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Her step-mother feed her poisoned just to acquire the billion dollar property under her name. Mo selene was manipulated, betrayed, and killed by the hands of her loved once. However just as she accepted her fate and closed her eyes. The next moment her eyes opened and she found herself under the most powerful male god in country. Aaden looked at the woman in his arm with amusement. He got up from the bed and sat next to her. "I want to hear how Miss Mo will Compensate me?" Selene bite her lips feeling timid under his graz. "I would take responsibility for our deed last night." "I will marry you." He coldly glance at her "I never thought Miss Mo would be this shameless . Do you really think I will marry you?"

Chapter 1 “Death”

Chapter 1 Death

I am sorry we couldn't do anything. The dangerous poison has already spread throughout her body, and she is too weak and not responding to any medicine. Prepare yourself. She can die anytime ."

The people in the room had complicated looks. The doctor thought they were too shocked by the news, and they could not react. Before leaving the room, he gave one last sympathetic eye to the patient's family.

As soon as the doctors and nurse left the room. Jenni cried out loud.

"Sister, it's all my fault. I should have taken good care of you. It's all the sister's fault, please don't punish us like this. Don't leave us. See, mom and dad are so sad. Please wake up for our parents. Sister, promise I will take good care of you."

The loud voice attracted the attention of people nearby. They felt pity for the family.

Mother Mo scoffed at the weak girl in bed before speaking.

"Jenni darling, do not waste your tears for this wretched girl. How can you be so kind as to worry about this girl who always puts you in trouble? It's better if she is dead. "

"Your mother is right, Jenni. This useless ungrateful b*tch dares to oppose me, and she even wants to expose me. God is also punishing her for not caring about her parents. We brought her from the streets and gave her our family name. Such a disobedient kid. She should be dying."

Listening to their conversation, Oliver came behind Jenni and pulled her in his arm.

"Yes, Jenni, now that she is dying. We can finally get married. All the property that belongs to this useless b*tch is ours now. We almost got caught because so her, but you are brilliant. You came on right time with those gangsters and killed that Aden knight. Now no one can come in between us."

No one noticed as uncontrollable tears fell from the girl's eyes. She felt her body numb, like the floor underneath her had vanished into thin air. Did she hear right that Aaden knight died?

This can not happen. How can this be possible? They were lying.

Jenni, who was in Oliver's arms, noticed the girl's tears from the corner of her eyes. An evil smirk appeared, and she turned to Oliver and her parents.

"father, mother, please do not say this. Even if my little sister has done so many sins. She is still my little sister and the youngest daughter of our Mo family. Please do not say such things. My little sister is on her deathbed, and I want to spend some time alone. Father, mother, Oliver, please let's spend some time with her. " she said, looking miserable.

"It's a pity you have such an ungrateful little sister, and you still care for her so much. Jenni is too kind. We will wait outside, and you can speak to this b*tch peacefully." Saying this, mother mo walked out of the room, and Oliver and father Mo followed her.

Jenni turned around with an evil glint in her eyes. She took out a syringe filled with clear liquid from her purse. She injects it into the oxygen tank. As soon as the clear fluid is injected into the oxygen tank. The woman in bed opened her eyes and felt difficulty breathing. Her eyes turn toward her arrogant sister of her.

Both of her hands clenched as her eyes glared at the evil sister. Jenni removed the oxygen mask from her sister's face and said.

" Dear little sister. Don't worry; I will take good care of Oliver and the property after you leave the world. It's all because of you that we are so rich. Now that all the property of the knight family is in my hand. You helped us kill his whole family. I never knew you were so capable. You make Aden knight fall for you so hard. " Jenni laughed.

" You know what his last word was? " Jenni stood arrogantly and walked in front of Selene. She leans forward and wishper in her ears.

"Selene", she wishper and laughed.

Selena's eyes widen. No, she couldn't believe it.

"When I stabbed him, he was repeating your name."

Her body was already shaking. The agonising pain in her heart was too much. Selene felt like she couldn't gulp. It was becoming too hard to breathe. Her trust was shattered like a broken mirror. This was her identical elder sister who always smiled at her and cared for her when her parents abandoned her.

"N-No, I- " Selene looked up with her teary eyes. The flashbacks of life flash across her eyes. How she manipulated her husband and his family, and how she led them to their death.

She felt numb. Never in her wildest dream had she thought she would have done something so terrible. She has seen how much the knight family loved her. No more strength to live.

"You know what. I almost forget. Now that you are dying. I want to confess something to you. I hope you can forgive mother and me. After all, you are an obedient daughter. I did everything just for our family and for Oliver and myself.

The poison in your body was added by our mother. When you were 10 years old. Mother found out you belong to a wealthy family. The family was searching for you. They even surrounded our house and our school to find you. Their security was everywhere. We couldn't risk anything. Mother was afraid they would find you, so she put slow poison in your food. So that you cannot attend school.

She poisoned you for the last 10 years. So that you can not leave the house."

