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Tonight we are young

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Love doesn't work the way people thought! Melissa Harts happened to be a victim of a confused and frustrating love triangle. As a young adult, she had to struggle over the urge of pretending to love a playboy, billionaire, and the favorite legitimate son of his father. Loving Williams Hughes eventually turns out to be her worst punishment. Been caught in the painful web of love, should she pardon love or despise love?

Chapter 1

Melissa wakes up with a The start, sweat rolling down her face as she turned to the left side of her bed to look at her table clock on top of the chest only to notice it had been turned off about an hour ago. She knew of only one person that could turn off an alarm still sleeping and that was her, Melissa Harts the good-for-nothing funny-looking nerd.

That Monday happened to be the first day at 'Loyola University in Chicago as a punctual person, but screw that she was worst at keeping time which was why she did set up an alarm, still, her butt was stuck on her bed.

Great news! Melissa still had her *ss in school because of her dancing talent and my great love for music and literature. She was given the privilege to get a scholarship or be paid.

"Melissa come off that room or I drag you to your new school in your pajamas " Nikolas yelled from the dining room.

Nikolas, her evil stepdad! If her life was a story she did say he would the villain a very horrible one. The same evil person that came into her late mother's life nine years ago only to take her away forever. He promised her life would never be the same which he did, Melissa's biggest shock was why on earth would he send her mother to an early grave.

"Goddamit! F*ck*ng come down here, or you will have to walk 30 minutes to school".

Ignoring him was the best she could do after she found out he gets p*ss*d when ignored and she gladly used that as her best weapon against him. She stepped off her duvet lazily as the cool morning breeze kissed the exposed part of her body, she forgot she went to bed in her undies.

"Good morning loser" she greeted her reflection as she faced the mirror "Yep! My eighteen years old *ss still refuses to get big, oh how I love Nicki Minaj".

Within thirty minutes she was out, dressed in a brown jumpsuit, a black boot with a matching black hat. She didn't care about make-up, even if she hides her freckles with the foundation her miserable red hair would eventually show its mocking color.

The new Melissa had no time for b*llsh*t if anyone cares to mock her they can, for all she cared about was getting a fat butt, being skinny was the worst body statue ever.

She grabbed her bag and some money knowing she can't walk to school, at least not in one of her best outfits. Everything she needed had been neatly arranged in her bag, she doesn't want to miss anything including her pepper spray.

I know it's somehow weird but who cares.

"Care to starve or grab something to eat" Nikolas grunt as he walked past his stepdaughter heading to the door with the car key.

Melissa eyed the well-prepared good-looking meatballs in an attractive plate, a glass of orange juice with a red apple placed by the small side of the tray. For a moment she wanted to snap out of her dream but she remembered she had woken up almost an hour ago, and besides, Nikolas's morning face look too dull to be in her dream. It was usually his ugly-looking face with a dagger offering her to marry a blonde hair dude she only knew in her dreams.

"No thanks," Melissa finally said as she walked out to him "I rather starve than get poisoned".

He replied to her comment with a grunt that she was glad about, heaven knew she doesn't have the time to start an amazing argument with him.

Melissa wonders when he would let her be on her own, she is now an adult! An eighteen years old lady, not a kid. Although he said her apartment would soon be ready and he would go to Oklahoma.

Why on earth do my nemesis have to get stuck with me!

The ride to school appears to be a silent one, not side glance, no sarcastic statement, not annoying music just silent and she wishes for it to remain like that.

"Have the worst day" She yelled immediately I slammed the car door.

Melissa knew her stepdad hates it but she just wants to piss him up for dragging her out of her life in Oklahoma only to bring her into the sh*t hole Chicago. She misses her old room, the room she had to use since she was a baby. She missed spying on her neighbor who loves taking pictures of her cute dog Williams, she misses the dog too.

She walked in happily, lucky for her all she needs to do had been done except locate my locker and supposed new friends.

My best part!

She clashed with a blonde girl on her way to keep her things, she was going to say sorry and walk away but things got messed up immediately they got to their feet.

"Watch it redhead" she yelled "I bet your hat is making it difficult to see".

"What the f*ck was she thinking?" A tiny-looking girl beside her sneered.

