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Seduced by a King

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What do you do when your smoking-hot, billionaire husband is still in love with your sister? Not ideal circumstances. However, your sister lives abroad so you can try and make your husband fall in love with you instead. But what do you do when said sister returns home anfter five years abroad and immediately tries to get back together with your husband? Divorce him of course! Everyone would be happy about that! Your mother-in-law from hell certainly will be. Your sister in law might even do a little happy-dance. Even your own mother would be thrilled that you’re divorcing! But considering you’re divorcing the most powerful man in the city…a man who doesn’t have the words “divorce” or “no” in his vocabulary….it might not be so easy to become single again as you originally thought… because Kings marry for life!





The man I fell in love with when I was barely 17 years old.

The man who looks like Adonis re-incarnated, is wicked smart and more or less, rules Montonia.

The man I married almost 5 years ago.

The man...who still yearns for my sister.

I know. Its such a freaking cliché. The sister and the husband having an affair.

However, this is not quite that-its worse. Because they'd been together forever before. They shared a past.

And I'm the one who developed feelings for my sister's college boyfriend. I couldn't even hide my feelings as a teenager, so my sister, mum and dad had to sit me down and talk to me about how it wasn't really appropriate for me to have those feelings and I definitely couldn't act on them when he was with my sister.


And my already shaky relationship with my sister deteriorated rapidly! I avoided my family for years just to make sure I didn't do anything weird near Carrie and James. But whenever James would show up for an interview on TV or I would see him at events that I couldn't decline, my heart would still race 5 miles a minute. My face would flush bright red and I would immediately start to think....arhm.....dirty....thoughts....about my sister's boyfriend. And feel shame. Again.

However, all this changed 6 years ago when an otherwise healthy Harold King suddenly died from a brain aneurysm. He shocked the entire King family with his will by making demands of his grandchildren if they wanted their inheritance. Being the shrewd businessman he was, Harold was well aware of the fact that his entrepreneurial skills were a genetic trade that all 6 of his grandchildren had inherited, and they were therefore all independently rich and did not need their grandfather's money. But they still needed other things. In James' case, he needed the patent license agreement Harold actually held in his name, if James wanted to expand his business. The only way for James to get the patent license agreement was to fulfill the demands of the will; to get married before he turned 35.

James, having been in love with my sister Carrie since freshman year of college, decided to ask her to marry him. It made sense. They'd been together forever, and it was the next natural step in their relationship.

They (meaning Carrie and my mum) planned the wedding and everything was moving towards a happy future...expect Carrie hadn't shared with anyone that she really wanted to have a career abroad. So when opportunity came knocking two weeks before the wedding, Carrie shocked everyone and took that opportunity and left a Dear James letter behind. My parents had to deliver the letter to James and his parents.

Relieved I didn't have to watch my sister marry my crush, I thought the wedding was canceled. But my social climbing parents came up with the idea that James could marry me instead, since I was single. That way he could get his inheritance and my parents "wouldn't have to worry about me becoming an old spinster" since James would take care of me. Yes, my mother actually said those words about me. Nobody actually asked me if I wanted any of this. I was just ordered to do this.

But I can't complain as the reason for my singledom was due to me being in love with James. No other man ever truly measured up to him.

I managed to get James alone the day before the wedding where I had to sign a prenup, and we talked about expectations and if he actually even wanted to marry me. He had apparently been on several benders since Carrie left and had just then become sober again that morning. He looked like hell.

He told me in no uncertain terms that he would never have feelings for me beyond the sister-in-law's feelings he already had for me. The marriage would, per the will's demand, last at least 5 years before we could divorce, and it would be the perfect marriage in the eyes of the public, so there wouldn't be any questions regarding the will and his inheritance. We would, of course, live together, but not sleep together. I would have to be the perfect wife for him in public, so any affair would have to be discreet and very private. We would not have any children and should Carrie return, I would have to accept that they would most likely be together again.

The crazy part was....despite knowing all this....I went through with it.

I married James King.

Knowing from my mother that Carrie had just signed a three-year contract, I figured I had at least three years to make him fall in love with me.

Because of me, he got the patent, expanded his company globally and became a major global brand and became a billionaire in less than a month.

Today, he rules the city like a true King. And several other cities as well.

Today, he still rules my heart despite not returning my feelings.

Today, he still cyber stalks my sister online and talks about her with his brothers.

Today, my mother called to inform me that her baby girl would finally be coming home after so many years abroad.

Today, I it time to admit defeat and find that lawyer-and divorce the King?

Chapter 1 - Has The Wicked Harlot Returned?

"So she's coming back? The Wicked Harlot of the Kingdom is actually returning to our shores? Should I go to the shed and find a shovel? Get the car ready with plastic covers and zip ties? You know I’m ride or die girl!" My best friend Jonathan asks.

"Yup. Apparently the recession hit South Findol hard last month and she was let out of her contract early. And no! Its too early to have murder on the agenda, John!" I answer him.

Jonathan pours some more coffee into his mug and continues " layman's terms...she was fired. She can't get a new job and have to come back here because she's on a work visa there and with no job, it’s run out?"

"Thats what Im thinking. Mum was a bit vague with the details." I pick up couple of pieces of crispy bacon and place them next to the poached egg and fruit on my plate. I'd invited my best friend Jonathan to brunch to discuss the news my mum so gleefully to


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