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The web marriage

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Synopsis All she wanted was a rich and capable man who could take care of her family overdue debt. Forced into a marriage she never wanted to an overly arrogant husband, to save her family from the rage of the gamble lords her father owed..... Beautiful Karen became the young wife of a ruthless yet generous millionaire well known for his intricate ties with women. A promise from him to her father, to pay off his debts and her freedom restored after all was done, had her rushing to the civil office for a marriage full of web and doom. He only wanted a trophy wife he could flaunt to his business partner.He didn't care how much money it would cost him as long as getting the Russian deal was in sight. He was an affirmed playboy who needed a wife, but he doesn't do love. A decision made from a past scar. Will a marriage based out of personal and selfish desire work? Will both of them be able to deny the obvious attraction they feel towards each other? Will they ever be free from entanglement from this web marriage? Can true love ever make a way between them?. Will Karen ever enjoy her married life without intrusion from women from his past? A suspense filled and thrilling book For your pleasurable reading.

Breaking the news


" Mr Luciano, as earlier discussed In the last phone conversation we had, we'll be only giving out this contract to someone with the responsibility of at least a spouse"said the man in the suit.

" But my company and very self is capable of steering this project to it's fulfillment and I think it's ridiculous that you are stopping this project from meeting greatness just because of my marital status" Luciano defended.

" Well I'm sorry, Mr Pavarotti but that is the only mandate in which our company can foster any cooperation with you for this project. I'll take my leave now"

Luciano watched the back of the man in black suit leaving his office

he was the vice president of the GIP group the biggest real estate group in Russia. He had always wanted to head one or more of their cooperations and probably extend his company wings beyond the shores of America for a very long time and this happened to be the right opportunity but now that it was finally happening, the only barrier in his way was that he was the fact that he was single.

This deal was going to make him mouth-watering billions of dollars and he was not just about to lose out on that. He needed to get a wife. But how?, was what he did not know, as currently he didn't even have a girlfriend moreso a fiancee to get married to, and there was no way he would ask his lousy ex for such a favor, he had only just broken up with her six months ago and going back would mean he regretted his actions and want her back, which was totally not true.

"If only I could get a woman to pose as my wife, then getting this deal would not be a problem" he mumbled to himself. Where would he meet such a woman who is not attached to the love syndrome marriage, because love was what he was not able or even willing to give. Growing up he has always saw a man in love as a weak person not capable of controlling his emotions. He has watched how love had destroyed many men including the one man he loved who had raised him as his own, since the death of his parents in that deadly auto crash, a parent whom he never even knew. His uncle, Andrew Parvarotti, who raised him and Marie had spent all his life loving one woman, a woman who had eventually led him to his dying bed. A mistake he would never make, for no woman would ever have such a power over him. But for now he needed a wife......... and very fast as well.


" Come on Karen, this is for your papa and our family as a whole, you really need to get married to this man your papa is talking about, only him is capable of paying our long standing debt" karen sat on the floor, her chin rested on her mother's lap listening to her mother telling her to get married to someone she doesn't even know.

" Our? Did I just hear you say our? Mama, this is not our, papa got himself in this mess despite the clear warnings you gave him and now you are telling me to take a man I don't even know nor love as a husband just so he could help papa to pay off his debts" she said this time angrily.

" But Karen, my dear, not just your papa but all of us will get in trouble if he can't pay those gambling lord, so please listen to me, my dear" she said while caressing the red head on her laps.

" No mama, this is wrong and I will never marry a man I do not love, it's hopeless" she said defiant.

"But you will grow to love him" her mother replied.

"How? Just how? Even if I eventually marry him what happens when papa gets into a gambling debt again would you also sacrifice Louisiana to a loveless marriage and then Eleanora. Would we all be sacrificed to pay his debts?" She thought of her very innocent siblings, there was no way in hell, would she ever allow them to be subjected to a debt driven marriage. This was so unfair, their only fault were to be born to a man who was a habitual gambler.

" I'm sure, after this he would learn, you are the eldest and the best option amongst you girls. My dearest, your papa already promised never to gamble again " her mother said convincingly.

" Well mama, this is not the first time he has made such promises and never followed through with them" she said, reminding her mother.

" But this time, I can tell he is serious ".

Her mother said, looking into her eyes and smiling. She sometimes wondered what kept her mama strong in a marriage to an addicted gambler. Ever since Eleanora was born, her papa had made it his very mission to spend half of his day in the casino gambling. At first, her Mama had blamed it on his lost job but now it was clear that it was no longer as a result of the job he lost.

Taking a stroll down the bustling city of New York, lost in her own thoughts as the cold winter breeze caresses her face, tossing her hair all over her face. She thought of the dilemma she was about to get herself into. She never planned to marry this early and definitely not into a marriage built without love. A marriage to a man she barely knows, without prior meeting, not even a picture of what he looked like. Different thoughts came running through her mind, thoughts like what if I don't like him?, Or even grow to like him as Mama has said. He was capable of paying Papa's debt but what if he turns me into his slave just because our family owes him money?. And what was his reason for making such a deal with Papa?.

He probably might be an old man, or a divorcee with kids.

What if his children doesn't accept me?.

"Are you blind? Get your sorry ass away from the road, dummy." Came the angry words of an upset motorcyclist, she had merely just avoided being hit by him as she was lost in thought.

" I'm sorry." She muttered walking briskly away from the road.

Shit. She was going to be in a big mess.

Walking into the noisy bar to have a drink.

Shitty days like this needed to be drowned with proper liquor. Luciano walked up front to the bar section of the club.