Melissa then noticed there were like their own crew which she just wants to ignore. One thing she had told herself before gaining the scholarship was that she would never let anything or anyone make her lose it or she would become a dropout.

The Red hair Melissa happily and genuinely ignored her, picked up a violin and herself then walked away. Before she could count four-step she stumbled against the wall and fell hard again on her butt, but she was sure she looked clearly before she moved.

"I would love to have my shirt still pink and not red". A rusty male voice jeered.

She raised her head to lock eyes with the most beautiful creature on earth, her lower lip and hat fell as she began to imagine all sorts of stupid things. His blue eyes starring dagger into hers, his mouth fell slightly open as he kept on watching like he had seen a ghost or something.

"Seems like a nerd forgot to bring her contact lens to school" the blonde girl cooed as she walked towards the human wall Melissa had hit "Are you okay Williams".

There was something about the way he was looking at Melissa like he knew her before or there was something strange about her.

"Oh great!" She muttered "My hair and horrible face".

Melissa snatched her hat, put it over her hair, and gathered her things, she felt something grip her arm as she tried to walk past them to her supposed music class.

"Be careful or you break" Williams said coldly "I'm will have my eyes on you". He turned to his blonde girlfriend and smiled "let's get you to class Karen".

With that they walked away, Melissa couldn't take her burning eyes of them and that was the most annoying part.

Who does he think he is to watch me or break me!

If it wasn't that she doesn't want to get into any problem on her first day in college, she would have turned her violin straight, shove it down his throat and slam his head against his blonde girlfriend's own.

"Ignore them" someone touched her shoulder from behind

"I just did" She replied absentmindedly.

"They do that all the time, bully us". The person continued.

Melissa stared at the stranger's eyes and felt slightly jealous immediately, she looked like an angel same as the other three girls with her. Or should I say they look like fairies?

She stood still trying to see if they could vanish Into the thin air but hell no, they stood still smiling. The one in the middle reminded her of her mother with her golden hair and blue eyes, she wonders where she got her disgusting red one from.

'Maybe my dad!' Oh, how she hates him.

"I know I look weird" she giggles "My name is Samantha, Sam for short".

"I wish people call me by my real name Leah but they call me lame," another girl said, her honey brown curly hair bouncing as she shakes her head. Her s*xy spooky brown eyes lit as she turned to the next girl.

"I'm Molly," She said calmly, her sweet soprano voice made it sound like she was singing. Her Black and little white birthmark hair were neatly parked in a ponytail as her lovely sliver eyes sparkled as she removed Melissa's hat from her hair smiling she extended her pale arm for a handshake.

Melissa didn't hesitate, she took Molly's hand in hers and shook it gently still watching them hoping they would pop off. She sincerely wishes she could ask one to assist her in massaging her butt, but like she had broken something from the great fall.

"Welcome to the losers club," Molly said as she shows Melissa's hat to her "I think you have a very unique color of hair and breath-taking freckles why cover it in shame".

It stung badly, the red hair knew! She had always pretended to be bold but deep down she hates her face and hair color. She forced a sheepish smile as she took back the hat and covered her hair blinking back the tears burning in her eyes.

"Thanks, guys" she smiled "Pardon my manners I didn't want to believe you were all real".

Sam giggled as she swings her hands happily she lead the way as sang "I know we all look strange".

Melissa laughs as she walked along with them.

"My name is Melissa, but you can call me Mel for short" the phone buzzed her "my alarm. bye guys".

"Meet you at cafeteria opposite the building then" Leah half-shouted as they walked towards their different direction "The lonely pink table at the extreme left".

Melissa looked up to see a middle-aged woman staring at her with her bored eyes, she froze almost scared then she smiled.

"I am Mrs. Benjamin" she smiled professionally, it was obvious she wasn't smiling from her heart "I am your Fathers friend and I teach music ".

Melissa nodded as she was been led into a noisy class which became quiet as soon as the door open. more than twenty pairs of eyes greeted her and she began to shake slightly.

"Hi everyone," Mrs. Benjamin said, "this is Melissa Hart our new student, please make her feel comfortable and be friendly".

