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The Mafia Boss: Terrence Jude Alvarez

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What the f*ck!” Terrence shouted. Terrence Jude Alvarez. He is a young multi-billionaire business person and at the same time a mafia. Everyone was frightened of him because of his way of killing. He is powerful in the underground, the world where mafias belong. He sells anything, everything, and no one can stop him. “Please, don’t!” Ayiesha’s crying plea. Meet Ayiesha Claire Montebon, the daughter of a billionaire, the wife of Terrence Jude Alvarez. But, the accident happened. She had amnesia. And Terrence is in a state of coma. Will they meet again? However, does Terrence say goodbye to Ayiesha forever?


“WELCOME back, Lady Ayiesha.” the butler who’s behind me, greets me and gives me a bow.

I immediately roam my eyes at the whole mansion. I don’t know if this is a mansion or palace. Because it’s bigger than I expected.

“Is this the house that my husband owns?” I couldn’t believe I asked the man next to me.

“Yes, milady!” smiling at his remark.

“Wow, I really can’t believe it.” The butler has a smile on his face. I turned my gaze back to this vast mansion. I am still amazed. He vanished when I turned around, so I would like to ask him again. But I can’t see him already.

“Welcome back, Ayiesha!” the woman said coldly to me. She is beautiful, her beauty is not like other women. Maybe she’s in her mid-20s. She was from upstairs and I was in the living room. I don’t know who she is, but she is familiar to me. Did I see her already from somewhere else?

“Have we met before?” I asked her. Because she is familiar with me.

“Yes, many times already.” She went down the stairs. “When you and my brother are married,” she said, and walked over to the sofa. She sat on the sofa with elegance. I remained standing. Watching her and the rest of this mansion.

“Sit!” she commands me.

I sat down on the sofa in front of her. It startled me when he gazed at me. So I just roam my eyes around the whole mansion.

“Let’s get straight to the point, Ayiesha.” She looked at me secretly. “I’m looking for you because it’s my brother’s wish. Who am I to disappoint him, right? He just woke up, 4 years ago.”

My forehead furrowed. Woke up, 4 years ago? What happened to his brother, who is supposed to be my husband? Maybe she already read my mind based on my expression.

“He had an accident 4 years ago, and that caused him to fall into a coma. That accident is a platonic one. They planned to kill my brother,” she told me, and I was worried about the condition of his brother, who was supposed to be my husband.

“Then where is he? Did you say he just woke up 4 years ago? Where is he now? Why are you looking for me? Why not him?” I asked her questions orderly.

She was sighing. “Because he’s not here.” She stood. “He’s in another country. But, soon. He will be home.” She looked at me with a smile on her face.

“Can I ask you?”

“Yes, go ask me. I will answer you gladly.” She said.

“Is this our house?” I roam my eyes across the mansion.

Even now, I still can’t believe it. That I am the wife of a rich man. A billionaire.

“Yes, he made this house just for you,” she says to me. I smiled out of nowhere. Wow, I already have my own house. I thought it wouldn’t happen. I just sell fish in the market.

And now, I am the wife of a multi-billionaire. I can’t believe it. It seems like it was just a dream. I don’t want to wake up anymore if this is a dream.

“What does my husband look like?” I asked her. I was just curious about the physical appearance of my husband.

Maybe he’s old or what? I can’t stop the nausea I feel right now if he is old. But I’m not sure, the person in front of me is still young, maybe my husband is in his 20s. I remained standing in front of her.

“Of course, my brother is handsome and young. He’s older than me.” I just nodded here. I just roam my sight into this huge mansion.

The house is very familiar to me. I lost my memory 7 years ago. Earl and his Mother saw me on the highway unconscious. They brought me to the hospital. I met with an accident; they said. Then, I don’t remember anything, and unfortunately. I was pregnant at that time. I didn’t know if I had a husband or not. I can’t remember everything, especially what happened to me.

“When will he come back?” I broke into the silence that was building up between the two of us.

“Soon! But, don’t worry too much, he will be home soon.” because she was standing, she turned to me and looked at me. She sat down again. “Don’t worry, you’ll be together soon. That man doesn’t stay long in another country and he loves you, to the point that he will protect you if that will be the cause of his life.” She crossed her arms.

I just nodded.

“But you hurt him. You betray him. You hurt my brother.” She looked at me with glaring eyes.

But it immediately disappeared and was replaced by sadness. “But he loves you so much. Even if he consumes our wealth, he is still willing to look for you. That’s how he loves you, Ayiesha. He doesn’t care about Ayiesha, even if we both suffer.” She said with a sad emotion on her face.

She stood up and walked away. “Our maid will send you to your room. I need to rest,” she said, before ascending in front of me.

I just looked at her. My forehead furrowed. I never thought I would hurt my husband like that. What did I do to him? What kind of life did I have before? Why can’t I remember my past? What happened to me, 7 years ago? Why did I have an accident? I just sighed. I don’t know what I’m thinking right now. It was why or what ifs? Too many what-ifs that are roaming in my head.

“Ma’am,” I was startled and grabbed my chest. When one of the maids in this mansion emerged from my side.

“Jesus, don’t scare me like that. I might have a heart attack with you.” I remained held onto my chest.

“I’m sorry, Ma’am!” She gave me an awkward smile. “This way, Ma’am!” she said to me.

She went upstairs, and I just followed her. Where is the woman I talked to earlier?

“Do you know the woman I talked to earlier?” I asked her, as we walked to the bedroom where my husband and I were sleeping before.