" A bottle of your hardest gin please".

" Coming right up". Came the bartender reply.

Memories of the meeting he had earlier in the day kept coming to him.

There was no way he was going to let this deal slip past him, he had fought so hard to come to this point and he was not about to give up like that so easily. He could feel the anger brewing within him how could such respectable business men come up with such unreasonable condition. He took a full gulp of the drink placed in front of him by the bar tender, he could feel the burn of the drink seeping through his body immediately washing away the initial anger he had felt.

He easily could have used his actress of a younger sister to pose as his wife except from the fact that almost half the world knew them to be siblings and deceiving smart business men like ones from the GIP group which had been in business for over a decade, wouldn't have been that easy. Another hard gulp from his drink, got him coughing so hard and he decided there and then that it was time to go home. He would rather die in the comfort of his million dollars worth mansion than in a pub. He tossed a few dollar bills on the table and made for the exit of the club.

On getting home, he alighted from his car and walked casually, straight to his front door.

His helper was already standing on the porch waiting to welcome him.

" Welcome home, master Luciano, your..."

" Get Marcella to whip me a proper meal" he said cutting the young maid off from whatever she wanted to say as he headed straight for his room.

The room was pitch black and he made for the light switch, while tossing his briefcase on the king size bed, which he could make out even in the dark. Just as the light came on a shriek erupted from his throat as he saw the figure beside his bed side lamp.

" Goodness!, Roberto have told you it's creepy to sneak into my room when I'm not in. Who even let you in here?"

" C'mon kid, that's no way to welcome your long time no see uncle, and of course, it's lovely Marcella. Who else?"

" I don't need a creep for a uncle, and I won't have you refer to me as kid, I'm way past that."

" Well, your mother was my younger sister and that makes you my dearest nephew a kid to me"

" Save your kid title for Marie, I guess she'll appreciate that more"

" Speaking of Marie, it's been so long I saw my beloved niece"

" That's because others are too busy earning a living." He said matter - of- factly.

" Is she still uptown in Los Angeles acting?" He asked again.

" Goodness Roberto, you should spend more time watching the tv for updates on your so called niece, instead of going around gambling away the family's fortune, and asking irrelevant questions. But I'll indulge you just this once, Marie is in California for a reality show" he said irritated. Roberto has always been that way, indifferent, only showing up when he manages to get himself in trouble.

" Oh yeah, I remember that, she told me that the last time we spoke on phone, I just merely forgot perhaps it's old age. Wait until you are my age kid and see how steep the road of the memory lane is" he said stroking his jaw.

" Now would you please excuse me, I would like to make use of the privacy of my room, the very essence of which it was made"he retorted, looking at his uncle sternly.

" Oh, go on with your business kid, an old man like me shouldn't be a border" he said smiling.

" Well, dearest Roberto, I didn't spend wads of million dollar notes to purchase a house where I'll be inconvenienced" Luciano was not having it.

" You keep sprouting about the money you spent in this goddam house, when I have a penthouse worth fortunes downtown Chicago, you forgetting you're speaking to a landowner son" he said a little upset.

" Well, you cease to be the owner of that penthouse since I bought it off from those loan sharks whose money you gambled".

Darn him for reminding him of the past.

Luciano had spent quite a huge sum to get back the penthouse from those ruthless loan sharks who came to cease the penthouse after he could not afford to pay the debt he owed them from gambling with their money.

"C'mon kid, I had promised to pay you back, infact I just might get lucky. I can feel it deep in my soul that I'm gonna become a millionaire again soon" he replied with dreamy eyes.

" Nonsense Roberto!. No gambler is never a millionaire". He hissed.

" Whatever kid, why you look drain though, business going bad?"he asked concern written all over his face.

" Not exactly Roberto, but it might be soon enough, if I don't find a solution" he said worriedly.

" A solution to what?".

A knock came on the door.

" Yes" Luciano opened the door and saw the young maid from earlier.

" Master Luciano, Marcella would have me tell you that dinner is ready" she rambled in a stiff Italian accent.

" Roberto, you may join me for dinner if you will." He invited nonchalantly.

" But of course if you are asking dear nephew". He said feeling proud. They relationship has been strained for as long as he could remember, so invitations like this were not to be left unaccepted for long.

The dinning area was quite spacious with a large glass table right in the center, surrounded with gold painted chairs with white floral design pattern. In the center of the white celling hung a huge chandelier intricately linked with beautiful white bulbs.

" Atleast you don't get to eat alone today kid" he said knowingly.

" Not like it really was any deal though". Luciano replied. But in all honesty, it was a great deal for Luciano. After Marie had left to pursue her carrier, coming home to eat alone had seem like a nightmare and he had always preferred to eat out, unless on special occasion where he brought home guests or was to tired to eat out.

"You were telling me about a solution of some sort?" Asked Roberto.

Luciano looked at his old uncle dead In the eyes and took in a deep breath.

The Deal


" I'm getting married"

Silence engulfed the room for a while before the deep chortle from his uncle took over the room.

" Kid, you suck at making jokes" he said after a while, before laughing once more.

" I'm serious. I don't know how, but I need to get a wife"

" So you don't even have a fiancee, yet you are talking about marriage . And since when did a misogynist start thinking of marriage?" He said mockingly.

" For the umpteenth time Roberto, I am not a misogynist, I just don't want any woman holding that much power over me". He said feeling angry.

" Because of what happened to Andrew?. Destinies are different kid and........."

" I really don't appreciate the fact that you are trying to change the subject of discussion" Luciano interrupted looking at the old man seriously

" Okay fine, you are getting married.


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