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The Captivating Tale of a Maid Turned CEO's Wife

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Born into modest circumstances, Lily possessed an unwavering determination to carve her path amidst the challenges that life presented. Her journey began in the corridors of a grand mansion, where she served as a diligent maid, tending to the needs of her affluent employers with unwavering dedication. However, beneath her unassuming facade lay a keen intellect and an indomitable spirit yearning for more significant horizons. Only one meal a day, hungry dizzy many times, her first wish is to eat every day to support, sleep to wake up naturally, and then count the money to count the hand cramp. For the sake of money, she can do several jobs outside of school. Flower messengers, delivery girls, flower girls, cashiers, substitute girlfriends, even maids, cleaners. Anyway, as long as you can earn money, you don't break the law....

Chapter 1 Adopted by the Ji family

The first time to step into the door of the season home, season er is the identity of the adopted daughter, just adopted from the orphanage. This year she was ten years old, but because of malnutrition, she looked only seven or eight years old.

"Mommy, let's take her home!" Jean told his mother, childlike, that the first time he saw this shriveled, black little girl, he was interested. Standing next to Jean was his mother, a world-class piano queen with an extraordinary temperament and a dignified presence.

Jielle looked at the boy pointing at her. He had fair skin, rosy lips, big twinkling eyes, a fitted white shirt and suspenders, and was about her height. He reminded her of the little prince in Snow White.

"Xiao En, you can't! We are here to see children, not to adopt them!" Madame Ji squatted down and said to Jian.

"No! If you don't bring her home, I won't eat!" Jean suddenly came and grabbed Jielle's hand and said to his mommy, his hand was very white, in sharp contrast to Jielle's black. He treated her like a toy, that's what Jielle thought at the time. But it was not a good feeling for Jielle, even though she was only ten years old.

In the end, Ji Er was really adopted by the season family, perhaps Ji En's sentence "I will not eat later" scared his family. That's why they reluctantly adopted her. So she also has the current name - Jier.

When Ji Er was brought into this complex called Ji home, she thought she had entered the kingdom of the fairy tale world. Jean is the prince of the kingdom, and she will become a servant in the kingdom, although her identity is adopted daughter.

The butler looked very serious. She had never seen him smile, so she was afraid of him. She did everything he said. Since then she's learned to do more, talk less, mind her own business. Season home is a very pay attention to the etiquette of the family, all Jier every move to meet the norms, for which Jier used half a year to all these grasp and understand.

And Jien will often skip school to come back, Jier does not understand why, for her reading is a very beautiful thing. There was a nun in the orphanage who taught them Chinese characters and arithmetic, and it was a time that made her enchanted. But Jean didn't seem to see it that way. He often came back and looked for her every time. So she suffered every time.

The last season family had to let Jier go to school, and Jien is the same class. Almost all the students in this class are picked up by special bus to and from school every day. So are Jielle and Jean, except that she is stained by Jean's light, without Jean, she is nothing. Jier's task in the Ji family is actually very simple to serve Jien, so he goes to class, she also goes; When he does his homework, she does it too; When he skipped school, she was forced to follow suit; For this she was not short of a lesson from the housekeeper. Jier felt like a shadow of Jien, with the same movements and frequencies as him, but without his own personality.

Since she had been with him all her life, she had become accustomed to him being mean to her and yelling at her often for no apparent reason. He seemed to her a spoiled product, but she did not resist anything, because she did not have the power or the capital to resist. He's like the boss of the mob, and she's like one of his nobodies. So she had to be more careful to do things, so that he felt satisfied and impeccable. Later, Jier knew that as long as he was good, he would not be fierce to her, although he would not be good to her.

Chapter 2 Play hooky

A paper ball still came over, just fell on the table of Jier, she did not have to open to see also know that it must be Jien to skip school. Every time he wants to skip school, he drops her a note, which tells her to follow him. Jielle turned to look at Jean, one seat behind her left, who was packing his things.

Today's class was boring, Jean thought, so she packed her books into her bag like garbage.

He is very clever. Although he often skips classes, it does not affect his high grades in the least. In this school, he and Cheng Chongyi and Tang Jun three people are the best lessons, but also the best friends. And no matter how hard she tries, she can barely make it to the average level.

Jier of Cheng Chongyi impression is very good, he is always very polite, she has never seen him with a driver driving a beautiful car to pick him up, so he seems to have no taste of a man, unlike Jien like a tyrant. Although the season family etiquette is very good, but the se


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