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The Mafia and Sugar Baby

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Evelyn is a lonely s*xy supermodel. she depends on her lover, Lionel, who is a well-known mobster for his happiness. But Lionel, who is very busy, has added to Evelyn's loneliness, so she is involved in a forbidden relationship with another man. But Evelyn's dangerous games lead her to a more complicated relationship and lead her to uncover terrible secrets. Evelyn's simple life takes a very complicated turn, full of traps, real threats, forbidden desires and loves. She doesn't even know who is friend and who is foe anymore. She only hoped to survive the next day. Evelyn must choose, whether love and life.

In a Private Room

In a private room, a pot-bellied man with a Cartier ring on his five fingers is trying to seduce a girl.

He continued to approach and held out a tall glass of wine,

"Drink honey, celebrating our reunion." He seduced with a face filled with lust.

"No. Please sir, stop. I have to go."

"Wait! Where are you going?!" Prevent the man while pulling the wrist of Evelyn, the beautiful girl who accompanied the fat man.

Evelyn sat back down on the sofa, and she struggled to hold her client who kept trying to bring his face closer to her, also trying to lower the dress that was constantly being pulled up.

"D*mn it, if I knew the VVIP client that my manager was referring to was this man, I would have rejected it outright!" Evelyn grunted inwardly.

She racked her brain to immediately leave the 3 to 4 meter room with the dim lights. The small disco ball that kept spinning on the ceiling made Evelyn's eyes light up.

“Evelyn, now your name is beautiful huh? ha ha. I still remember when you were in that cheap apartment… you…”

"Stop it sir, don't talk nonsense. I'm not someone you know." Evalyn dodged, she continuously dodged the accusations and ramblings of the half-drunk man.

The man kept trying to make Evelyn admit that they had known each other for a long time, since she was very young and had not yet set foot in the modeling world.

But of course Evelyn wouldn't admit it, no matter how hard he tried to remind her, Evelyn would be even stronger in trying to pretend she didn't know him.

"I have to go sir, in my contract the desk job is to accompany a private party with several other guests. But it's just the two of us in a private room, it's definitely different from the contract I signed."

Evelyn grabbed the Hermes bag that was placed on the table, in such a hurry that she bumped into a few bottles of drinks on the table. She wanted to leave right now, while her client was almost knocked out.

“I said wait here!” The fat man rebuked while pulling Evelyn roughly, she tripped and fell right on his lap.

"Sir, let me go!"

“Ohoho, it won't be that easy sweetie. Let's reminisce, didn't I tell you that we would meet again? Want me to give you the same pleasure as your first experience?”

"Sir! Please!” Evelyn screamed, she was starting to feel scared and worried about not being able to fight back.

Tears started to well up in her eyelids, but as much as she could not escape falling down her cheeks. She doesn't want to be seen as weak.

Her body suddenly freeze when the man touched the inside of her thigh, Evelyn instantly lost her ability to scream, let alone to fight and break free.

Memories of the bad past scrambled to appear before her eyes, memories from the black valley that made her feel worth nothing more than rotten trash.

Cold sweat seeped through the pores of her skin, her heart was pounding and she know she have to fight as hard as she could. But her body just freezing, making the fat man feel so freely enjoying almost all parts of her smooth body.

Suddenly the door of the room was broken open from the outside, the sound was very loud and a large man appeared from behind the door.

"Let go of him, you b*st*rd!" his voice boomed, as if shaking the four walls of the small room.

"D-darling..." Evelyn called in a shaky voice, her joints stiffening as she tried to get off her perverted client's lap.

There was a sense of relief that crept into Evelyn’s heart that Lionel—the giant man who had barged in, had come.

At least now she would be saved, there was no need to do such disgusting work with her body anymore. She could go home, and sleep comfortably and forget about tonight's events.

“Evelyn, we have business to attend to. But first, let me teach this b*st*rd a lesson.”

With a single movement Lionel gripped the collar of the client's shirt in the room, pulling the man closer with one hand. The perverted man's face immediately turned frightened,

“L-let go of me! I-I'm just a client, I already paid her manager to sleep with her.”

