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The Virgin's Cravings

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"How cruel of you! You were the one who left when I was ready to fight for you. I searched the world for you, and now that I found you, you were betrothed to another man. Tell me how! How do I unlove you?" Tears fall from both our eyes and the next thing we know, we are kissing each other, deeply and passionately, as if the two years of longingness for each other have finally been released. Avery Anderson called "Ava" who is still a virgin in her early thirties is a career-oriented woman. She puts up her own business through her hard work and is envied by a lot of women because of her seven-year-long relationship with Seigfried Cohen, a hot bachelor in an accounting firm. Their relationship starts to fall apart as they get into a heated argument because of Ava's unfathomable sexual drive.Determined to lose her virginity, she travels to Austria to unwind and get laid by whoever finds her attractive. There, she encounters a guy named Dmitri, a gorgeous s*xy billionaire: an encounter that shouldn't have happened in the first place. She will then, know a world, that she never expects to get addicted to.

CHAPTER 1 - Prologue

Innsbruck, Austria

Fate brought me in front of this huge glass building illuminated by the moonlight which directly reflects the extravagant structure of this modern architecture which is comparable to aDLERS Hotel here in Innsbruck, Austria. Unfortunately, they are already fully booked so I have to find another place to stay. As soon as I got off the plane, I took a cab and went straight to this hotel where I am supposed to stay, Zven Hotel.

Beside me are my old rose Samsonite-centric luggage bag and a woven nude tote bag atop it. I blankly stared at the sky and breathed my hands that are shivering from this cold winter night. I breathed a warm breath to suffice my longing desire for love, or should I say making love. Yes. That's right. I am a lady who wants to get laid as soon as possible. Blame my hormones for it!

I am now 31 and yet, I don't have much experience with this thing called "s*x". Well, thanks to my ever-loving boyfriend–a man who hasn't even flinch at the sight of my perfect body. I am now on the verge of throwing myself to anyone–literally, anyone who will find me attractive– at this very hour.

I hang my tote bag on my left forearm and carry it with dignity and dragged my luggage bag using my right hand. I marched to the entrance and momentarily stopped when I saw my reflection at the exterior of this glass hotel.?

“Woah! This is one hell of a beauty,” I thought.

I stared at my reflection and literally dropped my jaw, how beautiful could I be? I raised my right hand then motioned it perfectly in the air like a princess waving at the commoners. I am currently appraising myself, a brunette-haired with subtle caramel tip highlights, a long-legged lady wearing an elegant passion red double-breasted wool winter coat that goes well with her knee-high Steve Madden crushing embellished boots, I should have worked as a fashion model and not as a feature writer.

"How could a man who is in his right mind resist this beckoning scale of beauty in front of him for ten years?" I thought.

"For ten f*ck*ng years for f*ck's sake!" I emphasized and frowned at the memory of our last conversation, or more likely an argument about wholesomeness and pureness of heart. Tsk. I bit my lips out of frustration. I shrugged myself.

"Well, that's why I am here." I cheer myself up, straighten my posture and lead myself to the entrance of the hotel.

As soon as I reach the entrance, two male employees in their late twenties welcomed me while the other one assisted me with my luggage. He accompanied me to the lobby and had me wait to confirm my reservation. I instructed him to put my luggage in my hotel suite while I stay in the lobby for the meantime. My eyes roam around as I fancy this elegant place. They made it a spacious one which invites the guests to stay and relax. They have five sets of luxurious semi arc couches. Having this nude color furniture complimented their vibrant chandelier above and the glass exterior part of the hotel.I removed my coat demurely and placed it on my lap as I sit which exposed my black fitted dress with a long gold zipper on the side. I rested my back on this comfortable sofa not leaving my poise. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

"I really did it this time," I spoke to myself. I put out my mobile phone and turned it on. There were 20 missed calls and one message from my one true love,

"I am sorry. You know I love you but I can't give what you're asking right now. Try to understand. I hope your vacation will let you come back to your senses."

