it. I would definitely know a photoshop when I see one and obviously this wasn't one.

Conniption gripped me the moment I realised that. Bees of sweat gathered on my forehead and with each breath I suckled in, my heart fell into a mighty loop.

As if that wasn't harsh enough there was a message attached to it. A heart wrenching one.

"I am with Eric, he has always been mine from the start, long before you brought your ugly self into the picture, stay away from him or you will regret turning a blind eye to this warning."

Oh my God, oh my God… my knees quivered sending shocking waves into my system. I needed to hit something, anything at all!! I threw my eyes everywhere searching for the perfect object and it fell on my bedpost.

With mighty leaps I made for the dresser, clearing out every piece of object there but It wasn't enough. I carried my bed lamp and smashed it on the floor creating a huge mess.


The objects kept flying in the air and landing on the floor, creating a huge noise but I didn't care. I just wanted to throw everything and if that will make me feel alright then so be it.

"Ouu.." I striked in pain, holding my bleeding hand as I broke down on my knees. Hot streaks of tears slid down my cheeks blinding my vision, I pushed my hand under my nose, wiping off the mucus penetrating it.

"I've done all I can, yet you choose to hurt me—" my voice scotched. I sneaked my eyes to take a second glance at the photo and started sobbing again, this time rendering my throat dry.

How much of it did I miss for my life to take a drastic turn like this?

Tum.. tum.. was the beating of my heart.

Slowly, I snuck my hand to my chest and held it so tight that I could feel the pains reaping out in my hand.

What did I do so wrong? I complied with all his needs, I married him because of my undying love regardless of his outrageous terms. Damned everyone just to be with him and this is what I get? Donating blood to a woman that sleeps with my husband under my nose?

They really did play me, huh? I guess I was just a tool, a solution to his mistress ailment.


I blew a strand of hair away from my face and chewed on my lips throwing caution to the air. Am I really important to him as he says? Do I even mean anything to him?

I guess not. He's just with me cause of Wendy, I have Rh blood and that's what he needs, not me. Not my d*mn sickling love but my blood—


I raised to my feets and picked the dress madam Harper brought and smiled at it like a clown. My fingers admired the embodiment and next I grabbed it between my hands and ripped it apart, turning it into many shreds.

I grasped my phone, clicked on Eric and started typing, 'I can no longer take any of your shits Eric, I want a divorce!' I clicked send and threw the phone away falling back to my bed in tears.

Chapter 2


"Nicole Stanton!!!! How dare you” a familiar voice yelled and I froze. My heart was throbbing in my ears, loud and irregular, but I barely heard it, for my mind was clouded with fear.

Feeling as though something has walked through me and left me numb shaking I strain my neck to look at him. His eyes burned with rage and he struggled with the door, rushing towards me.

"You shouldn't take your anger out on her, you fucking wanted those divorce papers!" He yelled, brushing past me to check on Wendy. His hands graced her cheeks softly and she stifled a cry, causing him to shoot me a glare. "What did she ever do to you, why the hell did you hit her?" His tone was harsh and he came at with full anger looming on his face.

I opened my mouth to shout back cause I wasn't his freaking wife anymore but my voice betrayed me. The only word I could utter was his name, "Eric–" my voice quivered as I still found it out of pl


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