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To Love You Again, My Husband

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"Tell me you want me, too”, He grunted, trying hard to control, "Order me to kiss you, Airina.” "Beg me." "What?" She raised her hand to his cheek, repeating her words. “Beg me to want you.” === Jackson Miller Georgiñia is an outlawed man, and Airina was well-aware of that fact. Yet she still grasped the opportunity that was given - marry him. She believed he was a loyal man until she witnessed the back door. She discovered her husband was cheating behind her back. And not only that, he even had the nerve to divorce her. But everything changed after they met again - Jackson didn't want to let her go for he wanted her so bad it makes him frustrated if he hadn't seen her for a moment. Yet however she means to push her ex-husband away, he didn't simply follow along her terms....

Chapter 1: Affair and Divorce

To Love You Again, My Husband

Chapter 1: Affair and Divorce

Currently past eight in the evening.


Airina frowned as her hand twitched. Was she hearing it right? It couldn’t be. She glimpsed the doorknob, unwilling to open it. Did she just hear a woman’s voice inside her husband’s office?

“Ah, Nicole…”

Nicole? Her younger stepsister with her husband, Jackson? No, Airina wouldn’t believe it. There was no way her loyal husband was dishonest with her.

That was her standing until she finally opened the door of Jackson’s office at the continuous moans and grunts of a woman and a man. In an instant, her eyes widened in surprise, and she gaped. The steaks she was carrying on a plate stumbled on the ground – everything she had prepared was ruined.

“Hm…?” A woman reflexively turned to the noise of the door. It was Nicole. Her lipstick was smudged, and she looked like a mess.

Jackson groaned in annoyance. “Seriously, Airina?”

Airina staggered, helplessly staring at them. Rather than terrified at the sight of her, the people in the process of making out angrily sighed.

“Care to be the witness?”

Nicole smirked, pecking Jackson’s neck who groaned. Her husband, Jackson, was having an affair with her stepsister, Nicole.

Jackson spoke demandingly, “Well, either way, there is no perfect time than now to announce that I’ve prepared our divorce agreement.”

He didn’t even wait for her to register what was happening. Airina was speechless. She couldn’t say anything as she didn’t know where to start. Should she begin by asking how long had he been having affairs with Nicole or if she did something wrong that made him decide their separation?

How could Jackson think of divorcing her when she had never done anything wrong?

“W—what are you two doing?”

In between her words, she stuttered. She formed her palms into fists, dumbfounded. This infidelity was utterly shocking.

“Can’t you see we’re making out?” Nicole simply giggled in delight, sitting leisurely on his lap.

Jackson’s eyes glowed with irritation and then gently pushed Nicole away from his lap. “Sign this divorce.”

“When did your affair start?” a demanding question came out of Airina’s mouth.

Jackson touched his forehead. “Get her out of my sight. Such a horrible face would make my night a mare.”

“Jackson!” Airina defended before Nicole could even touch her.

“Get out while I’m being nice!”

Airina warned Nicole, “Don’t touch me!,” Then turned to Jackson, “I had always been a good wife for you. Whether cleaning or laundry, I always tried to make a good impression on you.”

Airina slapped Nicole’s hand on her who winced at the force.

Jackson mocked her with a snicker, “You befitted a maid’s work, you see.”

Airina’s tears fell from her right eye, “Did… did you not feel any affection for me?”

“Dang it, Airina Beverly. When will you realize you wouldn’t, in any way, be of the same league as mine?” he spit his saliva then rose from sitting. “Sign this before I even hit that crying face of yours.”

She initially believed that feelings grew over time but if this was how it turned out, she would never humiliate herself anymore. How come she had been oblivious to her husband’s affair?

Airina peered at Nicole who nonchalantly folded her arms. Airina spoke with conviction, “I treated you like my real sister,” she gulped her saliva. “You… completely fooled me.”

Nicole frowned, “That’s normal,” she seductively smiled at Jackson as she allowed her hand to travel anywhere on his body, “You had always been the stupid sister, after all.”

“Of course, this affair isn’t that surprising. You came from your mother - like mother, like daughter.”