“That’s Ma’am Beatriz. Sir Terrence’s sister.” the maid answered me.

“What’s your name, by the way?” I ask her.

“I am Meray,” she answered.

“Hello Meray, I am Ayiesha. How have you been here?” I asked again to her.

“It’s just recently.” I just nodded. My husband’s name is Terrence.

I just followed her to the room where my husband and I were sleeping before.

“Here Ma’am,” she said. We entered the room. Immediately, roam my eyes around. It’s so beautiful and so expansive.

It was even bigger than the apartment we were renting. Is my husband the father of my children? Maybe not. The woman said earlier that I cheated and hurt her brother.

I turned to the woman. “Thank you for bringing me here.” I will thank her.

“It doesn’t matter Ma’am, I will be going downstairs, so you can rest now.” the maid had already left. I roam my eyes across the room. I really can’t believe I’m the wife of a rich man.

The picture frames were standing on the table as I walked in. I held and lifted it. I looked and touched the picture. The picture is where I look like the woman. I caressed the picture I was holding. I was suddenly sad. I don’t know why I was suddenly sad. I don’t know how I feel right now.

Are you my husband? Why did I hurt you if what the woman I was talking to said was true? Do I love you? Because she said you love me? I put down the picture and went to bed. I lay down, meditating. I stared at the ceiling. Until I fell asleep.

Terrence POV

MY private plane had just landed when one of my staff informed me that my wife was already at home. I finally found her. After 7 years, I found my wife. But my PI said that she doesn’t remember anything about her past and that she still has two children with her. And it was twins.

I didn’t take the two children with her, first, because maybe it was the result of her betrayal of me before. Even though I hate her for betraying me, I still love her. Nothing has changed how I feel about her. Even if I die, I am willing to protect the woman I love, just to make sure she is safe. I love my wife so much and I’m willing to sacrifice my life just to keep her safe.

“Terrence, welcome back bro!” Craige greeted me. They picked me up from the airport. Even if I don’t want to. Because until now there is still a threat in my life. Because the people responsible for my accident and my coma kept wandering around and just waiting to attack me and kill me.

I adjusted my tuxedo because I came from a conference in another country. I got in my car and bodyguards who I no longer needed surrounded me. They said it was for my protection. I can protect myself. But my companions were naughty and insistent. They might kill me. I don’t seem to have an heir yet.

I’m not an ordinary man. I’m a mafia boss, in the world where I live there is also avoidable envy. So many people want to throw at me. Many of them want me to die. They are willing to take my throne. When they kill me, my throne will be theirs.

They want my position, my power. Whoever kills me, he will be mighty. As if I would let them succeed. Before they will kill me, I’ll take their life first.

“To the mansion,” I ordered my driver. I changed my mind. Instead of going to the hideout, I will visit my wife first.

“I thought you’re in the hideout first.”

“I’ll just peek at Claire.” my cold thread here. I was just looking out the window.

“Look at Claire? Maybe you just want to make love to her. Well, it’s been a long time.” Carlo teases me. I looked at it coldly. And get my gun. “Maybe you also want to know what’s in my hand? You may never see the sunrise!” I threatened him.

He grinned awkwardly. He knew I wasn’t joking. “Just kidding, dude.”

We drove quietly to my house. When I entered, I immediately went up to the second floor. That’s how Beatriz came out of nowhere.

“You’re already here!” Beatriz greeted me. She kisses my cheek.

“I won’t last long either,” I said to her. I climbed upstairs. “I’m leaving too. I’ll just want to see Claire.”

When I got to our room, where I and Ayiesha slept before. I immediately entered our room. And there I see my wife, sleeping peacefully.

When I woke up. I don’t sleep in this room anymore. I just got back in here. It started waking up from a coma. I didn’t even go in. Because every time I go in and I’m alone. I will see Ayiesha everywhere, in every corner of this room.

Every time I looked around, I could see Claire’s begging face. I felt guilty that time. If I hadn’t let go of her, I would not have lost her. I found her sleeping in our bed. She still had this effect on me. I kiss her forehead and get some clothes. I glanced at her once before I left our room.

For now, we will not be together. Because there are so many threats in my life. It might hurt her or they will use her against me. This will be better for both of us. They’d better target me than her. Someday, we will be together again. I just looked at her before I closed the door to our room. I went downstairs, and I caught Beatriz there, waiting for me.

“Alert everyone, Beatriz, cause Ayiesha is here,” I instructed my sister before I went out the door. I got in my car and went to the hideout, where I would stay.

Someday we’ll be together, my love. For now, we will like this. I am willing to sacrifice everything just for you, my love. I don’t let them hurt you. And this is also for your good.

Chapter 1

I was leaning against the veranda door here in our room. I face the dark and vast sky shrouded in darkness.

I turned to the man I loved the most. “Love, do we still have to go there?” I asked him. I was hesitant. Because I feel differently at that party.

I just cross my arms over my chest. My husband is looking at me, or should I say, his eyes are looking at my chest.

“Yes, it is necessary.” He whispered to me. He approached me and immediately grabbed me by the waist. So I put my hands on his chest. His eye was on my chest before, now it is on my face. Our eyes meet. His eyes are full of desire, lust, and love. I am the only one who can criticize. I am the only one who can give that to him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me even closer, getting closer to him.

He kissed my lips, and I reciprocated it. I hooked my two arms around his neck to bring him closer to me and deepen our kiss. Panting, our lips parted. I smiled at him. I put my head on h


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