"What are you saying? Paying to sleep with Evelyn?!”

“Aah Lionel, you know I don't sell my own body right? Lionel,"

"Shut up Evelyn, we'll talk about this later. Then you *ssh*l*, how much money have you spent?”

Terrified that the man who was still gripped by his collar replied, he mentioned a sizeable amount of money and Evelyn immediately feel weak.

How could the manager she considered as her own sister actually do that, she sold Evelyn to a VVIP client!

She was framed!

“Honey.. I-I was framed, really! I.. "

“Evelyn I said, shut up! Let me solve this problem first!”

Evelyn immediately shrunk because Lionel snapped at her angrily, obviously her boyfriend must have felt cheated and disappointed. Because earlier Evelyn said that she would work, be a guest star accompanying VVIP clients in private parties

Accompanying a chat, pouring a drink, that sort of thing.

But the reality is much different, if there is a lover, another man will sleep with her. That’s why Lionel is furious.

As if to vent all the anger and disappointment in his chest, Lionel immediately beat up the perverted client without further ado.

Evelyn could only grimace and look away, she was afraid that after this she would become her lover's life bag.

Satisfied with beating up a perverted client, Lionel pulled out a check which he had pocketed in the back pocket of his pants. Then threw the paper right in his face,

“Write down the amount you want. Don't ever dream of seeing Evelyn again, unless you want to die quickly." Threatened with a stern face.

The fat man just nodded tiredly, lying on the floor with his face covered in blood.

"Let's go Eve, I'll take you home."

"O-okay." Evelyn looks scared, she rushed to follow Lionel's broad steps.

Arriving in front of the apartment building, Lionel told his girlfriend to get out of his car.

"Lionel, I..."

"That's enough. I don't want to hear anything."

"But Lionel, I really didn't know my manager did that. I was trapped!”

Evelyn tries to defend herself, she doesn't want the man she loves to get the wrong idea and break up with her. Even though the incident at the club was clearly beyond Evelyn's knowledge.

"Get out. I have a lot of things to do."

Evelyn didn't dare to say anything more, she rushed downstairs and as soon as the girl got out of the car, Lionel stepped on the gas and drove away quickly.

With a sad and disappointed heart, Evelyn entered the apartment building, she tried to contact her manager but the number of the woman who was 10 years older than her was off.

"Tsk where is she?" Evelyn grumbled, holding back tears.

“How could she sell me to a perverted client, even though she knows I never want to sell my body to any client!”

Evelyn slammed her apartment door in annoyance, she then burst into tears.

Someone nearly drowned her again into the black mud, which she had been trying so hard to get away from.

On top of that, Lionel gets angry at her for a misunderstanding and thinks that Evelyn had a hand in tonight's events. Not at all though!

Her cell phone rang loudly, and Evelyn hurriedly checked the flat object in her bag. There was Jean's name plastered on the screen,

[Eve, starting tonight I will be your manager in place of Vivi. That's Lionel's order.]

[W-what? Where is Vivi? I have to talk to that d*mn woman. She's already got me in trouble!]

[Ahh, about that thing.. I'm not sure she'll be able to talk to you anytime soon.]

[Why? She ran away, huh?]

[Ahh no, actually now she's.. dying.]

Girl's Night

Evelyn freezing, Jean's words made her think of many things.

Does this have anything to do with Lionel?

[Which hospital is Vivi being treated at? I have to see it with my own eyes.]

[You're crazy? do you really think Lionel would let you meet her now? Huh?]

[Ahh as I thought, Lionel did it.]

[He just wants to defend you. After all, it's your own fault, how can you want to sacrifice a mafia lover to a furry lizard like that. That's it!]

Even though it sounded quite cruel, but in a corner of her heart Evelyn felt proud and a little bit happy. At least she is valuable in the eyes of his lover, the proof is that he is so angry at the people who have harmed Evelyn.

An insult to Evelyn, was the same as insulting him too.

[Alright Jean, then I'll call Lionel first.]

[NO! don't call him just yet, he just told me to make sure you don't call him for a few days.]

[What? Why?]

[You know. Don


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