“Airina!” Nicole’s weakness is telling that it was her mother’s fault for breaking up Airina’s parents.

“And yes, I will sign this freaking divorce agreement you wanted, dumbass cheaters!”

While the two speechlessly stared at her who suddenly became defensive, Airina hastily, almost clumsily signed the paper as Jackson wanted. She placed it on Jackson’s desk with a loud thud.

Airina clenched her jaws, “Let me ask you a question, Jackson.”

“I only have a bit of patience-“

“Did you never love me, even for a bit?”

Jackson scornfully commented, “I don’t need to repeat myself, do I?” His eyes contained disdain.

Was being a good wife always been a mistake?

Airina remarked, “I hate that I’ve loved you for years….” She roughly wiped her tears as her heart pounded in grievance. Airina was overwhelmed. “I’m such a fool.”

Upon witnessing her husband’s affair with her stepsister, he promptly gave her a divorce agreement. This is just too much to handle.

Jackson pointed at the opened door, “Now, get out and disappear.”

“Don’t tell me what to do! I will leave on my own.”

“Perfect.” He disregarded the tears she had shed. “You’ve always been obedient, I know.”

“Disgusting…” Airina mumbled then turned away.

Shooed away by the person she loved for five years, Airina was lost. After she stormed out of the office, Jackson closed the door while Nicole followed her behind.

“Rina.” A gentle call.

Airina turned to her. “How bold of you.” She gritted her teeth, furrowing her brows further.

Nicole smirked, winking at her shameless. “You’re leaving just like that? You hadn’t even seen the best part yet.”

Airina flinched and roughly wiped her tears.  

“You’re repeating your mother’s history.” Her words fell and Nicole’s complexion turned sour.

Nicole approached her with the motive of slapping her hard. However, before she could even hit her, Airina blocked her with a tight grab on her arm.

She menacingly threatened, “I don’t do violence, but if you want to see me choose violence, you’ll see the knife in the kitchen right inside your heart.”

“You dare!”

Airina pushed her body away from her, “I dare. You didn’t think of the consequences it’ll bring to you. Have you no shame?”

“Hah! Have YOU no shame?! You stole him from me!”  

Nicole, instead of being terrified, only dramatically laughed at her, even leaning her head backward in disbelief.

“I never stole anything or anyone from you, Nicole…”, Airina wanted to prevent her tears but seeing and hearing these unexpected words from two people she cared and loved, impacted her mental and emotional health.  

Two people she had loved without anything in return blatantly showcased their affair. Airina was dumbfounded.

“You did, you stole everything.” She then aggressively pulled her hands from Airina resuming with emphasis, “You broke my family, I will break yours too.”

Nicole challenged with an amusing tilt of her head. Airina didn’t say anything, she merely used her gaze to intimidate her. It took her a meaningful time to steady her body and replied ambiguously.

“I only wanted Jackson and yet you took him away from me.”

Nicole shamelessly folded her arms, “Let me remind you that you will never obtain what you wanted. Since you’ve broken my family… I will have you beg for mercy. This is the beginning.”

Airina tugged her lips upwards, “And let me remind you, a mere mistress, will never win against the wife.”


“And I will make you pay for your affair.”

“How dare-“

Airina menacingly smirked, “Remember that.”

Chapter 2: On the Balcony

To Love You Again, My Husband

Chapter 2: On the Balcony

After ten months.

Evan squinted his eyes at Airina’s gown – it refined her slender and sexy body that could charm and make a man’s heart flutter.

It was not like he wouldn’t want her to wear such a thing, but men are vicious. Of course, he will do anything to protect his sister.

Evan then frowned, “Anyways, why have you been rejecting Nicole’s calls?”

Airina scoffed at his words, flipping her hair in an annoyed manner. “You know too well what she’d say. It’s either about Jackson or money.”

They turned to the right side of the hall and arrived at where the Founding Anniversary was being held. As such the two greeted everyone, and in the middle of that, Evan and Airina knew the lustful gazes of the men lingering around her, but she heeded no mind.

Evan whispered to her ears, “I think you’re in the spotlight today. Oh,


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