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The Supermodel's Ex-Fiance

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(Part I) When Nina is cheated on by her fiance just a few months into their big day, she must make a choice on whether she could overlook his betrayal and continue their relationship or completely let go of him. But when an unexpected pregnancy is thrown into the mix, Justin might just have a reason to keep her confined to his side after all... ___________________________ (Part II) As an orphan, Selena has always craved for a family of her own but when her mafia boyfriend of many years refuses to pop the question despite waiting for so long, she decided she wanted out. But would he really let her go that easily?

Chapter 1


"You did what?", Nina raised her voice and asked with a tone full of incredulity.

"Baby, listen to me... I didn't know anything. I can swear it on my life. It was a total mistake, nothing but that. Believe me, okay?", The man opposite her, who was also her fiance, Justin Walters said as he tried to hug her.

"Don't touch me! Take those dirty hands off me! It totally disgusts me just to think that these same hands had touched another woman intimately,” She screamed and angrily swung his hands away.

"Baby...", Justin called out, sounding like he was in pain

In response, Nina stood up from the sofa after which she calmly turned back to look down at Justin from the elevated height.

Quite obviouly, she was now back to the Ice Queen that everyone inside and out the Entertainment Industry was familiar with. Seeing this and knowing that she only brought out this attitude as her protective mechanism, Justin instantly had a bad premonition that whatever she was going to say next would definitely be something that he didn't want to hear or listen to.

Sure enough.

"Jay, I think we need a break." She dropped a news that was nothing short of a bombshell right on him and despite already expecting her to say something he wouldn't like but still... not this! Definitely not this!

"No, wait... You just said what??.. A break?! You probably mean a break-up, right?!", After blanking out for a minute on hearing her heartless announcement, Justin also stood up in anger, stared into her eyes and stammered out.

"I said I knew nothing! Absolutely nothing! All I did was just to have a few drinks with my business partners at a bar and the next thing I knew was waking up the next day with with a strange woman by my side. I am not even sure if anything happened! Why can't you for goodness's sake understand that, huh?" He lashed out.

However, Nina didn't show much reaction to his words and only waited for him to finish speaking. Only then did she also stare back into his eyes and say word for word.

"You still don't get it after all. What I am finding hard to accept here is the fact that MY MAN slept with another woman, even if he claimed to know nothing. It makes me feel... dirty!"

Hearing her say the word 'dirty', a flash of hurt appeared in Justin's eyes and at the same time, these words made him realize the seriousness of the issue which immediately made his face become pleading.

"You actually don't mean what you are saying, right baby? This is just another misunderstanding, we are going to resolve it, just like we always do."

One wouldn't know how his subordinates and business partners would feel when they see this proud and arrogant man on usual days begging a woman so humbly. But how could they understand the depth of his love for the woman in front of him, not to talk of begging, he would do so much more, after all, he was the one in the wrong here. He didn't care about his pride if it could make her stay, but from the looks of it, he didn't think it could make any difference...

"This isn't just ANOTHER misunderstanding, Justin! You know that I am a clean and possessive freak! For me, our relationship automatically came to end when you touched another woman and since it has come that, the only thing left for me to is to breakup with you. So, after today we would no longer be related in any way." She said with deep chilliness in her tone but at the same time tried very hard to hide the quiver in her voice when she mentioned breaking up with him.

"No! You can't do this, Nina. You just can't abandon US. I love you and can hardly live without you, baby. You know that too!" The moment he heard Nina say those unfeeling words, Justin completely panicked and grabbed Nina's arms tightly making her wince in pain. This made him to hurriedly let go of her and looked at her nervously while apologizing.

"I am sorry! I really didn't mean to hurt you, baby. I am... I mean... was just in a hurry."

"But you must be joking right, Nina? We can't break up, especially not when there is just less than a year before our big day! We had plans, baby! Our honeymoon, the children names. Nina, I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you, only you!" He continued saying with deep emotion as he lightly held her hand hoping he could move her heart even just a little bit.

Indeed, Nina's expression wavered a little but before he could fully rejoice, her face turned cold again and she unceremoniously threw off his hand and looked at him indifferently.

"Maybe you should have thought about all that before you got drunk and left yourself at the mercy of others."

Justin knew right then and there that there was no longer a turning back. He and Nina would never go back to how they were even if they got back together. He had ruined it all for them even though to be honest, he wasn't exactly sure how he had done that.


"Stop it, Justin! You knew me better than anyone. You should have guessed the result when you decided to hide it from me. Three months! YOU lied to me for three frigging' good months! And I had to find out only when that little bit*h decided to come looking for me!”

Nina inhaled deeply to stop herself from getting agitated and completely losing control of her emotions.

"WE ARE OVER! We were from the moment you slept with that woman so you can forget about whatever wedding you have in mind or maybe not, I forgot you still have a ready substitute you can hold a wedding with!"

"Nina… How could you say that I should hold a wedding with that woman?!! Can't you give me another chance? Give US another chance. I need you, baby, I do.”

"Another chance?!"

Nina asked with incredulity written all over her face. It was as if she had heard something very ridiculous.

"You want another chance?! But I think you forgot one thing... That b*tch is pregnant... impregnated by you." She stated calmly while pointing indifferently at his chest to make sure she got her point across properly.

"So there is NO second chance! There was never one from the minute you slept with her right to when you decided to hide it from me and then to the moment I found out."

Justin: ".I.."

He became speechless because he knew she was saying the truth after all he was most familiar with the kind of person she was. Which was exactly the reason why he hid it from her in the first place. It definitely had not been because he was guilty as charged. If only he had known earlier that hiding it from her would have led into a much bigger problem, he would have come clean to her right in the beginning.

But could he have predicted that an incident he had thought nothing of would have separated him from his beloved? He just didn't know who it was that scheming against him. If anyone tells him that nobody was messing with him, he really wouldn't believe it because why else would that stupid model who he had already warned suddenly go to meet Nina and talk nonsense?

His eyes narrowed as a cold glint flashed in them thinking to himself, "You better not let me find out whoever you are or else…"

The thoughts in his head seemed to have taken a long time but in reality, it happened in seconds. After which he gave Nina his full attention and opened his mouth to say something.

However, Nina gave him no chance to say anything as she already turned towards the door and walked out right out leaving behind her faint words.

"Goodbye, Jay."

Chapter 2

Justin watched as she resolutely left him not turning back even once and could almost hear the sound of his heart as it broke into smithereens, because how else could he explain this bone deep pain in his chest.

He screamed out loud and with frustration, swept off everything on the coffee table.

It wasn't like he couldn't force her to stay even if she felt unwilling, because he had the confidence to say he could achieve that.

He could threaten or coerce her into it with her best friend or with her family if she had any, unfortunately she didn't.

Yes, she was an orphan.

But what after that?

What happens to their relationship after he does that? Without doubt, he knew if he ever did threaten her with her bestie, whatever love she had left for him would cease to exist and be replaced by hatred. And that was definitely what he never wanted to see.

He was a businessman and would usually do anything to achieve his goals, of course


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