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The Revenge

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A day to her wedding, Jenny Gerald's dream and joy get shattered when she saw her fiance sleeping with her sister. The girl whom she spoilt with lot of love and care and the man who makes a vowed not to leave her for the rest of his life betrayed her. Jenny exposes them to the world on her wedding day right inside the hall, only to be slapped and disgraced by her father who was standing very close to her. "Stupid! What have you done?". The wedding continues but with her sister as the bride. She went to the corner of the hall and got drunk and woke up naked beside Nelson George who was also a billionaire. Nelson George, Jenny's fiance and Jenny's father have a score to settle. Will Nelson be able to save her? Will her father support her if...

Chapter 1

" These clothes will be good for my younger sister." Jenny said, with a smile on her face looking at the blue, shining gown in her hand.

"Florence will be the most beautiful girl on my wedding day" she added.

Jenny got home excited, she opened her sister's door to show her the new clothes she had bought for her. She was shocked to see what she saw. She opened her mouth with her eyes wide open. She saw her sister on the bed with no clothes on her body. "What's going on?" She placed her right hand on her forehead and closed her eyes. She breathed very fast and wondered why a young girl would be without clothes in the afternoon.

After some seconds, she encouraged herself and opened her eyes a little.

"Would you go for another round?" Jenny heard a masculine voice that made her shake. The man was nobody else but Robert. John Robert is Jenny's fiance and will be her husband in less than twenty-four hours.

She was shocked when she heard Robert's voice. She could hear his voice clearly, she hoped it would be someone else, but not him. She always trusted him and believed he cannot do something like that.

"Of course, would you also like that?" Florence said in a charming, cool tone that she had never expected from her sister.

"Definitely, my romantic sister-in-law" Robert said, smiling at her.

Jenny lost hope, her eyes were full of tears. The beautiful clothes wrinkled in between her tightening hands. She looked at the tears coming from her eyes as Robert lay on Florence.

This was the first time Jenny would be seeing Robert without clothes, but she was seeing him with her younger sister.

"Your curves are the most beautiful and s*xy in the universe" Robert muttered to her left ear as he placed his hand on her body.

"You are the most handsome and attractive man that I have ever seen on earth." Florence said in a low voice, touching his cheeks. They smiled and smashed their lips.

Jenny almost lost her balance, her legs became weak. She starred at them for some minutes just to be sure they were the one and not someone else. Seeing her sister, she left some minutes ago with her fiance. "What can I do? Why would they decide to hurt me? She should know that having a good husband, good children and a great family is the only thing I desire."

Jenny always gives her younger sister the best in all things. She does treat her like her own daughter. People always envy Florence whenever she goes to because of her dressing and how she is being treated by her sister but with all that, she won't stop messing around. Florence has never lacked anything, Jenny always provides whatever she needs before she asks. She really cherished her sister, but the reverse is the case.

Jenny took a deep breath and took out her phone from her purse. She reduced the volume of the phone and started recording all that they were doing. She couldn't hold the phone well because her hands were shaking, but she had more courage when she heard their moaning and kissing sounds. All their actions were captured by her brain with tears in her eyes. She kept shaking her head and biting her lips while looking at what the best two people in her life were doing without thinking of what she has done for them.

"I love you Florence." Robert said as he gave her a peck and moved beside her. They stared at each other for a while looking tired with smiles on their faces. Jennifer walked out of the room gently, shut the door without making a sound.

Holding the special dress she bought for her sister with her left hand and the recorded video of what she did with her second hand, she walked straight to her room slowly. She has the video as evidence, but what will she do with it? Showing the video to people will make her sister look like a harlot, which she thinks she is. She doesn't want the family to be humiliated in public because of what her sister did.

"Jenny!" Her mother shouted her name as she knocked on the door of her room with a smile on her face.

"Wait a minute mum!" She wiped her eyes and hid the phone as she opened the door for her mother.

"What happened to you? Why are your eyes so heavy? Tell me what's wrong with you?" her mother asked as she placed her right hand on her forehead.

"I'm fine mom, trust me. Maybe I needed some rest." she said, putting a force smile on her face.

"Just don't stress yourself, Robert is kind, lovely, handsome, generous and rich. I'm sure you will live your life without sorrow." Her mother said, touching her cheeks with a smile. Her mother looked at the bed, then saw the clothes she bought for her sister on the bed. " This is beautiful! These are the clothes you bought for your sister? It really looks beautiful! No doubt she will like it. Hope you selected the best for yourself as well?"

She managed to put a smile on her face without saying a word.

"Jenny, I always tell you that you deserve something good as well, you should always treat yourself well, even if it's just once in a while." her mother advised.

"Of course, I will surely do that" she nodded her head as she always does.

"Just put your mind at rest, I will make sure that everything is in order" her mother said, leaving her room. "Remember to take some rest, I want you to look good tomorrow." her mother said as she shut the door of her room.

Jenny couldn't hold her tears as her mother left her room. "How can I be self-centered? Why won't I treat my sister well? No, I can't do that!"

Chapter 2

Jenny couldn't sleep throughout the night, she kept walking around her room thinking about what happened during the daytime. She sits on the chair in her room, but she does not feel comfortable with the chair she is sitting on. She could recall everything without watching the recordings. She wanted to do what her mother always tells her to do, 'to always give herself, forechoice', but she didn't want to go after her mother's advice so she wouldn't make her sister feel bad. No one knows why she loves her sister to that extent. Even a blind man can see the love she has for her sister if he looks well.

Jenny always does everything possible to make her family happy because that is where she gets her joy and happiness. But all she got instead of love and sacrifice was to be betrayed. Her lovely attitude was taken for granted and her strength was taken for weakness.

She doesn't have many friends because she thinks it is not necessary. Her fa


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