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The wasted wife

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Natasha did not want to leave, but those who wanted her to leave, the husband she respected so much and always glorified, expelled her in front of her husband's extended family just because of a small problem, but when she left, did not any of her husband, in-laws and family look for her, of course, the answer was no, did any of them contact her, of course, the answer was still the same; they did not look for her. It was Natasha who contacted them, but what did she get? None of them answered the phone. Until then the rain fell so heavily, Natasha just surrendered, lamenting the broken marriage, until she closed her eyes unconsciously and mentioned a name that had always been in her heart. What is the story? Will Natasha forgive her husband, Aiden, again?

Chapter 1

Everyone wants to get married, not a forced marriage, but a marriage with a loved one.

Like this girl, married to a man who has been loved, saying holy promises in front of God.

But the marriage that was so coveted was destroyed because there was a third party, not the existence of a second woman, but the arrival of the mother-in-law into his household.

At first, this girl was ordinary. She did not suspect the mother-in-law, but gradually the mother-in-law showed her fangs.

She was tortured, slandered, and even deliberately made this girl gossiped about by her husband's own family.

This girl could only remain silent without resisting the mother-in-law, because of a threat that made her helpless.

She could only cry when her mother-in-law always mocked and demeaned her dignity as a woman and wife, there were also sharp words that made her want to rebel.

But she did not, given her mother-in-law's threat to separate her from her baby.

And her husband did not defend her when she was humiliated by her mother.

Until one unintentional mistake this woman made, made her expelled from the house by her own husband, without wanting to hear her explanation

"What did you do to my Mommy? You deliberately made my mommy's high blood pressure rise and resulted in my mommy being hospitalized, I did not expect my wife to do such a heinous thing to my mommy, you better leave this mansion, and don't ever expect me to look for you or ask you to return to my family life, you d*mn woman!!!" Ushered out the husband, with a cynical and cold remark insulting her as a d*mn.

"I didn't do that, believe me."


The woman cried, hearing her husband's shouting and yelling. Her explanations fell on deaf ears.

And in the quiet night, the rain began to fall. The woman left her husband's mansion, bringing no valuable objects for her life. The husband did not allow his wife to bring anything. Including the baby.


The night was getting late, and the rain was getting heavier. A woman named Natasha Campbell was walking in the rain.

The body was exposed to the rain made her cold. She was unable to withstand the cold on her body.

Her body was getting weaker and weaker, because, during her husband's eviction, Natasha didn't eat at all, only a little bread, which was left by her son.

Natasha collapsed, unable to withstand all the pain in her body, especially her heart. The scars that her husband had incised made her give up and sacrifice all her life, including her pride.

And at that moment, a car passed by, exactly when Natasha collapsed and fell.

A man who was in the car got out, helping Natasha, who was already unconscious.

The handsome man who helped Natasha panicked as he checked Natasha's cold, pale, and weak body.

"Oh my God, lady, are you okay? Be patient, I'll take you to the hospital," the man said, seeing Natasha's weak condition.

The man lifted her up and carried her into his car, not caring about her wet body. All he could think about was that she was almost gone.

Just 15 minutes into his ride, the man, 35-year-old Enrico Ackerley, a leader of the Ackerley group.

He carried Natasha into the hospital, and the nurse on duty took a gurney to place Natasha's body on.

I immediately rushed Natasha into the ICU because her body was in dire condition.

Unfortunately, when Enrico wanted to come into the ICU room, he was stopped by the nurse.

"Sorry, sir, you should be outside the room to make it easier for the doctor to handle the patient," said the nurse.

"But, I," said Enrico, wanting to see Natasha's condition. Cut off by the other nurse's words.

"We ask for your cooperation, sir. Let the doctor examine her first. After making sure the patient's condition is improving, we will inform you," explained the other nurse, so that Enrico understood.

Enrico could say nothing. After the nurse explained everything, he understood and understood the hospital procedures. He could only pray for the safety of the woman he was helping.


After Natasha's expulsion, the great lady of the Addison family smiled with satisfaction. The plan that had been drawn up so far was going according to her wishes, and there was not a single obstacle.

And now, Agatha Addison only had to think about the match between her eldest son and Amber Carlton, the daughter of the famous family, Kenneth Carlton. A successful businessman who owns companies everywhere.

"Just one step away. The plan I've been building is complete. All that's left is to get rid of that d*mn grandson," Agatha said to herself with a sly smile. She planned to throw her grandson away or toss him into an orphanage.

Yes, Agatha planned to dispose of her own grandson for the sake of her ambition, which she had always wanted. And after that, she would marry off her son as soon as possible. So that Carlton's power could be enjoyed.

A woman who was in the doorway heard Agatha's words. The woman did not expect Agatha to be so cruel to her daughter-in-law and granddaughter.

In fact, all this time Natasha struggled to get her in-laws' hearts, but what Natasha got was not worth the struggle and sacrifice.

The woman who heard Agatha's words was none other than Agatha's own daughter named Caroline. Carry's nickname did not think that her mother could treat her sister-in-law so cruelly, with the cheap drama she made, thus making Natasha expelled from her family residence.

"Mom." Carry called when she entered her mother's room.

"Hi honey, what's up?" Agatha asked her daughter.

"How are you? Is Mommy feeling better?" Carry approached her Mommy who was lying on the bed and sat on the side of the bed.

"Not so good, dear. Mommy's body still feels pain," Agatha answered, pretending to be sick in front of her daughter.

"Mommy rest, I will take care of mommy until Mommy's condition recovers," Carry said, smiling at her mommy, even though she knew her mommy was only pretending to be sick, in order to get special attention from her sister, especially her sister's trust.

"Thank you, dear, you care so much about Mommy."

Agatha stroked Carry's long mane, hugged her daughter tightly, and kissed her forehead. She was grateful to have an obedient daughter like Carry, she always arranged whose life.


Aiden Addison was sitting in his work chair and looked pensive, thinking about his treatment of his wife. There was a bit of regret in him, but all of that was brushed aside. According to him, his wife deserved a reward, because she had dared to make her mommy fall ill.

However, Aiden did not think about the fate of the son who kept asking for his mother. He didn't care, his hatred and disappointment had entered his heart.

Even though the younger brother asked Aiden to look for Natasha, he was just silent, not wanting to look for her. Instead, Aiden left Carry, who was persuading him. Begging to bring Natasha back to this mansion for the sake of his beloved niece.

"Looking for you is the same as taking my mother's life, and I swear I will never want to bring you back to my mansion, even if you beg, cry until your tears release red liquid. I am not willing to allow you to set foot in my mansion again," Aiden said to himself. He already hated Natasha because of his mother's incitement.

Chapter 2

5 years later.

A beautiful woman was sitting on a park bench, sipping her cup of tea.

That woman was Natasha Campbell, the wife of Aiden Addison. She was now living with the Ackerley family, the man who had helped her back then.

But everything changed. Natasha was not a weak woman, but she became a strong woman, full of calculations and grudges that had been kept in her heart.

Natasha is determined to avenge all the bad treatment of her in-laws and husband. She will teach them a lesson, she has ruined her life and has stepped on her pride.

Thanks to Enrico's help, Natasha now owns several businesses, alongside her husband Aiden's company.

However, Natasha never shows herself in public. She only works behind the scenes. She simply asks her assistant to send her reports every day.

For today, Natasha was busy reading the reports that came into her email. Reading all the


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