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The Billionaire Contracted Wife
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For how long can you be able to keep a promise? In a moment, days, weeks, months, or lifetime? What if you can no longer remember those promises that you were making? But what if fulfilling those forgotten promises is already impossible, would you mind attempting to risk it once more? Cayne, a sexy playboy, and hot billionaire, secretive and mysterious guy. Inwardly thoughtful yet quite distant and reserved looked for a woman who can pretend as her wife because his mother wanted him to marry a woman he doesn't love. On the other flip side is the complete opposite. Raszhiel Kein, a highly extroverted girl from a middle-class and broken family, however, possessed an optimistic personality. Struggling to find a stable job, someone offered her a job but didn't know it was to become a billionaire's contract wife. The two of them met between the strings of hope and promises.  But the question is,  Will these two unravel the tangled strings of their promises, or will they both end up severely wrapped in stitches?

The Love Quest
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Elizabeth Lawrence is a famous model. She has the body and curves that every woman would dream to have and is known to be the one of the most beautiful girl in Treces. But despite her lovely face, she doesn't believe in love and vows not to fall in love because she thought that it is only for weaklings. But then she met Liam Evans. The youngest billionaire of town who came from the world of magic called Demour. He believes that love is a mirage and is never meant to be real. He is ruthless, yet handsome. He got into a trouble during a love festival in Demour which causes his power to be suspended and was sent to Earth for a quest, "Make Love Real", and in return he can only get his power back once he fall in love. But would it be possible for two people who doesn't believe in love falls in love? Will they be able to conquer it? Want to find out more? Read the thrilling story of love, betrayal and adventure.


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