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The Love Quest

The Love Quest

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Elizabeth Lawrence is a famous model. She has the body and curves that every woman would dream to have and is known to be the one of the most beautiful girl in Treces. But despite her lovely face, she doesn't believe in love and vows not to fall in love because she thought that it is only for weaklings. But then she met Liam Evans. The youngest billionaire of town who came from the world of magic called Demour. He believes that love is a mirage and is never meant to be real. He is ruthless, yet handsome. He got into a trouble during a love festival in Demour which causes his power to be suspended and was sent to Earth for a quest, "Make Love Real", and in return he can only get his power back once he fall in love. But would it be possible for two people who doesn't believe in love falls in love? Will they be able to conquer it? Want to find out more? Read the thrilling story of love, betrayal and adventure.


Love is power. The only power that exists in this world is love, because it's the only thing that can make the dead heart beat again. Without love, someone isn't considered as human.

"You are the heir of this kingdom but you failed to prove yourself that you are worthy of the throne. A king that doesn't recognise the worthy of love is nothing but a trash. How can you rule this kingdom if you don't know how to love? What will the people of this kingdom become of you? On this day, Liam Evans is no longer the chosen heir of the throne. You will be sent to Earth for a mission, and that is to find love. You can never tell anyone about it. You can only return in this kingdom once you complete your mission. If you fail the mission, you will be banned her and can never return, ever, and you will lose your power."


"Smile on the the camera, Elizabeth."

"Here, Elizabeth."

"This side too, Elizabeth."

I smile widely as the camera flashes on my face. Too many people holding its huge cameras and their phones taking photos of me as I stood in front of the crowd.

"Let's go inside, Miss. The event's gonna start soon." Amica, my manager said.

I glance at her and nod my head before looking back at the people and wave my hand to bid goodbye.

I pulled my gown upwards and walk inside the Infanna Hotel where the events for models and ambassadors is happening.

As I walk myself in, lots of eyes were fixed in me. Well, it's not like I am not used to it. I already am. In fact, all heads turns wherever I go.

"As always darling, you look absolutely fantastic." The head of the event complimented me.

"Thank you, you look great too." I simply greeted back.

She giggled. "Oh come on. It's a small thing. I will leave you for now, I hope you enjoy the show."

I nod my head. "Yes, of course."

She left and then I went to the seat that was prepared for me. I look around trying to find people I know. To be honest, being famous doesn't mean I have lots of friends. There are some who tries to be friends with me but I don't actually entertain them as I know that they would only leech on me just because I am famous.

"Look who's here, the very infamous Elizabeth Lawrence." Said by the woman behind me. Even though she won't say anything, I can actually recognise her because of her perfume.

"Now isn't the time for this, Audrey." I said. I heard her laugh.

She walked around and sat in th chair in front of me. She smirked. "Why? I was just trying to compliment you for being the famous model in the country."

I look at her expressionless. "Aren't you gonna change? We both know that you're just trying to mock me. Grow up already, Audrey."

She rolled her eyes because of what I said but the smirked on her face did not disappear.

"You're the one who's giving a bad meaning to what I am trying to say. I'm your sister and I see you as a good influence for the young people because of your goodness in them. Is it a bad thing?"

"What's your point? What is it that you really want?" I ask her.

She moved closer and grin at me. "For you to disappear? To leave me alone and for you to fucking die. Would you do that for me? Because you know what, you keep on ruining my life. And I can't just do anything I want because you still exist."

Now it was the time for me to smirk because of her answer. I sigh heavily and flip my hair. I raised my left brow and stared at her in the eyes.

"You're threaten because of my presence when in fact I was not doing anything for you to say that I was trying to ruin you." I said.

"Your existence alone already makes my life hell, and as long as you're alive i can't live peacefully." She answered in gritted teeth.

"What is really wrong with you, Audrey? Why do you hate me so much? Why can't you just like me and treat me as your older sister."

"Because you are not." She hissed.

"Ever since, you're like this to me. Mom and Dad-----," I was cut of by her.

She look at me sharply. "Don't you fucking mention Mom and Dad here. You have no right to call them as your parents because you are not related to us. You are just adopted but that doesn't mean you are their daughter. I am their only child. It's just me and me alone." She said in gritted teeth. Her voice was already a little louder making some other people around us stared at our table.

I tried to smile at them and then apologize by bowing my head.

I sighed once more. "Lower your voice, Audrey. Others might hear what you are trying to say."

She scoffed. "And why would I do that? Are you afraid that people wil find out that you are really not a true Lawrence?"

She said it a little too loud which made me stiffened on my seat. I don't know how to react at the moment. It's not because I am ashamed or shock of it, but because our parents was the one who doesn't want people to know that I was adopted. And it makes me worry that Audrey was the one who is trying to disclose such information because I know that if Mom and Dad finds out about this, they will surely get mad at her and might kick her out this time, and I don't want that to happen.

"This is enough, Audrey. As much as I want to disappear but I can't. Just leave me alone or if you don't want to consider as your sister then fine, I won't force you." I said and stood up from my seat.

I was about to leave her when I felt my phone vibrated inside my Gucci pouch.

I took it out and my forehead creased when I saw that it was an unknown number who was calling me. I was having two thoughts wether I should answer the call or not, but then I decided to answer it.

"Hello. May I speak to Miss Elizabeth Lawrence?" A woman from the other line ask.

"This is Elizabeth Lawrence speaking. Who am I speaking to?"

"Hi, this is Michelle from the Medical Centerville Hospital." She answered.

I got confused and nervous at the same time because of her answer. I wonder why is the hospital calling me?

"Uhm, yes?" I confusedly answer.

"You're the very first person on the call history of the patients brought here. Can you come to the hospital to confirm their identity?" She said.

My chest started pounding fast upon hearing what she said. "W-what d-did you j-just say? P-patients? Who?"

"Based on the identification cards gathered, they are identified as Carol Lawrence and Francis Lawrence. Please------," I did not let her finish what she was saying and hurriedly run. I can still here Audrey and Amica calling my name but I didn't bother to look back.

Oh god no. Mom, Dad. Please, stay with us. Don't leave us yet. Don't leave me, Mom'Dad. No.


"Mom, Dad, no. Please wake up. Please wake up!!! Don't dot this to me!" Audrey's voice can be heard all over the room. She was crying and shouting loudly as soon as she arrived at the hospital.

After I got the call, I rush to the hospital and saw my parents lying on the bed. Their body are covered with blood. Mom's legs was broken and dad's neck too. Their situation was very hedious and I can't even look at them because it was awful.

"I am detective Miguel, we are very sorry to what happened to your parents but would it be fine for me to ask some questions?" A man who just came ask me.

I stared at him blanky. I don't know what to answer him.

"Miss Lawrence? Are you okay?" He asked again. I blinked twice.

"Yes?" I asked confusedly.

"I am detective Miguel. I am here because of your parents accident. I have some questions for you." He said.



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