They were a few 'yes ma'am' from the class as Melissa shifted her balance from her left leg to my right leg. An empty seat at the end was pointed to her.

"You will sit with Hughes that's the only free seat and he will show you around after this period" She smiled professionally again "You have double free periods so I bet it should be enough to take you around".

Immediately Melissa got to her seat, she s*ck*d in air and almost choked. It was the arrogant guy she meets on her way off her locker.

"Hello loser" Williams whispered "I see you found a little crew".

Poor Melissa stayed still, holding her breath trying hard not to breathe too hard and appear scared or pathetic. Although she was angry and scared that doesn't give him the right to move her hat so he could see her face well.

"Go f*ck yourself Willy" she snorted finally removing her hat and earning a few gasps from the class.

Williams sat still like the red hair had called him a bad name or said a secret about him, a very bad one he never wants anybody to hear.

"Then I will have to f*ck you too" his harsh voice sounded more like a growl.

"Do you have a problem or do you want to explain what I just said to the class, Williams Hughes?" Mrs. Benjamin asked, she crooked her lips and brows as Williams remain silent "Good. I won't have you obstruct my class again today".

She walked briskly to the door before looking back "We will practice with our musical instruments next class".

Before she could turn fully to the board, Williams sprang off his seat making everyone turn in his direction except Melissa, she had been starring at him.

"I need to use the restroom". He said.

"No problem," Mrs. Benjamin said, although she looked peaceful she sounded p*ss*d up "Make sure you report to my office later to tell me why you were distracting my class".

"Noted" he muttered more to himself as he banged the door on his way out.

"Hey Mel" Sam squeaked "over here " she waved at her.

Melissa smiled and made her way towards them through the crowd with her tray of French fries and meatballs, she knows the combination was odd but she loves it that way, besides she had her odd personality.

Before she could make it to their table someone hit her tray from the under sending food flying over my head resting on my hat and body, lucky for the red hair, her face was safe.

"Oops!" Karen smirked "Did I hit something? Oh no!! Your hat seems hungry".

She crossed both hands under her breast as four other girls stood behind her laughing, Melissa looked around to see almost all the people present laughing at her.

Karen moved toward Melissa as her friends follow, she was about to pour her milkshake on my face before Molly came out of nowhere and grabbed it.

"Back of blonde," Leah said "One more move, and we all end in different shapes and different colors".

Karen froze for a moment before she forced a fake smile to her face, she looked back to the rest kids and smirked.

"Did you just say something, Lame" she bluffed "Oh I'm sorry, your low voice must have sounded as Lame and stupid as you"?

From the point of view, a blind person could see Leah about to break Karen, before she could do anything Molly held her. Slowly they all walked back to their table.

"I'm sorry Leah," Melissa said immediately they sat "I'm sorry guys".

Leah smiled sweetly, just like she was never sad thirty seconds ago. She took Karen's milkshake from Molly and began to s*ck it noisily.

"Thanks, guys". Melissa said again.

"It's okay Mel," Sam said "You can do the same for us".

The red hair took the napkin she was offered and began to clean her cloth, first her protection hat. They soon began to eat and talk about random things.

"So, who is the leader of the losers club?" She asked.

Molly burst into laughter holding her chest as tears rolled down her eyes, the rest joined too same as Mel, although she didn't know why they were laughing but she could not let it pass.

"So you took that word intact!!".

"We are friends Mel" Sam answers "We are all the same, we stand for each other".

"Just as you did for me?".

"Yes," she said.

Chapter 2

Another crazy way to stay up late and wake up late too was to think about someone that isn't thinking about you and that sucks like how Melissa has a small butt. She rolled off the bed in the laziest manner she could think about and dashed into the bathroom, before she could pull off her clothes, her phone began to vibrate.

"Hey Mel" Sam giggled "We are close to your house, mind if we pick you up?".

Wow! gest today would be a great day after all.

Melissa looked at the window to see if she could see any sign of them before replying.

"Hell yes!! She will be down soon".

Although she had many things to think about, like how do her losers' friends knew her house or how they got her phone number but the crazy one that kept on popping was Williams's reaction when she called him 'willy' two days ago. She enjoys sitting alone since she has not been at school after their little friendly Discussi


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