My heart retaliated at the sight of his message,

"Understand? Him? Come back to my senses? This is b*llsh*t."

My lips twitched, "All these years that's what I've been doing. You are the one who's being unreasonable because of your twisted moral standards. We are no longer living in the 16th or 18th century and yet you are giving me this sh*t about preservation until marriage. Well f*ck you because I'm going to f*ck somebody else here", my thoughts burst in anger.

As I put my wasted mobile phone in my bag, I overheard two tourists talking about the must-visit Wine Cellar here in Austria. Hearing this made me thirsty. A good liquor can suffice my anger on this cold night. So I went to the reception area and asked for some information. I ascended to the 7th floor and made my way to the carpeted hallway. As soon as I turned right at the end of it, a cozy high-end hotel bar filled my eyes. Dimmed lights, a huge counter, and tower shelves of liquor brought out my wild alter ego. I licked my lips as I approach the counter.

"Guten Abend, wundersch?ne Jungfrau", said the man behind the counter.

I smiled even though I didn't understand a thing. How am I supposed to order something if I don't know their language? I should have studied the basics at least. I shook my head and was lost for a moment when a man from behind surprised me.

"Good evening, beautiful maiden," his captivating voice sent chills to my bones, and his warm breath that touched my nape gave me a prompting notion. I turned around to meet this perilous man.

Words escaped my mouth as our eyes met. His green eyes with the shade of hazel gold melted my heart; its deep-set shape make his simple stare turns into a consuming glare; his square jaw as the representation of masculinity; his full flat shape eyebrows that heighten his facial feature; his nose that is as perfect as of Ryan Gosling and his thin upper lip and full lower lip that makes you want to devour it the moment you are an inch apart.

"That's what he said," the gorgeous man added. I gulped ending my fantasies and removed my eyes from his face. I saw a glimpse of a smile on his face. At that moment I felt so embarrassed.

"Is that so?" I uttered as I recover from fantasizing about him.

He motioned me to sit on the high chair and grabbed my right hand to support me. He then sits beside me. His eyes which are locked on me make me feel nervous. He breaks the silence once again, "Mind if I join you?"

I looked at him even though I'm already sweating and I tried to keep my composure.

"It sounds more of a statement rather than an inquiry, Mister," I said sarcastically.

His eyes brightened as he ignores my sarcasm, "Lovely, aren't you?"

"I take that as a compliment," I unknowingly tapped my fingers and avoided his gaze.

"Let me buy you a drink," He offered and spoke to the bartender in the German language as I remained quiet. When his attention is back at me, "I guess I don't have a choice since I am badly needed for a company and a walking dictionary," I sighed.

His laughter caught the attention of the red-haired tourists at the other end of the counter. Then, I noticed that most of the ladies are almost ravaging him in his s*xy silver suit. I scrutinized his perfect physique from top to bottom while creating dirty thoughts in my mind. I hurriedly gulped the liquor as soon as the bartender put it on the counter,?

"D*mn, I guess this tour of mine is worthwhile," I said to myself. I wear a mischievous smile,

"If he will be the man who will salvage me from my innocence, so be it," and desperately swore to myself.

CHAPTER 2 - Mister Perfect

Prague in July 2017

"Prague. The City of One Hundred Spires. The City of Love. Just standing in front of this magnificent structure, St. Vitus Cathedral, will melt anyone's heart. Its dark, heavy and massive structure will catch every tourist's attention. Locals say that its Gothic theme has a spiritual meaning way back to its construction days.

It is a fine day where you can see the sunlight directing towards the projector of this cathedral. The door is wide open as the visitors start to enter the cathedral. The spectators outside start to whisper and mumble to themselves. It is the talk of the town, the Wedding of the Century.

A lady nervously facing the crowd is starting to have cold feet. The amount of perspiration all over her makes her laced gown rub her skin tight. She is now walking in the aisle wearing a beautiful seductive white gown that everybody's staring at. She is now the center of attraction; something that she has been dreaming about. As she lifts


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