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Together Forever

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Bella, a rich and beautiful lady was betrayed by her fiancee and now she has no choice but to marry the man she detest the most in order to save her company. Frank is a Playboy and he's known for his sexual escapades. The only person he wanted was Bella he couldn't get her because Bella hated him.

Chapter 11: A New Frank

Frank's POV


I was at the garage waiting patiently for Fortunate after informing her that I'll be waiting for her at the garage.

I'm a little bit nervous cause I never thought I'll be doing something like this and it makes me wonder if this is how everyone else feels.

I'm happy and scared at the same time, happy cause I'll be having might first actually date with a lady.

Scared cause I never have any experience about any of this and worried that I might mess things up which I really hope and pray that it doesn't happen.

Not long after she came out and I smiled as she come closer to me.

" Shall we?" I said then she nodded affirmative and I open the door for her to enter.

I also entered then ignited the car and drove out.

I drove towards the restaurant silently and no one said a word, I keep stealing glances at her at every chances I got.

Not long after we got to the restaurant then I parked the car the parking lot then we got down and went inside the restaurant.

As we entered the waiter came to us and took us to a vacant table and we followed her to one of the table.

We sat down and the waiter took our orders and left then I decided to say something cause the silence is making me more nervous.

" I should thank you for agreeing to go out with me, so thank you" I said smiling warmly.

" It's fine Sir, though I'm a little bit surprised you called me and I don't think I know the reason for this" she said and I smiled.

" I'll tell you but let's eat first" I said just then the waiter returned with our orders then he set it on our table.

" Bon appetit" said the waiter.

" Thanks" we said in unison.

" Let's eat" I said then we pick up our cutleries and started eating.

" So tell me more about yourself" I said and she look at me for minute before she could respond.

" Well, uhmm... there's nothing much to know about me, I'm just a simple girl trying to make a living" she said.

" Well, that's enough and I think I should stop beating around the bush and go straight to the point" I said then dropped the cutleries.

" I know you must have guessed the reason why I invited you to dinner, so I'll just make it quick" 

" Actually the truth is I like you, I like you from the moment I set my eyes on you, i never felt like that before and this is my first time I'll be professing my feelings to anyone"

" I know this might feels weird to you or maybe too fast but the truth is I can't just hold it that long which is why I'm telling you now"

" It will be the happiest moment of my life if you could agree to court me and I promise to make you happy at all times" I concluded and she was busy staring at me.

I can't believe I said all of that. Woww that's a very huge load but why is she silent.

" Sir, I..."

" Please call me Frank, especially when we are alone and be free with me, express yourself" Frank said.

" Frank, i-i-i seriously don't know what to say, i-i don't think I can accept your feelings" she said and I was disappointed.

" Wh-why?...please make me understand" I said and she heaved a deep sigh.

" I'm not ready to engage in another relationship" she said.

" Another relationship?" 

" I just broke up with my boyfriend after he tell me right to my face that he's no longer in love with me"

" I found out he's a Playboy and he's been deceiving me all this while, he was toying with my feelings"

" I loved him with everything I have and took my love for granted, you will have to forgive me Frank, I can't accept you feelings" she concluded.

" Look, I understand the way you feels but you can't let that stop you from having what you truly deserve which is true love..." I said.

"...and if you give me a chance I promise to cherish you with all the love you need" I added.

" That's what they all said in the first place, they used sweet word coated with honey to get what they want and after they get it, they abandon it" she said.

" I'm not like that , I'm different" I said and she scoffed.

" Really?, you look like a Playboy and I'm very sure you're one, so please that's not that's not the kind of person I want" she said.

" I'm not that kind of person again, I've changed" I said hoping that she believes.

I never thought getting her to date me will be this hard, I mean who wouldn't want to be with someone like me.

I'm Rich, I'm good looking then what's holding her back, I really want her to be mine, she has the quality I need in a woman.

" I'm sorry I'm not ready to get back into any relationship, thank you so much for the dinner and if you don't mind I'd like to be on my way now" she said.

" Thanks for hearing me out, and I'll like you to know that I'll keep trying to convince you that I'm indeed a changed man" I said and she said nothing.

I waved to the waiter who came to our table immediately and I paid for our meal.

" Let me give me a ride back to your place " I said as we stood up to leave.

" Okay"

We went out of the restaurant and entered into my car and I drove off.


Author's POV 


After Desmond drove right in front of Fortunate's apartment, he parked the car and fortunate get down.

" Thanks for today Sir" she said as she alighted.

" I want you to think about my proposal, I really do want you in my life, please" Desmond said.

" Goodnight Sir" she said and entered her house.

As she went in, desmond sighed deeply before igniting the car then drove off to his place.

As fortunate entered she saw her friend at the window looking outside and when she saw Fortunate she withdraw.

" Did he just brought you to your house?" Cynthia asked.

" Yeah, he just did" she replied.

" Wow, so tell me did he asked you out again?" Cynthia asked.

" Yeah and that's where we are coming from" she said sitting on the couch.

" So how did it go?" Cynthia asked.

" As expected, he wants a relationship with me" she said.

" And what was your response?" Cynthia asked.

" I rejected of course" she replied.

" That's good girl" Cynthia said happily.

" Though he confessed of being a Playboy but with the way he talked I think he's a changed man" she said.

" Don't tell me you're actually considering him, you can't fall another victim to someone like him, need to be sure" Cynthia said.

" This is exactly what they all do, they tell you things you wants to hear and after they got what they wanted, they will dump you like trash" she added.

" So what's the next step?.....I already told him NO" She asked.

" don't worry girlfriend, people like them will always come back, if he's indeed serious about you" Cynthia said.

" Okay.....I hope you're right" she said.

" Don't worry, time will tell" 


{Two days later}

Frank's POV


I got dressed and drove off to work but on my way to the office, I went to the bouquet shop to give some flowers to Fortunate.

It's been two days since I asked her out and she refused, that only want me to want her more.

The fact that she's not like many girls out there only want me to get more closer to her, she remind me of Bella they aren't controlled by my handsomeness.

I just wish he accept my feelings on time, Something tells me to keep going after her that I can still have a chance with her.

I got to the shop and ordered for the flowers and have it sent to Fortunate's office along with a note with my name written on it.

After I'm through with the payment I left the place and drove to the company and parked my car at the car park.

I entered my office and my secretary came to inform me of my schedule and I realised that I don't have much to do today.

I wonder what her reaction will be when she see the bouquet of flowers and realized it's from me.

The flowers should've arrived by now and I Know she's going to like it which is more reason why I need to try again today.

Perhaps I can take her to lunch and then tried to convince her again maybe this time around she will consider and give me a chance.

I can't believe I'm going crazy for this girl which is so not like me, the feeling is new, I wonder if this is how others felt when they are in love.

I picked my phone and went out of office praying and hoping that she accept me this time.

Chapter 1: Introduction

My name is Bella Richmond, I came from a very wealthy family, the daughter of Henry Richmond and Evelyn Richmond the owner and CEO of Richmond enterprises.

I'm the only child of my parents which makes me the heir to the company.

My parents are in Nigeria with my dad acting as the CEO in the headquarters while I take over our branch here in the States.

I have a fiancee and his name is Gary Jackson, he just proposed to me few days ago and that was the happiest moment of my life.

I really just hope everything keep going on fine cause I deserve to be happy, I deserve some good things in my life.

I'm Frank Nelson and I live here in the states my parents are in Nigeria while I came here for one reason which is to have fun.

I should leave the details about my family for now but not to worry, it will be revealed very soon.

So let's know more about me, I'm a fun guy actually you can call me a Playboy or whatever I don't care.

Some people do ref


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