Selene remembers how she was sick since childhood. Her body was too weak. She was homeschooled, and she rarely attended the family function. Most people only knew Mo Jenni as the only daughter of the Mo family. She was just an outcast, and her parents avoided her like a plunge. She was always heartbroken and depressed due to the lack of love and care from her family. She always saw Jenni receiving all the love.

"Oh, I remember the day when the knight family asked the father for my hand in marriage. I refused the wedding because the youngest son of the knight family was known to be cruel and cold-hearted. I heard he killed people he slept with. He was practically a monster. How can I get married to a monster like him? The knight family was the most powerful in the country. Father was too greedy for money. He immediately accepted the marriage. But I would never marry a monster. So I came to you. I asked for your help. You were too dumb to realise that. Just a few tears can melt your heart. My kind sister, you were so stupid you immediately agreed; even though you already had your boyfriend, Oliver, you still became a substitute. Do you know what the most amusing thing is? Oliver and I had been in a relationship for 3 years behind your back. "

Jenni laughed, holding her stomach.

Pak !! A hard slap fell on her cheek. Baffled, Jenni looked at her younger sister, not believing she was slapped by her.

" why are you so cruel? I loved you so dearly. You are my elder sister. What did I do to you!! " Selene screamed.

Jenni glared at Selene and slapped her. " B*tch you dare slap me."

Selene cried when her chin was forcefully gripped by Jenni, even her nails piercing her skin. She was forced to look up at Jenni's face, and there was so much hatred, anger, and evil in Jenni's eyes.

"I am the eldest Miss of Mo family. The most powerful woman in this country. How dare a sl*t like you even touch my face. " She raised her hand to hit again but suddenly heard the door open. Jenni immediately backed away, and she screamed in pain. “ Elder sister is sorry. Please forgive me. You could slap me if you wanted.”

Oliver entered the room and pulled Jenni in his arm.

" Babe, are you okay? What happened? " He gently caressed her red cheek and asked.

" Oliver, my youngest sister, didn't love me. I asked her how she felt, and she slapped me".

Oliver's eyes turned dark. He immediately pushed Selene away and slapped her.

" B*tch. You dare slap my wife. She even took care of you. Let me teach you a lesson. Guards!!" Suddenly two bulky men dressed in black walked in.

" lock this b*tch up."

The men held both of Selene's hands and started dragging her out. she was already a week. Pain shot through her whole body. She cried in pain. She struggled very hard, but her strength was inferior. She kept shouting for help. Her head was hit with hard metal, and she fell unconscious.

Jenni turned to Oliver to say something, but she found his eye on Selene's face. He had a very detailed look on his face. Jenni's eyes turned dark jealousy filled her brain.

Selene felt like the sky has fallen upon her. She felt like her body was thrown on a rustic floor. The pain in her body was unbearable. She could barely open her eyes, and it felt like hasn't eaten in a week. Her throat was dry to the point that it hurt to even wishper.

There were so too many regrets in this life. The greatest sin she has committed was to follow this cruel person. She was the cause of the death of her husband, who truly cared for her. she doesn't want to live anymore. But still, she opened her eyes. This was her punishment for receiving the most painful death. She will accept her punishment. She wanted to fall on the knight family's feet and ask for forgiveness.

Everyone betrayed her. Her parents, her beloved sister and her soon to be Fiance.

She never expected her parents, whom she loved so much, to be not her biological parents. The woman whom she called mother poisoned her to death. This greedy family was never her since the beginning, and she never belonged here.

Suddenly she felt intense pain in her stomach. Before she knows it. She vomited a mouth full of blood. The salty taste of blood filled her mouth. Making her sick. She knew her end was near, and the poison was acting up.

She heard a footstep. She saw high heels in front of her eyes, and someone grabbed her forcefully and pulled her up. she was pushed onto a wooden chair.

"Here, eat !"

Jenni spoke and threw a bowl of thick yellow-coloured liquid. "I won't let you die this easily. Finish up"

Selene's red eye glared at Jenni. She spits on her face. Jenni's face was full of disgust and anger. She flicked up the bowl and threw it harshly at Selene's head. Jenni kicked Selene's abdomen, making her spit blood.

Selene felt her head spinning. Black spots covered her eyes. Tears fell from her eyes. Her lips moved on her own as she said.

"I-I am sorry" her eyes closed on its upon accepting her defeat.

Chapter 2 “ Take responsibility!!”

Selene woke up gasping for air, her body trembling and her lower abdomen in pain. She opened her lips to say something, but a pair of warm lips captured them. Tears welled up in her eyes as the man above her looked at her and spoke in a raspy voice,

"What are you crying for? You were the one to climb into my bed. Now be good. It will be over soon." He kissed her forehead before going back to devouring her.

Selene couldn't defeat the man above her, so all she could do was endure it. The man was too familiar, and she felt a sharp pain shoot up between her legs as she lost all her strength. A low moan escaped her lips before she lost consciousness.

When Selene woke up again, her mind was flooded with flashbacks of the past events. She blinked her eyes a few times to make her vision clear and tried to get up, but her leg wouldn't move. As she removed the duvet, she realized she was naked and saw red and purple marks all over her body. Sh


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