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The scripted love

The scripted love

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Love as beautiful as it is needs an unexpected script ... The story revolves around the lives of 2 pro wrestlers , Josephine 27 who gives up a dream life to prove a point to herself and former love and Damien 32 , a wrestling superstar who after a year of allegations and inaction needs to make a comeback to become once again the beloved hero. In order for both to achieve the goal set ,a love script is needed but this time could they pretend to love each other for a year without actually falling in love. Find out?

Chapter 1

I am struggling in the darkness,Swallowed up by the dark times but this isn't the same every time you're present.I feel home, peace and safe in your arms .Scripted or not, I need you here.

Josephine Ani

Present in Axon wrestling company, The Friday night live show...

“Baam, Her fist connected to her opponent's face who fell backwards . She could easily have won by now but no she wouldn't.

Her dark skin was glittering with sweat , yet this only made her look glamorous as the hair sticked to her body.

“Get up?", She gestured to the female who was struggling to stand on the ring. Waiting patiently by the rope side and seeing her opponent stand .Josephine made a move to collide with the other female but was pushed roughly on to the ground.

Seeing Josephine rolling with pain , the female “ You think you're the best right ,huh the opponent taunted dragging Josephine's hair mercilessly.

The crowd booed at the lady.“Shut up losers, I'm in control. Lifting Josephine's face by pulling her black hair ,she landed her a slap.

This infuriated Josephine mad and she fought back with a punch to the midsection before giving the lady a kick to the face.

Dragging her to the centre of the ring , Josephine climbed to the top rope and landed on her body. 1, 2 ,3 ; the bell rang.

“ Here is your winner, ” the reigning women's champion “Josephine” the referee announced holding up her hands to the admiration of the crowd.

When the screaming reduced , Josephine knew it was the right time to do the right thing .

Collecting a microphone she spoke “ Thank you guys".

She smiled while locking the women's belt with one arm She looked everywhere but at the spectators.

Taking a long breath, she continued. “ I remember stepping onto this ring 4 years ago, so unsure if i would ever be accepted. Luckily, i was and i didn't just walk into a room with eager faces for a show but a family. Yes, I have been so blessed to be here. I sincerely thank God and you my fans are truly the best.

“With sadness in my heart, i have decided to give up my belt ,I 'm retiring from Axon .The crowd was at the top of the voices and Josephine wondered if she was making the right decisions.

It's something I've been considering for a long time, She continued “ I've decided to pursue my dreams .I would be moving to New York city and I intend to join the biggest wrestling company I think it's time already , but i would never forget all of you for giving this black woman a chance".

Josephine dropped the belt and walked out of the ring to the entrance where the whole locker room stood cheering .The kisses and the hugs lasted forever as everyone was sad to see her go.

“It's been wonderful having you wrestle at Axon, We're sad to let you go but we definitely have to . From all of us at Axon we wish you the best in your new endeavours said the CEO of Axon as he handed her a bouquet of flowers .

She bowed to the spectators and blew a kiss before exiting the arena. “Hope I am doing the right thing” , she wondered “ Is this really worth it ”.

Damien Brentwood ...

2.45pm ,American time

The loud horn of the car behind brought Damien back to the present. Oh shit ! he muttered as he looked up at the traffic light which was now blinking green . Only his car remained in the lane.

“I'm sorry , he said driving off”.

What the hell was happening ? Two of his credit card was declined 15 minutes ago at the mall. That seemed like a joke till his P.A confirmed it and settled to prevent his embarrassment.

He was a millionaire and nothing would chsnge that , not even his current joblessness .Dialing his managers number which soon cut short Drake's hit song playing in the car “Any new update”, he asked as soon as the line connected.

“ Of course, So after my negotiations , MWC have decided to renew your contract so you can be ready to get back to the rings as soon as possible.".

“ The sudden change of mind, why ? ".

“There is a catch here , you Mr.Damien is going to be involved in a sweet romance story. I know,I know but these is the only condition possible to get you back in the ring.

“What shit are you talking bout,” Asked Damien .I've no interest in involving myself with a woman and you better than anyone else, should know that he bellowed.

The line went mute as Damien spoke angrily. He added “You didn't agree did you ?

“Of course, I did . It's just the only way to prove you are not a toxic male figure, yunno people still have doubts bout you .Close your eyes all you need do is to let them select the girl and you just act along.

“You work for me not the other way round , I'll decide what to follow and what not to accept .I'll not let anyone toss any female to me in a bid to follow some stupid script.

“Well , you don't have a choice , It's my duty as your manager to promote your brand and I will definitely do that ” the voice spoke with audacity.

“Damien, the voice called out calmly, It's just a year think about being once again the trending superstar.

The Masters wrestling company(MWC) was the leading company in the wrestling world, having a large social media subscribers and viewers .The main building is located at the united kingdom, a big building with lots of seats.

Staring at the building standing so tall , Josephine murmured some words before making her way to it's entrance.

“Miss, the boss sends for you ,the young man called out to Josephine who was focused on the screen of her Samsung ”.Exhaling loudly, she smoothened the non existing fold at the ends of the gown and followed him inside.

“Anthony Ranias” Josephine read out the name inscription on the door as she entered inside .The office was just as she expected it elegant and very bright .The colors were good and the view from the window was just wow.

“When you're done checking out ,you tell me", the thick male voice spoke startling her. He was an elderly man which was made obvious by the grey hair he spotted but still looked agile and stronger than most his age.

“ I'm so sorry sir ,the embarrassed lady said making her way from the windows to the chair. My name is Josephine and I was asked to give you this.

“Scanning through the details he questioned her “Are you really from Nigeria ”.

“Yes I am” she quickly replied.

“I was under the impression that the country do not fully support wrestling and you are one ”.

“That is not really correct ”, he looked up at her to continue talking, “Not everyone back home hates wrestling, at least me and my friends didn't ” she put relaxing her back on the seat for the first since she entered.

Regardless, they still prefer boxers to wrestlers, Like it's not still about exchanging blows and fists Josephine laughed as she said this.

The man stood up from his chair and paced round the room and like a bulb switched on he turned quickly and spoke with that rough gruff voice .This is the end of your interview , you will receive a message by the end of today.

“ The look on her face was sheer confusion, okay uhhm thank you sir ”

The lady shut the door behind “Really, That was an interview , Oh Jesus! Hope i haven't messed up.

Looking outside the window of her new rented apartment , The black woman stared back at the sky wondering why the sun wouldn't just go out.

“Gal, I think you got a message her roommate screamed from the room.

Rushing over to the room , She picked up The black lady picked up her phone and a message was from an unknown number which read “ Having gone through your details ,we do not deem your fit to be accepted into MWC ...


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